20+ Highest-Rated Stunning Rustic Living Room Furniture on Amazon

Rustic style is one of the popular room’s interior that have lasted for years. This kind of style never fades away from its throne due to the mesmerizing look which is incomparable to other decors.

Unique, charming, and warming are perhaps the best words to describe the feeling that you’ll get when you decide to have a rustic decor inside your property. It is also definitely a perfect choice for you who love every single thing about the vintage’s beauty.

Today, this kind of decor is mainly applied to the formal room, which, of course, includes the living room. Therefore, you can find easily hundreds of rustic living room ideas which are very inspiring.

So here, for you who have a plan in remodeling your living room into the rustic one, we have selected some highest rated rustic living room furniture that you can find in the one and only our favorite online shopping destination, Amazon.

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They look very adorable which also reliable enough regarding its quality. We have divided those products into some categories that will ease you to find what you’ll need for your living room decor. Let’s just keep scrolling then!

Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic Sofa

First thing first, let’s see what kind of rustic sofas that you can get on Amazon. This must-placed type of furniture is something that you can’t miss to decorate your living room.

Earth Larkinhurst Sofa by Signature Design by Ashley

Sold at $599.75, this sofa comes with the lovely rustic upholstery in the weather-worn style. The beauty is enhanced by its rolled arm design and nailhead accent that scattered alongside its arms and base.

rustic living room 1a-min
image source

The upholstery is made of polyurethane that feels so plush to enjoy. Below, the antique style legs in the faux wood finish support the comfort of the sofa very well.

The only downside of this rustic living room furniture is its quite firm side. However, it’s not really a big deal that impacts to the overall comfort that you will get.

rustic living room 1b-min
image source

Those rustic floral toss pillows are also included in the package which doesn’t only provide you better comfort, but also a great matching accent to the sofa.

Product Detail

Rating4.5 of 62 reviews
Dimension92″ x 42″ x 41″
Weight148 lbs

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Sierra Lodge Sofa by American Furniture Classic

The lodge style sofa with mesmerizing cotton tapestry fabric that looks definitely rustic. The finish of the sofa is like those of worn-leather look which flows well with its deer-decorated fabric. You will get a super adorable sofa with a nice decorative touch.

rustic living room 2a-min
image source

As one of a must-have accent for a rustic sofa, this product also comes with the nailhead trim on its arms and base. Then, the legs are made in simple yet beautiful shape with faux wood finish.

As you may have noticed that the cushions look over stuffed which actually that is such a visible representation of its great comfort. The cushion with high-density foam is exceptionally thick, you will get a supreme relaxing time to sit or sleep on this couch. The comfort then increased with its spacious seating space very well.

rustic living room 2b-min
image source

The solid wood material is chosen for the frame of the sofa which is reasonably sturdy, told by its heavy weight. Its surface also seems very durable even when your kids jump on it frequently.

We know that $863 sounds quite pricey for a 3 seat sofa, but you will not be disappointed by the quality of this rustic living room furniture both regarding its comfort and durability.

Product Detail

Rating4.4 of 42 reviews
Dimension91″ x 38″ x 37″
Weight153 lbs.
ManufacturerOutdoor Leisure Products

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Bergen Wood Arm Futon by DHP

This one is not a real sofa, as you can see from its name, this is actually a futon which is so worth to include to your rustic living room furniture shopping list. The product comes with the solid wood arms and metal frame that surely not disappointing at all.

rustic living room 3a-min
image source

It comes with a very earthy wood finish for its arms that look totally adorable, perfect to enhance the rustic touch of your living room decor. The 6-inch coil mattress with tan line cover is included in the package which feels so comfortable weather when you use it as a sofa or a bed.

The construction of the frame which is made of metal is perfectly sturdy which then supports its comfort and durability. The sleep and seat space are spacious enough so you can comfortably enjoy this furniture though you have kind of back issue.

rustic living room 3b-min
image source

However, converting the sofa into the bed needs a little extra effort since it’s not very easy to get it done. You will need a help to turn it into a full-size bed. But don’t worry, this is only one thing that can be handled easily.

