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Welcome To Infinite and Beyond Realm!!!

Have you ever imagined sleeping in the outdoors with the opening sky on the ceiling, accompanied by the moonlight and sparkling stars as the only light? How wonderful and glorious it is.  Look at the Western sky! There is a constellation of Orion stars with their famous three-star twins know as Orion belt.

While in the south, the constellation of Crux stars is hovering like a nearly broken kite. Or you can see the Venus as the second brightest light in the sky after the Moon, glowing beautifully. See it, feel it, experience it. That’s quite a wonderful and glorious experience.

Do you want to bring the experience to your kid’s bedroom? So, they can expand their imagination towards the opening sky and feel the wonderful experience. Here we go, we will give you some ideas and a little bit DIY in creating space theme decoration to get a wonderful and glorious appearance for your kids’ bedroom.

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Space Decorations For Bedrooms

Painting the Galactic Wall

space decoration for bedroom

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To bring the space atmosphere to your bedroom, you have to repaint the bedroom wall with celestial color. You can choose a darker tone color to represent night skies such as deep purple, navy, dark pink, black, etc. You may also add a lighter tone to represent the gradation of clouds, meteors, and moonlight such as sky blue, turquoise, white and yellow.

You can combine it with glowing in the dark paint to represent the starlight. Mix it with celestial bling in the wall and ceiling to make the room more interesting. One thing to remember, if you want the overall look of your bedroom to stay clean, you don’t apply the celestial painting all over the room. Apply it on one or two section in your bedroom.



Applying a Celestial Decoration


Every celestial decoration for a space themed bedroom will make the room will more impressive. You can put an orbital clock on the wall, hang the solar system decoration at the window, put an astronomical telescope on the nightstand under the vanity mirror, etc.

Toys and merchandises from some box office sci-fi movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, etc may be a good choice to enhance the Galactic experience in the bedroom. You can also put some Celestially themed stickers on the unpainted wall section to give additional outer space experience. But, you need to consider not to put too much decoration on your wall to keep it still a clean look.


A Simple DIY Starry Lighting

space decoration for bedroom

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You can add more Celestial atmosphere in your bedroom by applying a Starry lighting. In this section, we will give a simple DIY to create a simple starry lighting from a used can and some easy-to-find materials and tools.

Firstly, prepare a sparkling glossy paper and then give some holes to the paper as shown in a picture. You can also use a paper puncher or a nail to do that. Then roll up the punched paper and put it into a jar as shown in the picture. After that, put a source of light into the jar.

You can use a little flashlight or a LED lamp that can fit inside the jar. Close the jar with its lid, and then put the jar near the corner of the wall. You’ll be amazed when you turn off the light in your bedroom. You may also put it on the tall TV stand in your bedroom to get more attractive appearance.


Celestial Furnishing for Your Kids

space decoration for bedroom

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Surprise your kids with a brand new Celestial furniture. You can choose a space shuttle-shaped drawer, a space shuttle cabinet, or futuristic table and chair design that will complete the overall look of your Spaceship bedroom.  These space-themed room furnishings will help you creating another world and a mesmerizing imagination for your child. Many of these themes will even be easy to do yourself.

If you have a limited budget, you can just repaint the existing furniture with space-themed touches. With some lighter color tone such as broken white, light gray, and light blue may also represent the pieces of equipment inside a space shuttle.


Space Themed Bedroom Set

space decoration for bedroom

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Last but not least, a Space themed bedroom set would be the perfect complement to a Space themed bedroom for your kids. Choose a bedroom set that matches to the overall look and color combination in your room. You can consider applying a starry and galactic themed, a Star Wars or Star Trek themed, or a Spaceship themed bedding set for your bedroom. Choose a bedding set that is made from soft fabric and makes sure that the bedroom set is not containing harmful materials for children.

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