Tons of Amazing Shabby Chic Bedding Product and Bedroom Decor Ideas

Shabby chic is always the perfect decorating style that you can pick no matter how time goes by. It looks timelessly beautiful to create any rooms’ decoration that everyone adores all the time.

Since a bedroom should look and feel as inviting as possible, the shabby chic style is totally applicable to style it up. Because besides its beauty, such theme also sparks out the comforting vibe very well.

To create a cozy and gorgeous shabby chic bedroom, we have picked a bunch of references and inspirations that you can use as the ultimate reference. The ideas that you will see in this article include:

  • The best shabby chic bedding products that you can find in popular marketplaces.
  • The most inspiring shabby chic decor for bedroom ideas for your references.
  • Easy and brief guides to create the beautiful shabby chic bedroom.

Those ideas will ensure you to choose the shabby chic style which is indeed, a very good option that you can go to. Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best inspirations of shabby chic decoration!

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Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Products

In this section, you’ll find some most recommended shabby chic bedding products which are offered by some marketplaces. They are made of high-quality materials and designed beautifully!

Luxury Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set by LIFEREVO

shabby chic 1-min

The adorable shabby chic bedding set which set which includes 1 furry duvet cover and 2 pillow shams with diamond pattern and pompom trim. It’s indeed designed to make your bedding look as shabby chic as possible.

For your absolute comfort, the Mongolian fur duvet comes with 45mm high microfiber pile which surely feels so comforting. The velvety shams also feel so soft which really feels so plush.

The Luxury Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set by LIFEREVO is available on Amazon which is offered at $85.99 (twin),  $95.99 (queen), and $105.99 (king).

Product Detail

DimensionTwin: 66 x 90 inches (duvet) & 20 x 26 inches (shams)

Queen : 90 x 90 inches (duvet) & 20 x 26 inches (shams)

King: 104 x 90 inches (duvet) & 20 x 36 inches (shams)

Rating4.6 out of 113 reviews

Bauer Cotton Reversible Quilt Set by August Grove

shabby chic 2-min

The floral-patterned elements will create a beautifully decorative shabby chic nuance, and this product is the one that you can’t miss. It consists of the reversible quilt with the floral patchwork and floral pastel print and shams with the matching look.

Made of high-grade cotton, the set feels really soft with the durable texture that you will be pleased about. The print also looks vibrant which ensures that it won’t fade away easily.

You can find the Bauer Cotton Reversible Quilt Set by August Grove on Wayfair and the price tag is $53.54 (twin), $6180 (queen), and $82.91 (king).

Product Detail

DimensionTwin: 68 x 88 inches (quilt) & 20 x 26 inches (shams)

Queen : 90 x 90 inches (quilt) & 20 x 26 inches (shams)

King: 95 x 105 inches (quilt) & 20 x 36 inches (shams)

ManufacturerAugust Grove
Rating4.7 out of 1222 reviews

Dawn Bed Comforter Bed Comforter Set by Madison Park

shabby chic 4-min

Looking for a decorative shabby chic bedding set with a decorative yet soothing look? Well, this one with the classic floral pattern in the soft aqua finish is very tempting to buy. Its also beautified with the ruffle accent.

The set feels so well made with the cotton sateen as its main material. It’s professionally sewn which create a durable construction, so you can use the set for a very long time for sure.

Available on  Amazon, the Dawn Bed Comforter Bed Comforter Set by Madison Park is offered at $127 (queen), $131 (king), and $131 California king). It’s a 9-piece set which includes 1 comforter, 1 bed skirt, 2 standard shams, 2 euro shams, and 3 pillows.

Product Detail

ManufacturerMadison Park
Rating4.6 out of 264 reviews

Rowland Reversible Coverlet Set by Laura Ashley Home

shabby chic 5-min

The beautiful vintage shabby chic bedding set with the floral pattern which is so worth to include in your shopping list. It’s such a simple print which is enough to bring the beauty of classics to your bedroom.

The quality of the fabric is so excellent for its price tag which feels so well-made. Then, it also warms your body very well due to its proper thickness and softness.

On Wayfair, the Rowland Reversible Coverlet Set by Laura Ashley Home is offered at $50.26 (twin), $70.51 (queen), and $84.17 (king).

Product Detail

DimensionTwin: 68 x 88 inches (quilt) & 20 x 26 inches (shams)

Queen : 90 x 90 inches (quilt) & 20 x 26 inches (shams)

King: 95 x 105 inches (quilt) & 20 x 36 inches (shams)

ManufacturerLaura Ashley Home
Rating4.7 out of 4470 reviews

So those are some best shabby chic bedding products that you can buy to create a gorgeous shabby chic decoration. Pick the one that really suits your needs and budgets!

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Most Inspiring Shabby Chic Decor for Bedroom

Below, we have picked the best shabby chic decor ideas that you can steal. They perfectly blend all the elements of the room which create a very beautiful decoration!

Blue and Pink Bedroom

shabby chic 6-min

The combination of blue and pink is always a great choice for a shabby chic bedroom decoration since it sparks out the vintage vibe gorgeously. To give a more decorative look, you can use the beddings with floral pattern.

Rustic Glam Bedroom

shabby chic 7-min

For sure, the rustic touch works really well to complete a shabby chic bedroom. Then, the chandelier and soft-colored bedding can add a pretty look to beautify it.

Textured Bedroom

shabby chic 8-min

The beautifully distinctive shabby chic bedroom with the textured look which is popped up by the bedding with ornaments and lace headboard. It’s kind of unique shabby chic bedroom decoration that you can simply try.