$242 price tag is a very great deal to purchase this adorable futon for your rustic living room furniture addition.

Product Detail

Rating4.2 of 26 reviews
Dimension80.5″ x 39.5″ x 37″
Weight102 lbs.
ManufacturerDorel Home Products

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Traditional Sofa by Coaster Home Furnishings

Come with the perfect combination of rustic finish and traditional style, this sofa is surely one of the perfect choices for you who are looking for a classic and rustic living room furniture. The sofa’s overall look then enhanced by the welt cord trim and tailored seam stitching beautifully.

rustic living room 4a-min
image source

The frame of this traditional sofa is made of kiln dried hardwood which quite strong enough to make it stand for several years. Its microfiber fabric that resembles the faux leather look is not really soft, but fairly comfortable and definitely looks gorgeous since you are looking for a rustic-styled sofa.

The sofa comes with exposed solid wood legs in dark brown finish. Its rolled arms surely makes the sofa looks beautifully traditional.

rustic living room 4b-min
image source

You can get the sofa by spending $483.77. The quality of the sofa is not really disappointing since it’s offered under $500.

You can’t expect much about the sofa’s materials since the price is very affordable for the sofa in this size. You really got what you paid for.

Product Detail

Rating3.6 of 44 reviews
Dimension83″ x 34″ x 37″
Weight103.4 lbs
ManufacturerCoaster Home Furnishing

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Rustic Walnut Axiom Sofa by Ashley Furniture

As the name implies, the sofa comes in a wonderful rustic look that fits perfectly with your vintage taste. With the walnut finish, the sofa is very elegant, especially with its rolled arms. To make it look more attractive, the box stitched detail then gorgeously decorates the seating.

rustic living room 5-min
image source

100% split grain leather material of the sofa’s surface is so pleasing, it feels plus, and look so luxurious. Its heavy construction is also pleasing which guarantees its long lasting performance.

The comfort that you’ll get from the sofa is fairly great since its thick foam is supported very well by its soft rich leather. There’s nothing to worry about its comfortability.

Well, the sofa is sold at $1,345.33 which sounds a bit price because you still can get some similar products with the discounted price that can reach under $900. It is reasonable though since the material is quite luxurious and the finish looks beautifully dazzling. The size of the sofa is also big enough than the others.

Product Detail

Rating3.3 of 15 reviews
Dimension103″ x 43″ x 41″
Weight169 lbs
ManufacturerAshley Furniture

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Rustic Table Set

The next thing is the table set, the one that commonly includes 3-piece of matching table. There are some recommended products that you can find on Amazon that will realize your rustic room layout dream.

Rustic Log Coffee and End Table Set by Southern Rustic Logwerks

The beautiful table in a very uniquely distinctive design that will perfectly add a superb rustic touch to your living room in an instance. The set includes one coffee table and two end tables in an attractive style.

rustic living room 6a-min
image source

This one comes in honey pine finish which looks shiningly elegant. The thickness of the table top is about 2 inches that made of pine wood, then it’s combined with the cedar wood as the material of its legs. Such combination creates a sturdy construction that ensures the table’s reliability.

The size of the coffee table is spacious enough to put some plates and glasses to accompany your movie time. The end tables are great enough to place a medium size flower vase.

For the honey pine finish, this rustic living room furniture is offered at $320.

Product Detail

Rating4.4 of 14 reviews
Dimension44″ L x 18″ W x 18″ H (Coffee Table)

22″ L x 16″ W x 22″ H (End Tables)

Weight85 lbs
ManufacturerSouthern Rustic Logwerks

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Triple Planter Table Set in Rustic Finish bt Gift & Decor

If you are looking for a mesmerizing rustic living room furniture with a superb vintage style, this one should be one of the top products to buy. This is a 3-tier graduated height table that is basically used as the plant stand, but adding it to your living room layout for decor is surely a great idea.

rustic living room 6-min
image source

As seen in the picture, the table has a very wonderful combination of weathered wood round table top with wrought iron legs in the bronze finish. To enhance its look, the Victorian style iron accents are decorated its base.

