Top 9 Gorgeous Shipping Container Swimming Pool Ideas of 2017

shipping container swimming pool

Building a pool in the house is totally not an easy job for most people, many hardware and equipment should be prepared completely. Whereas, if you intend to hire a pool contractor/builder to do the project, you have to prepare the high cost to pay them.

In fact, swimming pool still becomes the most favorite place to get enjoyable time. In addition, people do swimming to soak away the stressful and pressure after working. By swimming, all our bad thoughts will disappear as soon as possible.

Many homeowners don’t choose to build their own swimming pool. They suppose that building the pool exactly needs very large space and high cost to do. Therefore, they prefer swimming in the public or recreational area with paying the ticket.

Nowadays, there are some solutions for you who have a small area, yet still, want to have your very own swimming pool. By setting a shipping container swimming pool in your backyard, there is no reason to avoid building a pool in your narrow backyard. This kind of pool commonly offers a variety of size to suit your existing area. So, you can choose the matching size as you want.

To give more solutions for anyone who are planning to set this pool, here we share you several shipping container swimming pool ideas. It shows you a various of pool style with the masterly and marvelous design. Hopefully, our ideas can guide you to choose an attractive one with the great features to build shipping container pool.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool Ideas

Modpools Vancouver Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool
Credit: Modpools

The first shipping container pool comes from Modpools which produces reliable modified shipping container. They have turned the pool into the modern pool with an opening window. By this construction, the pool looks so fascinating and sophisticated. For setting up this pool, you do not spend much time, just use firmness of this shipping container, the pool can be installed in minutes

Shipping Container with Step

shipping container swimming pool
Credit: Housely

The second one, the pool which comes with a few creative construct the on with step. The existence of step actually helps people to reach the top of shipping container, and enhance the look of this idea. Just setting this pool in the park, automatically, your bakyard will look way more attractive and inviting. The pool will attract the homeowners to join swimming in it.

Wooden Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool

This modern pool comes with natural wood that covers the container. The design is so gorgeous to make your garden more impressive. This pool’s appearance totally mathes with the backyard atmosphere.

Natural Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool
Credit: Housely

Enhance your backyard as natural as possible with this kind of excellent pool. To have a natural swimming pool is exactly not a hard job for you. Just purchase the shipping container pool, you entirely can create the natural one. Add some plants or green grass to make way more earthy.

Inground Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool
Credit: Gardens and Polkadots

Setting the shipping container pool by in-ground construction is a great idea for you. By building this pool type, exactly, the shipping container pool seems like the common pool. You just have to make a hole based on the shipping container size and build the swimming pool liner.


Sleek Shipping Container Swimming Pool

shipping container swimming pool

Enhance your house with adding this sleek shipping container pool. By setting this fabulous pool, it certainly makes your backyard as cozy as possible to gather with your family and friends. Build your own DIY to Build Shipping Container Pool right now!

Above Ground Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool
Credit: The Owner-Builder Network

By choosing this shipping container pool, absolutely, you do not need to construct the hole to set this pool. This pool can be set above ground without spending much cost.

Large Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool
Credit: Roasted Life

This giant shipping container pool is found in Berlin, German as the recreational pool area. This pool was made in the old traditional pool style. Perhaps you can pick this shipping container pool ideas to build your own commercial pool.

Sliding Door Shipping Container Pool

shipping container swimming pool ideas
Credit: Piscines Piscinelle

The last shipping container swimming pool ideas comes with sliding door features. Its features quitely protect the pool water from any dirt from outside. Add the unique appearance with this invisible pool even existing in your backyard.

Those are some shipping container swimming pool ideas that can become a reference for you. Perhaps, you will  be inspired to set this unique pool in your home to enhance your backyard’s value.

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