Brightly Warm Bedroom

shabby chic 9-min

Beige is the bright shade which can create a cozy warm atmosphere and you can use it to dominate a shabby chic bedroom. For a vintage and decorative vibe, the beige wallpaper with floral pattern is so considerable to choose.

Shaded Bedroom

shabby chic 10-min

Adding the shade to your bedding decoration is a good idea to make it feel more comfortable and look distinctive at the same time. Just simply hang a mosquito net and decorate it with the string light to create a beautiful DIY shade.

Creative Bedroom

shabby chic 11-min

The catchy headboard which is made of repurposed doors in this shabby chic bedroom gives a fun vintage touch very well. It’s a great DIY headboard that you can try to build by yourself easily and cheaply.

Bluish Bedroom

shabby chic 13-min

Dominating a shabby chic bedroom with soft muted blue is a good way to make it look classically beautiful. As usual, the pretty floral element works really well to decorate such bedroom.

Brownish Bedroom

shabby chic 14-min

The gorgeous shabby chic bedroom with brown as its overall look which is so tempting to copy. With the silky bedding with decorative sheer shade as the focal point, the room looks so glamorous.

 Steely Bedroom

shabby chic 15-min

The all-steel frame with the curly accent will not fail to style up a shabby chic bedroom. You can pair it with the floral bedding and rustic decor items to emphasize the old-fashioned nuance around.

Cozy Bedroom

shabby chic 16-min

This one is a simple shabby chic bedroom idea for you who have a small narrow space. The bedding with decorative floral linen and tufted headboard dominates the room beautifully. Moreover, a unique wall art which is made of used window adds another style to the room creatively.

Pastel Bedroom

shabby chic 17-min

Pastel shades are definitely beautiful, and they can colorize a shabby chic bedroom in a very chic way. It’s a soft color which is totally soothing to the eyes that’ll make a bedroom look as inviting as possible.

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Attractively Vibrant Bedroom

shabby chic 18-min

But, if the soft colors don’t really suit your taste, you can go with the bright vibrant options like yellow, green, or hot pink. Then, choose the beddings with the bold print to give a more attractive look.

Festive Colorful Bedroom

shabby chic 25-min

Colorful floral wallpaper, festive bedding, and catchy rug with multi-color pattern create such a cheerful decoration. It’s such a great inspiration to create a more cheerful shabby chic decoration.

Modern Rustic Bedroom

shabby chic 19-min

In this shabby chic bedroom decoration, a minimalist modern bedroom with grey and white linens is chosen which is combined with the rustic wooden beams and flooring. It’s a unique idea to combine two decorating styles in a very simple way.

All-White Rustic Bedroom

shabby chic 20-min

An all-white shabby chic bedroom with rustic wood walls and ceiling which makes beautifully vintage. The thick white bedding gorgeously brightens up the room and matches well with its overall look.

Pretty Small Bedroom

shabby chic 21-min

If you prefer to go with a small bed for your shabby chic bedroom, you have to make it as catchy as possible to become its main focal point. Choosing the bedding with a skirt can be an easy idea to try.

All-White Bedroom

shabby chic 22-min

Looking for a shabby chic bedroom with an all-white decoration? Well, this idea is the one that you can’t miss.

Here, the 4 sides of the wall, bedding, bed frame, and furniture are finished in white. Then, the light wood flooring colorizes it and gives such a refreshing vibe perfectly.

Weathered Bedroom

shabby chic 23-min

An inspiring shabby chic bedroom for you who want to have a uniquely rustic decoration. A weathered wood bed frame and headboard surprisingly becomes a very attractive focal point.

Simply Catchy Bedroom

shabby chic 24-min

Putting a decorative wallpaper on one side of your bedroom can be a good idea to make a catchy decoration. It looks much simpler yet still very attractive.

Inspiring, right? Now you can choose the best idea from those inspiration to decorate your beloved room. Pick the one which suits your taste and needs!

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How To Create a Beautiful Shabby Chic Bedroom Decoration

shabby chic 3-min

The shabby chic theme is considered as one of the easiest decorating styles that you can create effortlessly. Below are some simple tips on how to bring the shabby chic nuance to your very own bedroom:

  • Vintage Elements – Since vintage is one of the must-have characteristics of a shabby chic decor, placing some stuff in such design is a must. It can be about old-fashioned decor items or rustic furniture.
  • Textured Linens – Bedding with skirt or ruffle, drapes, fury rugs, and sheer canopy can be the beautiful additions to a shabby chic decor. They create a vintage charm and comforting vibe very well.
  • Repurposed Stuff – To create a distinctive look, you can repurpose some old things to decorate a shabby chic bedroom. The headboard made of the wood pallet or used window, stacked suitcases for the accent table sound so tempting to try.
  • Blend the Pattern – You can always fill a shabby choc pattern with various patterns as you wish. Floral duvet over the polka-dot bed cover or striped throw pillows on a chevron bedding is so okay to go to.

They sound easy, don’t they? So now there is no hesitate anymore to decorate your bedroom with the shabby chic theme since it doesn’t need lots of elbow grease or budget!

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Shabby Chic-min


In conclusion, it’s always a great idea to choose shabby chic as the main theme of your bedroom decoration since it never goes out of style. You will have a comfortable and admirable bedroom which is enjoyable for everyone.

Furthermore, it’s such an affordable and simple decorating way that you can create by yourself. You won’t need any helps from decorating experts to have a shabby chic bedroom.

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