The table feels lightweight, but the construction is quite sturdy and durable, especially as it’s meant to place outdoor as a plant stand. It comes with the folding configuration that will ease you to set the furniture based on your preference.

rustic living room 7b-min
image source

Its round table tops are indeed not really wide, but it makes the table look beautiful with just simple additional decoration to place on its top. You can pick the one that suits your taste and matches well with the living room layout that you already have or the interior that you are planning.

This pretty rustic living room furniture is surely perfect to complete the decor of your living room and you have to spend only about $37 to bring this home. Such a nice offer to deal with.

Product Detail

Rating4.3 of 102 reviews
Dimension9″ Tabletop diameter

15″, 18″ 22″ for each table’s height

Weight5 lbs
ManufacturerGift & Decor

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3 Piece Murphy Occasional Table Set by Signature Design by Ashley

The adorable vintage and farmhouse style table set with the open shelf on each table for your convenience daily use. The set includes one rectangular coffee table and two square end tables.

rustic living room 8c-min
image source

One thing that makes the table look so attractive is the corner metal brackets with the studded accent in the dark bronze finish. They give another style to the table very well.

For the maximum rustic appearance, the table features hand finish detailing with the plank style and a little bit of washed style. The open storage below the table top can be used to put some wicker baskets that will add function and enhance its rustic appeal.

rustic living room 8b-min
image source

Made of engineered wood, the table’s construction has a fairly good quality that ensures its durability. The metal accents also have a role in determining the quality of the table’s construction.

rustic living room 8a-min
image source

The table is offered at $279.19 which is really reasonable for this distinctively designed table. You can get both rustic and industrial style table set to enhance your living room’s layout.

Product Detail

Rating4.1 of 26 reviews
Dimension26″ x 45.9″ x 20″
Weight117 lbs
ManufacturerSignature Design by Ashley

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3 Piece Sandling Occasional Table Set by Signature Design by Ashley

This is the great choice for you who are hunting for an elegant round rustic table set for your living room decor. Comes in the gorgeous dark walnut finish with the replicated plank style, the table looks beautifully rustic.

rustic living room 9a-min
image source

It comes with the weatherworn appearance which makes it totally worth to call as a stunning rustic living room furniture. The table is equipped with the square open shelf below its round tabletop. The shelf also comes in matching finish and pattern as the tabletop.

The frame of the table is made of the metal in the tubular style that gives an ultimate elegant touch to its overall look. Almost similar with the preceding table set by Signature Design by Ashley, this one is also decorated with nailhead accent which adds such a superb industrial look.

rustic living room 9b-min
image source

Since the table set is made of the combination of real wood and strong metal, its construction is quite heavy which then makes this table very durable even in a heavy-duty use. It definitely gives you a piece of mind for years.

The set includes one coffee table and two matching end tables which is offered at $237.99 on Amazon. It’s definitely an affordable price for a good quality rustic table set.

Product Detail

Rating4 of 21 reviews
Dimension38″ x 38″ x 19″
Weight79 lbs
ManufacturerSignature Design by Ashley

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2 Piece Reclaimed-Look/Chrome Nesting Tables by Monarch

The stunning nesting table which comes in a perfect blend of modern and rustic look. It comes with the earthy reclaimed-wood table top and dazzling chrome legs which surprisingly creates a distinctive breakthrough look to flow with your rustic living room layout.

rustic living room 10b-min
image source

As shown in the picture, the top is painted in the reclaimed wood finish to give a strong natural touch. Then such style is mixed with the metal legs in chrome finish with the crisscross design. These cute square tables will become a unique focal point in your living room decor.

The construction of the table is solid enough that assures us of its durability. For under $150 price tag, this table set is surely not disappointing regarding its design and material quality.

rustic living room 10a-min
image source

Yes, with only spending about $116, you can purchase the table set on Amazon. This definitely a perfect choice for you who are seeking for a rustic living room furniture which combines a modern style very well.

Product Detail

Rating4.5 of 107 reviews
Dimension29″ x 13.2″ x 13.2″
Weight32.5 lbs

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Rustic TV Stand

The TV stand is also the major focal point in your living room, so choosing the one that comes in a rustic style is a must when we talk about rustic living room furniture. Amazon offers dozens of rustic TV stands that look tempting but might be not that well-built. Therefore, we have selected those who got highest ratings based on the hyper enthusiastic verified purchasers’ review.

