30 Mesmerizing Small Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas That Will Surprise You

It’s definitely official that the small tiny room has become the trend of home improvement this year. You can always easily find the small bathroom, living room, and bedroom rule the latest home trend in lots of magazines.

As for the kitchen, the small one also starts to be more and more popular. Many homeowners choose to build a small kitchen due to its efficiency and effectiveness.

Here, we have prepared dozens of small kitchen design ideas that can be the great inspiration when you are about to remodel your beloved kitchen. They are designed by some home experts and creative homeowners who cleverly make a small kitchen look and feel so inviting.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of small kitchen design and decor ideas.

Small Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas

All-white Earthy Kitchen

small kitchen design 1-min

Everyone knows that white is always the right color to choose when we are talking about colorizing a tiny space. It creates a brightly wide impression which makes a small space doesn’t look stuffy.

Here, white dominates the whole kitchen beautifully and colorize by the natural wood element, creating a gorgeous earthy nuance. You can see how the brick-style backsplash gives the room a more decorative look.

Decoratively White Kitchen

small kitchen design 2-min

This small kitchen design applies the geometric element for its backsplash and flooring. It creates a stylish decorative look which perfectly decorates an all-white kitchen.

The thing is, you just have to determine the color combination and the pattern of the decor items of the kitchen.

Moroccan White Kitchen

small kitchen design 3-min

For you who are looking for a more decorative small kitchen design, this one can be a good inspiration. It chooses the Moroccan-style flooring which gives another style to an all-white kitchen.

This kitchen also combines the modern and traditional touch in one layout with the choice of stainless steel appliances.

Nautical Kitchen

small kitchen design 4-min

The combination of white, navy and natural wood look of this small kitchen design creates a nautical vibe beautifully. In this layout, the prep areas are divided into two sections in which the second one also works as the kitchen island.

White Small Kitchen

small kitchen design 5-min

One thing that you can do to make a small kitchen feels joyful to use is cleverly arrange the storage around. This small kitchen design shows an easy inspiration to effectively provide storage without taking a lot of space.

An open shelf is installed on top of the wall-mount cabinet which works well to deal with some bowls and plates.

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Cabin Small Kitchen

small kitchen design 6-min

Another all-white small kitchen design which is built in a cube style to include in your inspiration list. The kitchen looks so efficient with its smart arrangement of storage, appliances, and furniture.

Furthermore, the wood flooring of the kitchen gives a much fresher touch which makes it feel more comforting.

Textured Grey Kitchen

small kitchen design 7-min

The elegant small kitchen design which uses the shades of grey to colorize the whole room. All of the cabinets are finished in deep grey with the wood texture and combined with the decorative dark grey flooring.

To brighten up the space, the lighter shade of gray paints the wall and a solid white countertop is chosen.

Farmhouse All-White Kitchen

small kitchen design 8-min

The white subway tile always gives a nice decorative touch to an all-white kitchen. Here, such tile is chosen for the backsplash which styles up the room very well.

With the classic faucet, natural wood stools, and classic cabinetry, this small kitchen design can be a good reference for you who love the farmhouse-inspired decoration.

Chic Glamorous Kitchen

small kitchen design 9-min

This kitchen actually looks distinctive with its combination of geometric wall and flooring with the classic ceiling in contrasting color. Then, the vintage crystal chandelier gives a glamorous touch to the overall look of the room.

Sleek Modern Kitchen

The simply gorgeous small kitchen design with a clean-lined sleek look for you who love the modern layout. Its deep brown cabinet beautifully gives color to the room which is dominated by white.

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Classic White Kitchen

small kitchen design 11-min

This one is a timeless –looking kitchen with the classic layout that everyone will surely love. It has a simple two-tone look which combines white and wood touch.

Furthermore, the decorative rug and contemporary stool add another style to the room stylishly.

Greenish Kitchen

Green can be a good alternative to create a nice natural vibe in your kitchen. Here, the color is applied on one side of the wall and backsplash which actually colorizes an all-white kitchen.

Then, some rustic furniture and greeneries gorgeously complement the kitchen.

Long-Narrow White Kitchen

small kitchen design 13-min

The modern small kitchen design in a long-narrow construction which looks so tempting to have. It’s dominated by the black and white which fits well for you who love the minimalist layout.

Moreover, the wood flooring adds a more natural vibe which makes the room feels more comfortable.

Monochrome Farmhouse Kitchen

small kitchen design 14-min

White, grey, and black are combined gorgeously in this kitchen which creates a nice monochrome layout. Furthermore, the subway backsplash and white wood flooring give the room a chic farmhouse vibe which makes it look way more attractive.

