Softub Hot Tub Review: Softub Resort 300+ Hot Tub

A hot tub in your backyard always seems as a good idea, because we always need to relax our mind and body after very rough weekdays. You can easily purchase any hot tub that you want with numbers of hot tub models in the market. The design and of course, the spa performance are two things which are always offered by the hot tub companies.

Softub is one of the world’s famous hot tub brand that has involved in the business since 1985. The products from the company have its easy maintenance reputation with various products that can fit any budget.


Softub Hot Tub Review

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credit: Lakeside Soft Spa

The Design

Softub Resort 300+ is a model from Softub which can fit for up to 6 adult people, so you can feel the ultimate spa enjoyment with your friends or family anytime. It comes with 66 inches diameter and 27 inches height that which is very convenient. This is the largest spa model of Softub collection.

You will love to spend a long time because the tub surface is made from soft yet firm foam material. The LeatherTex outer marine grade vinyl of this tub is resistant of any weather condition, so you can use the tub in streaming summer or freezing winter. The lighting feature of the spa beautifies the design and gives you the finest spa sensation. It is such a durable and beautiful spa to place in your backyard. (Read also: Oasis Spa Hot Tub)

The tub is made from a light-weight material which makes it easier to install outdoor or indoor. It is so efficient to set up without any need of professional or expensive installation.

The Performance

Enjoy the convenient relaxing sensation with its seven jets. There are five adjustable jets and two spinning jets which are located properly to relieve the stiff muscles of your body.

Water Care System

This Softub hot tub is equipped with built-in Ozonator that intensively clean the water. You don’t need to use many chemicals to keep the water clean because it is automatically clean the water.

Energy Efficiency

Some users say that they need around $15 electrical cost per month, but it really depends on how frequent you use the tub.


Softub Resort 300+ Specifications


softub hot tub review
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credit: Rainer ’71

 Maximum seating capacity up to 6 people (adults)
 Inner diameter 66 inches (168 cm)
 Outer diameter 78 inches (198 cm)
 Height 27 inches (69 cm)
 Weight (shipping) 85 pounds (39 kg)
 Filled weight 2764 pounds (1254 kg)
 Water capacity 300 gallons (1355 litres)
 Power 110 Volts
 Numbers of Jets 7 jets
 Vynil colors Mocha, Anthracite, Bronze, Carbon, Dark Taupe, Freestyle Blue
 Package includes heater, pump, controls, water treatment kit, insulated thermal lid

Softub Hot Tub Resort 300+ is such a great idea when you are looking for a huge spa with some convenient spa features. It also comes with an affordable price, the official site tags the tub in $6,135 which is quite reasonable for a family size hot tub.

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