Sears Dining Room Set | Simple Living Cottage Dining Set Review

The dining room is an important part of our life where a great moment usually starts from there. Furthermore, so many stories, adventures, and laughs happen in the dining room.

It’s crucial to make your dining room the best place for everyone to ensure your family happy. To make your dining room a better place it is a good idea to add new dining set.

Simple Living Cottage Dining Set Review
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Choose the right dining set can be hard if you don’t know how to define a high-quality furniture. There are so many factors you need to understand the great furniture. Durability, material, design, etc is an important aspect of a great furniture.

For that reason, our team has created the Simple Living Cottage Dining Set Review for your consideration for home improvement. You can instantly improve your dining room if you add this adorable dining set, and your dinner can be one of the best parts of your daily life.

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Simple Living Cottage Dining Set Review

Simple Living Cottage Dining Set Review 1-min
  • 10.9K

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You will get one drop leaf table and two chairs with the same black finish. Its simple design is so elegant and classy, makes it look well for both traditional or modern kitchen layout.

The set is a good choice for a small dining room since the chairs are small enough and the size of the table can be adjusted as you wish.

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The set’s cozy chair has a unique curve construction which suits our back anatomy to ensure our comforts. When the leaf is extended, the table provides quite adequate space for your meal time.


It is not hard to maintain this lovely dining set. You only need to clean it with a wet and dry cloth to make it last longer.

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This lovely dining set constructed very well, made of the selected solid wood. It’s sturdy enough to ensure its stability and durability.

It is important to have high-quality material for your dining room’s furniture. You can save a lot of money because you don’t need to spend another hundred or even thousand dollars to replace a broken and low-quality dining set.


You don’t need to worry about its price. This classy dining set only cost you $223.73 and there’s no additional cost for shipping! Surely, it is a great offer you need to consider. Compared to similar product this high-quality dining set provides you a high-quality product with an affordable price.

So overall, this Simple Living Cottage Dining Set is surely a recommended product for you to buy but only if you have a small dining room. Its adorable design looks so well to enhance the decor of your living room.

The plus point is that you will get a sturdy chair that feels good to sit on, and the drop leaf table which can be easily adjusted to suit your dining space.

But again, this Simple Living Cottage Dining Set is only for those who are looking for a furniture set for a small dining room.

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