Warm White Kitchen

If solid white looks to bright for you, you can go with the off-white to create a much warmer nuance. In this small kitchen design, all of the cabinets are finished in off-white which is combined with the decorative gray countertop, creating a cozy atmosphere beautifully.

Rustic Kitchen

small kitchen design 16-min

The rustic layout is always everyone’s favorite that you can always choose all the time. Here, the wall is covered by the rustic light brown wood plank which dominates the overall look of the room.

Moreover, the whitewash kitchen cabinet brightens up the kitchen while still keeps its rustic vibe.

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Mirrored White Kitchen

small kitchen design 17

The mirror can be a nice element to complete a small kitchen since it can give a wider impression very well. This inspiration shows a hanging kitchen cabinet with the mirror door which makes a white kitchen look more joyful.

Grey and Wood Kitchen

small kitchen design 18-min

Another small kitchen design which is dominated by the grey touch, and it looks so stylish with some surprising color combination. Its wood flooring definitely freshens the kitchen, then a purple rug and pink tablecloth give a chic statement to the room very well.

Colorful Traditional Kitchen

small kitchen design 19

The stylish small kitchen design with the catchy color combination of navy, green, white, and rustic wood. Obviously, the kitchen island is made as the focal point of the room which gives a fun vibe to the room.

Dark Chic Kitchen

small kitchen design 20-min

This one is basically an all-white kitchen but comes with a gorgeous sleek look which is so worth to be a good reference for you who love simplicity. The glass door totally helps the room to look so inviting since it lets the outdoor light to come through optimally.

Decorative Blue Kitchen

small kitchen design 21-min

Get so bored with those neutral layouts? Well, this small kitchen idea can suit your taste. The wall is covered by the classic decorative wallpaper in blue which beautifully complements the blue cabinet.

To neutralize the layout, the white wood is installed which also adds a little bit of nautical vibe.

Colorfully Rustic Kitchen

small kitchen design 22

Combining the rustic element with the colorful ouch is always a considerable idea to create a uniquely attractive layout. The rustic brick countertop is obviously the focal point here and colorful furniture and appliances fill the room, creating a stylish decor smartly.

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Grey and White Kitchen

small kitchen design 23-min

The adorable monochrome small kitchen design with the combination of soft white and grey. It looks so simple with u-shape prep area in the clean-lined design.

The classic window doesn’t only maximally brighten up the room but also style it up gorgeously.

Glossy Bold Kitchen

small kitchen design 30

The cabinets of the kitchen which are finished in glossy wood look give the room a catchy dazzling nuance attractively. Then, it’s combined with turquoise decorative backsplash, creating a bold contrasting look which is so tempting to copy.

Glamorous Farmhouse Kitchen

small kitchen design 24-min

Again, the farmhouse style is chosen to decorate a small kitchen design and this one looks more glamorous with the gold hardware. Furthermore, one side of the room is finished with the chalk paint to give a more playful atmosphere.

White Rustic Kitchen

The bright white small kitchen design which is colorized by the wood touch gorgeously. It’s totally a good reference to make an earthy all-white kitchen that you can try easily.

Boho White Kitchen

small kitchen design 26-min

Boho is always a good option to style up the kitchen and this one can be a good reference to try. Rustic furniture, decorative rug, and vintage decor items decorate the kitchen in a very stylish way which is perfect for your Boho taste.

Decorative Black and White Kitchen

small kitchen design 28

This one is a black and white small kitchen design with the decorative cabinet door and lots of decor items. The kitchen space looks so decorative in a very fun way.

Monochrome Geometric Kitchen

small kitchen design 27-min

The beautiful monochrome kitchen with the combination of shiny gray and white touch. It looks dazzlingly calm and luxurious at the same time.

Furthermore, the geometric grey and white flooring give a more festive atmosphere to the layout.

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Small Kitchen Design-min

Eventually, those are some mesmerizing small kitchen design ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference. They are so worth to be your reference when you are about to decorate your very own small kitchen.

As you may have noticed, those small kitchens perfectly combine the elements of the room to create an inviting look in a small place. It plays with the color choices, furniture arrangement, and appliances choice which is examined smartly.

You can choose the one which suits your needs, taste, and the existing layout of your kitchen. Keep in mind to always give the kitchen a nice harmonious look to give you a joyful atmosphere when you spend your time in that room.

Well, happy decorating your small kitchen then!

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