KitchenAid Dishwasher | Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher Review

Don’t ever miss to include the new and modern dishwasher for your kitchen remodeling plan. Besides its main function to ease your washing job, this appliance also has a huge role in influencing the look of your kitchen.

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The Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher is one of the highest rated dishwashers in the market manufactured by the KitchenAid. Without a doubt, when you hear KitchenAid, you know that you are talking about the reliable kitchen appliances that are always worth to buy. The company has such a trusted reputation that has been pleasing thousands of customers.

Coming in elegant modern style with dozens of reliable features like ProWash Cycle and Sani Rinse, the Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher can be a good option if you are on a hunt to purchase a good quality dishwasher. Here we have a brief review regarding the product to determine whether or not the dishwasher is considerable to buy.

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Let’s see what you will get from the KitchenAid’s Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher below.

KitchenAid Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher Review

stainless steel 46 dba dishwasher
  • 10.5K

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Sleek and sophisticated that is the first impression that you’ll get at the first time you see the product. As other stainless steel designed appliances, this Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher will definitely add a modern touch to your kitchen’s layout.

This front control dishwasher is designed professionally for your convenience, so you will not be bothered by tricky stuff to use it daily. To give a great finish look the KitchenAid logo is stuck on its front door. One little minus thing of the design is that its stainless steel finish doesn’t resist to the fingerprint which makes the body much easier to look dirty.

Inside, the three levels rack are equipped which is spacious enough to loads lots of your kitchen stuff. The third level rack surely provides you convenient to clean up the hard-to wash stuff like small lids and utensils, and of course, improve the space in the lower racks. If only the center part has a deeper space, the rack will be more perfect.

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Well, the features of Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher is quite pleasing. You will get several useful and helpful features to give a maximum convenience for your washing jobs. The features include:

  • ProScrub Mode – this feature ensures you a perfect cleaning way even for the hard-to-remove stains like those created from the baking process. Its 40 targeted sprays offer a great performance for maximum cleaning which then supported by its Express Wash feature.
  • ProWash Cycle – by the help of this feature, you will get the ideal cycle based on the soil and loads level. The feature really helps you to get the best cleaning result conveniently.
  • Kosher and Sabbath Mode – this famous option eases you to operate the dishwasher.
  • Quiet Filter – don’t ever feel worried about using this dishwasher in the middle of your movie time, its super quite filter totally doesn’t make any disturbing noise.
  • Heat Dry Option – this feature dries up the dishes in the dry cycling process effectively.


With all those features, hence, you can really rely your daily washing jobs on this KitchenAid’s Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher. The super cleaning result and quiet cleaning performance are something that you feel get satisfied about from this product.

You will not even know that the dishwasher is working unless you stay close to it. Then, the way it removes the stain and dries up the dishes are so effective. Therefore, you will not only a get a total cleaning result but also a thoroughly dry result. However, by all the best cleaning modes on, the process will take a slightly longer time. It’s not a big deal anyway.

Again, the top rack with its folding rack and stemware holder is another thing that we really adore. It’s very useful and helpful which then improves the dishwasher’s cleaning process very well.

Its digital control panel is quite easy to operate, and its super sensitiveness is reliable on the other hand, but also quite tricky.

Maintenance & Durability

From its ‘exterior’ perspective, the body of Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher is not really pleasing. Since it’s not fingerprint resistant, the finish easily attracts the stain and marks. You have to wipe up the body more frequently to keep it look dazzling.

By determining its construction, the Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher is reliable to use for a long time. We suppose that its performance may or may not give you an optimal job for years. You may need to use the dishwasher in fewer modes and not really frequently to keep it work well for a long time.


The KitchenAid’s Stainless Steel 46 Dba Dishwasher is offered at $999 at Amazon. The price is quite reasonable enough since you will get an attractive and reliable modern dishwasher at once from such a well-reputed kitchen appliances brand.


Dimension24″ W x 34.5″ H x 27.5″ D
FinishStainless Steel
Rack MaterialNylon
Control PanelFully visible in stainless
Washing Levels5
Sound Rating46 DBa
FeaturesProScrub, ProWash Cycle, SatinGlide Max Rails, Kosher and Sabbath Mode, Heat Dry Option, Extra Quite Performance, Third Level Rack

So overall, this KitchenAid’s product is not a bad one to consider. By dozens of supporting features, you will get a very convenient washing jobs that surely help you a lot. The stainless design of this dishwasher is also very suitable to enhance your kitchen’s overall look.

The cons regarding some small issues like its finish that prone to stains especially the water spots may bother you in using the dishwasher daily, but it’s like something that you still can handle.

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The sensitive panel can be so useful if only use it carefully to avoid unwanted happenings. Another one, its useful top rack sometimes is too small for the wine glass.

Regarding its durability, we can’t really say how it will last well for years. Some customers are pleased about how the dishwasher can give its reliable job, while others are also disappointed due to its decreasing performance. It perhaps depends on how you use the dishwasher after all.

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