Small Bedroom Storage Ideas: Makes Your Room (Looks) Bigger

It will be great if we have enough space in the bedroom for our belongings. However, in reality, not everybody has a fancy and large bedroom. So you have to find a small bedroom storage ideas that will help you make your bedroom looks bigger. Don’t worry about that, with creativity you can overcome this problem easily.

To help you out find the best solution, let me get you inspired with tons of small bedroom ideas and simple guides to improve your bedroom. Check it out!

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

The first thing you need to do for improving a small bedroom uses the right storage. You should maximize your storage and keep your stuff organized. In instance, you can put your belonging under the bed, create a floating shelvesfor your books (and decoration items).

The next step for improving your bedroom is choosing the right furnishing. It will be great if your have a multi-functional furniture to save (a lot of) space.

If you desperate to having more space, you can apply this simple hack to maximizeyour bedroom space.

1. Use a Tall Bed

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas: Makes Your Room (Looks)  Bigger
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In a small bedroom, your bed usually use a lot of space. Here’s the trick! Use a tall bed frame, so you can put your stuff under it. Then, use a longer bed skirt to hide your belongings stylishly. An under-bed storage is an amazing hack you can apply, which doesn’t need additional floor space and make the entire room looks more spacious.

By using your bed as a storage you will have more space for your stuff. It is not hard to hack your bedroom and make it look bigger, the problem which may appear is where you find that multi-functional tall bed. If you found it somewhere, just buy it to improve your room.

2.  Use Bed With an Additional Built-in Storage

The easiest way to save space in your bedroom is by using built-in storage bed. You can use its multiple drawers to get your stuff organized. Some bed even have headboards with shelves and nightstands for displaying accessories, book and decoration items. If you find this type of bed, you should buy it to save you a lot of space.

By using a bed with a built-in storage cabinet’s you just solve almost everything regarding your small bedroom problem. But you have to make sure the design fits nicely with your room decoration.

3. Hang Your Stuff on the Wall

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas: Makes Your Room (Looks)  Bigger
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Create a vertical storage will keep the floor clutter-free and make your bedroom looks more natural. The arrangement of pins into the drywall is a great place to hang up your favorite bracelets, and even mail. And also you can hang plants to add fresh greenery element into your bedroom. Surely, this small bedroom storage ideas will improve your bedroom.

4.  Use Floating Shelves

For another small bedroom storage ideas, you can install a floating shelve in your bedroom. It is a great storage addition which can make your bedroom looks unique. You can add a vase, your favorite books, etc. This is a simple but effective storage which keeps the floor look spacious.

By using floating shelves you will create an amusing feeling in your room. You can create a warming feeling on your room by adding shelves with strong wooden accent. It is also a great hack to create a more spacious feeling that ensure your comforts.

5. Use a Multi-Functional Furniture

If you find a bench with built-in storage, don’t hesitate to buy it and put it in your bedroom. Some furniture has a hidden storage system, which is great for placing small items.

Then, you can place more furniture which mean save you more room for storage. However, you should still looks the overall design of your room. Make sure the functionality did meet the aesthetic aspect of your room.

6. Add Mirror

small bedroom storage ideas
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A great way to make your bedroom looks bigger is by adding a big mirror. You can replace your cabinet’s door with a mirror or place it on the blank wall as part of room decoration. This is a simple (but effective) small bedroom improvement trick.

In another word, you don’t have to make your room bigger you just need to make it feels and looks bigger. Then by adding a mirror into your bedroom, you will feel a strong classy feeling from your bedroom. (Read also: Cheap Bedroom Sets Under $500 Ideas)

7. Create a Repeated Pattern

You can transform your bedroom looks bigger by makes it “feel bigger” than it supposed to. The trick is; use repeated pattern which covers the wall and furniture. Make sure the pattern is not too big, so it can repeat several times.

It is something that most people don’t know about. And of course, it is so effective and powerful to ensure your bedroom have a unique atmosphere which come from the repeated pattern from the wall. The main problem you will find if you use this trick is find the right pattern to make your room looks bigger.

8. Make the Bed as the Focal Point

In a small bedroom, it can be tricky to choose what is the main focal point to make it looks bigger. The trick (that works) is by uses your bed as the focal point. On a small bedroom, your bed will cover most of the room so make sure it can bean outstanding focal point.

9. Use Calm Colors

Colors is essential to create a comfy room. It will make your bedroom feel larger and create an amusing feeling when you spend your time in your room. 

Here is a simple trick that will ensure your bedroom will have a larger atmosphere. Use calm colors like green, white, and grey. It is so simple yet effective to make your room a (much) better place.


It is not hard to decorate a small bedroom and make it a cozy place if you improve it properly. You can improve it by choosing the right furnishing, maximizing the wall, or even create “illusion” to make your bedroom looks bigger. Surely these small bedroom storage ideas can be the great solution to improve your bedroom.

Make sure you apply these small bedroom storage ideas and guide to transform a small bedroom into the best room ever.

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