Selling a House with a Pool: 5 Tips to Make It Feel Like a Luxury Amenity

Selling a House with a Pool: 5 Tips to Make It Feel Like a Luxury Amenity

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Having a swimming pool in your compound screams luxury and can add value to your home. However, whether a potential buyer views it as a maintenance nightmare or a relaxing oasis depends on the staging. While you may not change the mind of all potential buyers, you can get extra money from pool lovers. Therefore, focus on selling your house to people who appreciate outdoor space.

Swimming pools have evolved from being a play area for kids to venues for events and gatherings. Potential buyers will want the outdoor to be an extension of the living room. Since it is a critical showpiece, it needs to be in tiptop shape. How do you stage your pool to look like a luxury amenity? Read on for tips for selling a house with a swimming pool.

1. Ensure Maintenance Is up-to-Date

If you have been slacking on pool maintenance, it is time to kick it up a notch. Before house valuation and the first showing, you need to ensure the pool is in excellent condition. Make sure the water chemistry is balanced, and the liquid is clear and free of debris and bugs. It would also be best to vacuum the bottom of the pool and ensure the basket, skimmer, and filters are clean and working correctly. In case you have not cleaned the pool for months, spring for a deep clean and drain all the water.

It would be best if you checked for tears in the vinyl liner, cracks on the cement, and issues with fittings. While you can get away with some minor stains or cracks, repairing can be a significant selling point. If your pool is in bad shape, consider a complete overhaul.

2. Install Safety Measures

Families with young children often have concerns about the dangers of a pool. However, if you have safety measures around the pool, you will ease their worries. Your buyers will picture themselves having fun with their kids around the pool. You can begin by fencing the entire pool area. Even if you already have a barrier around the yard, you should separate the pool from the rest of the outdoor garden. Self-latching gates prevent kids from accessing the pool without adult supervision. You can also use alarms to alert you when someone goes into the pool area. Such safety measures can bump up the value of your house.

3. Stage the Deck

Before a potential buyer views the pool, they will see the surrounding outdoor environment. If you want the swimming pool to be a selling point, the deck and yard should be aesthetically appealing. Spruce up the deck with lavish furniture like chaise lounges or recliners for sunbathing, and ensure the garden is well maintained. Landscaping and trimming the thick bushes will transform the outdoors into a relaxing haven. You can also have a kitchenette with a grill and a cooler for drinks. Before you add the furniture, ensure you repair any cracks on the deck. You should also wash it and clear any leaves around the area before the viewings. Enclosing your pool with a screen reduces maintenance costs. However, make sure you get rid of any dirt and leaves on the screen.

4. Add Entertainment and Luxury Amenities

A luxurious pool can attract a significant price range. If you are selling a lavish house, the swimming pool should display the opulence of the property. Your pool’s bragging points will make or break the price. For a luxury home, you need to do more than keeping the water crystal clear. The buyers will expect elegant fountains and a beautiful gazebo; you can also throw in cabanas, an outdoor kitchen, and dining areas. All these additional amenities should convince the buyer that your outdoor space is a social hub and a relaxing paradise. An entertainment centre around the pool will also complete the package. Perhaps invest in a high-quality sound system, have a built-in hot tub, or a solar heater.

5. Sell Your House During the Pool Season

Even if your pool is sitting in a lush lawn and has deluxe features, it may not look appealing during winter. Besides, it would be a shame for a buyer to view the pool when it is iced over and closed. If you want the pool to boost the price, consider listing your house on the market during summer. Potential buyers can picture themselves going for a refreshing dip during the hot weather and see it as an essential amenity in the property.

Selling a house with a pool can be stress-free. If you loved having the pool in your home, chances are it is well maintained and a crucial selling point. All you need to do is show it to the buyers, and they will see the joy it provides.

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