Driftwood TV Stand Storage by WE Furniture

Comes in a beautiful drift wood finish, this 58″ TV stand looks wonderfully rustic. It comes with the 4 compartments of the open shelf under its top with the adjustable feature, so you can add your favorite pieces of decor in any sizes in your convenient.

rustic living room 11a-min
image source

This rustic living room furniture is made of MDF and laminate wood that feels so pleasing. The product looks like an expensive wood furniture due to its high-grade material. Its texture of the surface makes us hard to tell that this furniture is actually not a real wood. Not only it feels great, but the surface is also coated with the high-quality laminate to prevents any scratching marks.

As for the construction, it’s perfectly represented by its heavy weight. It feels solid and sturdy, not disappointing at all. You can put your up to 60″ TV with some other entertainment devices without feeling worried about any falling accidents.

rustic living room 11b-min
image source

For all of those joys, you only have to pay for about $134.61. It’s surely an amazing deal for a reliable tv stand and storage console in stunning rustic style.

Product Detail

Rating4.3 of 2,085 reviews
Dimension58″ x 16″ x 24″
Weight70 lbs
ManufacturerWE Furniture

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Artisan TV Media Stand, Gray by Simpli Home

The simple and classic TV stand in the distressed gray finish that surely worth to include to your rustic living room furniture shopping list. This one is equipped with lots of storage spaces in various sizes and styles.

rustic living room 12a-min
image source

To make the look of the console more attractive the finish is protected by the NC lacquer which then pops up the rustic texture of its wood material. This model is designed in the traditional style which is shown in its storage configuration.

You will get one adjustable open shelves, two drawers, and two cabinets with glass door. The knobs of the drawers doors are finished in the antique bronze look that beautifully enhances the rustic touch of this TV stand.

rustic living room 12b-min
image source

The materials that made up its sturdy construction is solid pine. This is surely a real wood construction which guarantees you a long lasting furniture to use for years.

The price of the Artisan TV Stand is $344.63 which was offered at $894.98, Amazon has cut its price so you can’t miss this amazing deal to get a premium real wood rustic TV stand.

Product Detail

Rating4.1 of 839 reviews
Dimension53″ x 16.5″ x 35″

19″ x 13.5″ (open shelf)

13.5″ x 13″ (shelf with glass door)

Weight71.6 lbs
ManufacturerSimpli Home

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Harbor View Entertainment Credenza, Antiqued Paint by Sauder 

This one is for you who love the furniture with a beautiful combination of rustic and antique. As the name implies, the product is finished with the eye-catchy antique finish that creates a little bit of the distinctive look.

rustic living room 13a-min
image source

The design itself will also take you back to those retro eras. It can be seen from the console’s cabinet door which adapts the louver style with its simple round knobs. The curvy open shelf top’s accent, and the Victorian-style legs. All of those beautiful things flow together very well with the antique finish of the TV stand.

For the storage, this one has two adjustable open shelves and the storages behind those louver doors. They are spacious enough to handle some of your entertainment stuff neatly.

rustic living room 13b-min
image source

The weight of this rustic living room furniture is very heavy which tells you the strength of its construction that will stand for years. You will be satisfied by the quality of this product.

The $141.12 price tag seems very reasonable to buy this classy antique TV stand which such great construction.

Product Detail

Rating4.1 of 558 reviews
Dimension62″ x 20″ x 25″
Weight121 lbs

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Warm Shaker TV Media Stand, Distressed Grey by Simpli Home

Another recommended rustic living room furniture from Simpli Home that you’ll love. This one comes with the Shaker style in its cabinet doors and drawers. The finished is quite similar which is distressed gray in a bit brighter tone.

rustic living room 14a-min
image source

The design is elegantly simple with its classic style. This rustic TV stand is a bit smaller than the others in which it can just hold up to 52″ LED TV, a good choice for you who doesn’t need a huge TV stand with storage console.

