Decorative Curtains For Living Room | Sage Green Modern Style Review

One of the joyful spots in the house is the living room. The living room can be the place for doing some activities and resting. It should be the very comfortable and enjoyable. The appearance of the living room should be great in front of the guests who come. At any rate, you need to pay more attention to your living room.

You can make the living room more looks better by adding the decor. One of the greatest decor for the living room is the curtain. The curtain is a factor which determines the comfort point inside the living room. Moreover, it is an important aspect to have in the living room.

Sage Green Modern Style
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It has the function as the room darkening stuff and helps the insulation. The curtain also can be the beautiful aspect in the living room. That’s why you need to have at least a curtain in the living room.

Now you must confuse to choose the curtain you will choose for your living room. Here we will recommend you a product of curtain. It is the Sage Green Modern Style curtain. For you who like the bright color, especially green, it can be your best alternative to make your living room more complete and comfortable. We will also give some details of the product in a short review.

Here is it the review of the Sage Green Modern Style curtain for you!

Sage Green Modern Style Review


Sage Green Modern Style
  • 2.8K

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The Sage Green Modern Style curtain is one of the most beautiful curtains which gonna make your living room more decorative. It has the modern style and its green color will bring you the natural atmosphere. The appearance of the curtain also very cute to be the decor of the living room.

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Sage Green Modern Style
  • 2.8K

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This Sage Green Modern Style curtain main material is chenille. Chenille is made from yarn. It is a good material even for the curtain because it is a tough and heavy duty material.


To clean this kind of curtain, you need the dry clean method. If you use the machine it will damage the chenille, and if you try to use the machine for drying the chenille, you should put the low heat upon it to keep the curtain safe.

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Chenille as this Sage Green Modern Style curtain material can be so durable. It is because chenille is made from the cotton like polyester. Chenille is a result of the raised loops of yarn. This kind of material is good for the curtain.


The price for this Sage Green Modern Style curtain is around $39.99. It is such an affordable price for the great quality curtain. You just have to spend a  little bit of your money to get this perfect curtain for your green living room.

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Product TypeCurtain
ColorSage Green
Free Gift IncludesMetal Hooks
Dimmension42″ W x 84″ L
Care InstructionDo not Bleach

Those are some details of the Sage Green Modern Style curtain for the living room. for you the green color lover, you should not miss this product to make your living room more natural and colorful. You don’t have to worry about the price. Keep improving your living room!

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