Kitchen Faucet 4 Hole | South Beach Kitchen Faucet Review

Nowadays, talking about the home improvement, it always likes to have no end. The manufacturers always develop many things to update every inch of the rooms’ object.

The kitchen faucet is a small part of the kitchen that has a great impact on our work in the kitchen. Therefore, we must be careful in determining the right kitchen faucet for our kitchen.

As we know that the existence of faucet is very important in the kitchen area. This number one kitchen appliance is surely often we use every day.

If you are looking for a reliable feature which also has an art aspect for your kitchen, here we have something you won’t refuse We have a complete and actual review of one of the popular kitchen faucet 4 holes which is the South Beach Kitchen Faucet by Nuvo.

South Beach Kitchen Faucet Review

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What do you expect from a design? Do you want an antique design? Or classic? Yes, you will get that two aspects in this one kitchen feature. This kitchen faucet comes in a good looking classic design. This south beach kitchen faucet has some characters as mentioned below:

  • The measures of the faucet are 12.5” height x 12.38” width x 8” depth with 8” spout reach and  7.75” spout height
  • The overall weight of the faucet is 4.37 lb.
  • The cross handle type design that makes this faucet look beautiful
  • The glossy silver metal finish that reflects the perfection of the home improvement
  • The look of this kitchen faucet is really suitable for any kitchen styles

The design of this south beach kitchen faucet is adorable and great, you will fall in love to this kitchen tool at the first time you get it. It is still good and perfect for any kitchen room themes that you have.

In addition, the white side spray with matching silver base s included in the package.

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The next is the construction of this South Beach Kitchen Faucet. Construction is an important thing for the kitchen appliances because they are the most frequently used tool every day.

We sometimes use it in a heavy usage, that is why we need a sturdy and good quality of kitchen faucet for our busy kitchen. The construction of this South Beach Kitchen Faucet is made of the brass material which feels sturdy and not disappointing.

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The durability of this South Beach Kitchen Faucet is quite good and durable. It is perfect for your busy daily life or in a heavy daily usage. The brass material is one reason that makes this South Beach Kitchen Faucet so strong and will last for years.

The faucet’s dazzling finish also resistant to some wear and tear that can harm its look like rust, chip, tarnish, stain, mineral-built spots, and scratch. The feature will surely help this product to look bright and clean for quite a long time



In the maintenance process, it takes a simple way to do. You can use a mild soap and a cloth or a dry cloth to clean this up and care this South Beach Kitchen Faucet in your daily use every day.


The price of this South Beach Kitchen Faucet is quite pricey to buy, it comes with $102.95 price tag. Considering its quality and design, the price is perhaps reasonable enough if you are willing to spend more for a kitchen faucet.

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Measures 12.5 ” H x 12.38 ” W x 8 ” D
Style  Modern and Classic
Materials Brass
Color Silver (metal)

This South Beach Kitchen Faucet by Nuvo is surely a recommended product to buy. With that attractive design and good quality material, you will not be disappointed to purchase this product. Don’t forget to include this one into your top consideration of a reliable an adorable kitchen faucet.

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