Though the size is smaller, this furniture still provides plenty of storages which include the two adjustable shelves, two cabinets storage with adjustable shelf, and two drawers. They are surely enough to store your gaming devices, books, and some pieces of decor.

rustic living room 14b-min
image source

Its pine construction is surely made well, feels reliable and durable. Again, to protect its dazzling surface the manufacturer has completed the look with the NC lacquer.

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$267.99 is the price that is tagged to this rustic TV stand, very affordable and fits the quality and the look of this product very well.

Product Detail

Rating4.3 of 334 reviews
Dimension47″ x 18″ x 29″
Weight72 lbs
ManufacturerSimpli Home

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Mercer 50″ TV Console by Altra Furniture

This one looks more distinctive than the other recommended TV stands in our list. It will give your living room a unique rustic touch in no time.

rustic living room 15a-min
image source

The design of this rustic living room furniture is totally adorable with its multi-colored storage doors. Yeap, the finishes of the 4 cabinet faces of this TV stand are painted in 4 different finishes in a weathered wood look. Each finish is brighter than the other which gives a nice color flows impression to this TV stand’s overall look.

That uniqueness is combined with the white finish as this product’s basic color which creates a beautiful contrasting look. White makes the different shades of the cabinets doors pop up perfectly.

The fun doesn’t only stop there, the knob of each storage door is also designed in 4 different styles. The knobs are interchangeable, so you can custom this TV stand look as you wish. It makes the design surely tempting and irresistible to be a part of your living room decor.

rustic living room 15b-min
image source

This model can only hold up to 50″ flat TV which makes it one of the best options if you prefer a small TV console. There are three open shelves in the center and four cabinets as the storage to put some of your living room stuff in this Altra Furniture’s TV stand.

The construction is made of the particleboard which is exceptionally solid and sturdy. It’s kind of surprising since the price tag is totally low.

With only $114, you can get this worth-to-buy TV stand with its unique design and satisfying quality.

Product Detail

Rating3.6 of 292 reviews
Dimension47.5″ x 15.7″ x 25″
Weight79.6 lbs
ManufacturerAltra Macra Furniture

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Rustic Ottoman

The next thing is the ottoman, this living room feature may not seem too important to have, but once you put it in your living room, you can get a super comfort anytime you intend to. We have found lots of rustic ottoman on Amazon, and chosen you the recommended ones.

Small Storage Ottoman, Espresso by Dorel Living

Let’s start with the one with the faux leather cover that looks glamorously classic with its texture on its surface. It comes with the storage inside and a boxy style.

rustic living room 16-min
image source

As the name implies, the ottoman comes in a small size that is more useful for additional seating spot in your living room or just for the foot rest. The espresso finish of this rustic living room furniture is so lovely, looks elegant and dazzling.

The exposed stitches in crisscross lined style and the leather texture make it worth to call rustic. As for the legs, they come in a super deep brown finish which not really match with the ottoman’s finish, but it creates a nice contrasting look.

rustic living room 16b-min
image source

Once you sit on this one, you can tell that this is such a well-built ottoman with sturdy and durable construction. Its faux leather also doesn’t feel so cheap when you sit on.

The price tag of this nice small ottoman is $76, and you will be surprised by how the product looks like and its material quality.

Product Detail

Rating4.5 of 156 reviews
Dimension17.5″ x 17.5″ x 17.8″
Weight18.7 lbs
ManufacturerDorel Living

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Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman by BirdRock Home

For you who are seeking for a more natural rustic ottoman, this one that made of seagrass fiber surely works well.  Its multiple brown finishes are so tempting, flow well with its adorable design.

rustic living room 17b-min
image source

From its look, you will not deny that this ottoman is a beautiful rustic one that also meets your requirement of earthy-looking furniture. It comes in a rectangular shape that covered by the shining seagrass.

The overall look of this ottoman is more like a deep golden brown due to the mixture of dark brown and black of its dazzling finish. The legs are made in black that matches the frame under the ottoman’s cover.

rustic living room 17-min
image source

Though the surface of the chair is not really that cozy for seating – because as you may have known that the seagrass surface is not a soft one – the construction is very strong. It is durable enough to handle some heavy stuff when you use it as the coffee table. In addition, the top of the ottoman is very easy to open.

