Simple Patio Ideas: 25+ Inspiring Design to Improve a Minimalist Home

When you have a plan to improve your outdoor living space, a patio is a very considerable options that you can think about. It’s a very good addition that will make your home look so admirable and feel more comfortable at the same time.

A patio is simple an area with the base which is made of various materials like concrete, gravel, or sand. Then, some pieces of furniture are the must-have elements to provide the cozy sitting area so you will have a usable patio. To make it look more attractive, adding some decor items like flowers, greeneries, pillows and rugs is a good idea that you can keep in mind.

You don’t really need to build a huge patio with complicated design especially if you have an outdoor space with limited space. It’s never a bad idea to build a simple small patio which is enough to handle some pieces of furniture for an intimate enjoyment.

Moreover, you can also build a simple patio all by yourself by using affordable materials. For instance, you can just simply pour gravels or sands as the bast of your patio, then create the chairs and tables by using chap materials like wood pallet.

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Here, we have picked a lot of simple patio ideas that you can use as the ultimate inspiration when you are about to improve your beloved backyard.

Best Simple Patio Ideas

Simple Patio Ideas: Fun Cozy Patio

simple patio ideas 1

This one is a patio which is built as the extension of a house. The concrete flooring works as the base of the patio which complements the grey color of the house. A wood sofa and swing become the main sitting area while those plantations decorate the area in a very exhilarating way.

Simple Patio Ideas: Brightly Chic Patio

simple patio ideas 2

A 9-piece dining set and a swing in white as the focal point of this simple patio matches beautifully with the white beadboard wall of the house. The wood plank as the base of the patio and those greeneries create a natural overall look and comforting atmosphere around.

Simple Patio Ideas: Stylish Cozy Patio

simple patio ideas 3

The pieces of furniture in various design enhance the attractiveness and comfort of the patio at the same time. Those decor items also beautify the area beautifully.

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Just keep scrolling to find more simple patio ideas that will totally inspire you!

simple patio ideas 4


simple patio ideas 5


simple patio ideas 6


simple patio ideas 7


simple patio ideas 8


simple patio ideas 9


simple patio ideas 10

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simple patio ideas 11


simple patio ideas 12


simple patio ideas 13


simple patio ideas 14


simple patio ideas 15

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simple patio ideas 16


simple patio ideas 17


simple patio ideas 18


simple patio ideas 19


simple patio ideas 20

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simple patio ideas 21


simple patio ideas 22


simple patio ideas 23


simple patio ideas 24


simple patio ideas 25

Just choose the best simple patio ideas that you love and improve your outdoor space now!

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