Grab this Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman by spending $147.74. The price is definitely in line with its material’s quality.

Product Detail

Rating4.8 of 107 reviews
Dimensionoverall: 22″ x 18″ x 16″

storage: 20″ x 16″ x 12″

Weight21 lbs
ManufacturerBirdrock Home

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Amelia Tufted Storage Ottoman, Antique Sage by Safavieh

Yes, you can guess from its ‘Antique Sage’ line that this ottoman will fit your rustic furniture demand. Fabricated by one of the most artful furniture manufacturers, Safavieh, this product is highly recommended for you to consider.

rustic living room 18-min
image source

Come in a drum shape, this stylish rustic living room furniture will become a nice addition to your living room decor. The top is decorated in a tufted style that looks absolutely beautiful.

The antique sage rich finish is perfectly applied to its cotton blend velvety upholstery that makes it look glamour and rustic at the same time. Down below, the curvy oak legs in pretty pickled oak finish add another classic touch to the ottoman.

rustic living room 18b-min
image source

The ottoman doesn’t only feel sturdy to sit on, but its velvet fabric is also soft, plush, and tight, enhancing its comfort for your daily use. You don’t have to feel doubt about its reliability since the materials are the selected ones. Its storage s also spacious enough to put some stuff since the shape is round.

Amazon offers this awesome rustic living room furniture at $118.65, a very great price for a stunning and reliable storage ottoman.

Product Detail

Rating4.5 of 103 reviews
Dimensionoverall: 20.8″ x 20.8″ x 19.6″

storage: 16″ diameter x 11.25″ deep

Weight14.9 lbs

Get it now!

Designs4Comfort Storage Ottoman by Convenience Concepts

A lovely rectangular ottoman with fluffy top in rustic tan look. With some accents around, this one is very attractive.

rustic living room 19-min
image source

The rustic look of this ottoman is created by its linen texture in the tan finish. The top is decorated with the tufted button accent, and right before the legs, nail head beads are lined beautifully.

And the fun doesn’t stop right there, the legs of this beautiful ottoman are made in turning style which match perfectly with its overall look. The legs are made from solid wood that ensures you a great comfort to use the ottoman.

rustic living room 19b-min
image source

When you sit on this ottoman, open its lid, and move it around, you can easily tell that it is surely made of the high-quality materials. Such quality makes the appearance of the ottoman really vibrant and the construction is very sturdy.

rustic living room 19c-min
image source

The Storage Ottoman by Convenience Concepts is sold for $99.91, and without a doubt, you will be definitely happy with the purchase.

Product Detail

Rating4.5 of 290 reviews
Dimension18″ x 24″ x 18″
Weight18 lbs
ManufacturerConvenience Concepts

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Design4Concepts Tucson Ottoman Bench by Convenience Concept

If you are looking for a real traditional rustic ottoman, then this one is a perfect answer. The design is not like those ottomans with hidden storage inside, but it has an open shelf under as its storage.

rustic living room 20-min
image source

As the name suggests, this ottoman also looks like a bench due to its traditional design. It comes with the faux leathered covered cushion in the worn-weathered finish that beautifully looks rustic, and the exposed wood frame in a walnut finish.

The shelf under the cushion is made of some wood slats and provides quite ample space to store some shoes, magazines, or some decors. For a more attractive look, the nail head accent is lined the cushion side.

rustic living room 20b-min
image source

The ottoman is spacious for seating for two comfortably, its construction is quite good, there is no wobble at all. You will be pleased by how comfortable the cushion is when you sit or put your legs on.

The price of this traditional rustic living room furniture is $149 on Amazon, quite a reasonable price for a beautiful ottoman bench.

Product Detail

Rating4.5 of 107 reviews
Dimension29″ x 13.2″ x 13.2″
Weight32.5 lbs

Get it now!

Finally, those are some recommended rustic living room furniture that you can find on Amazon. We selected those products according to those nice reviews that are shared by some verified customers.

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Keep in mind that you may still experience the unwanted happenings regarding the accident or mistake that might happen during the shipping process.

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