15 Catchiest and Cheapest Star Wars Themed Bathroom Decor To Buy

Nowadays, many homeowners choose to remodel their bathroom in a whole new style to make it look and feel inviting. Going with the unique decor is such a common thing to create a bathroom that will stunt everyone.

Some may choose to go with their particular favorite thing to decorate their bathroom. With lots of bathroom decors which are offered in various design and style, it’s always easy for you to have an adorbs bathroom that you’ll love.

Now, how about Star Wars? Yeap, this amazing legendaryA�movie always becomes a worth-to-try theme to apply in any rooms, including the bathroom. Whether for kids or adults, the Star Wars themed decor is always a great choice and it will always be everlastingly inviting.

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Here, we have some inspiringA�Star Wars themed bathroom decor that you can include to your shopping list when you have a plan to chose that movie as the decoration.

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Star Wars Themed Bathroom

Star Wars Shower Curtain

A shower curtain can be a nice start when you are thinking about the focal point of your bathroom decor. This Star Wars shower curtain is surely a recommended product that you can buy to decorate yourA�Star Wars themed bathroom.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 1-min

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Its painting print style looks so adorable with the picture of your favorite Star Wars’ character. The black and blue color of this curtain makes it a nice choice to create a more masculine bathroom decor.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 1b-min

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The curtain is made of 100% high-grade polyester which ensures its durability to look bold for years in your bathroom. With 70″ X 72″, it can fit small to the medium bathroom very well.

TheA�Star Wars shower curtain (including the hooks) is sold at Walmart with $49.99 price tag.

Star Wars Classic Bath Collection Tub Mat

A tub mat is surely a shower curtain’s best friend, this product is surely a recommended one to buy. The Star Wars tub mat that will pair the curtain above perfectly.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 2-min

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Even, the printing of this tub mat is similar to the curtain, so you will get a catchy matching look for yourA�Star Wars themed bathroom. Its rectangular shape with the bold blue color is simply adorable.

The mat is made of 100% polyester with synthetic rubber backing will not disappoint you at all. Then, the back is also supported b the suction cups, makes it well-secured to use it every day.

The surface feels so soft, you can comfortably rub your feet on. Its dimension is 30.5 x 14.5 inches which are ideal for any bathroom’s size.

This Amazon’s Choice for Star Wars Bath Math is sold at $14.25, such a very cheap product for a catchyA�Star Wars themed bathroom accessories with high-quality material.

Darth Vader Mat and Towel

This white bathroom is simply decorated with someA�Star Wars accessories to create an admirableA�Star Wars themed bathroom. They create a particular look which enhances the attractiveness of this bathroom.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 3-min

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The small black rug in Darth Vader’s head shape becomes a cute focal point in this bright bathroom. Then the bold blue towel with the character’s picture is hung on the white towel bar.

You can get thisA�Star Wars themed bathroom set on Amazon by spending $119.95 which includes a shower curtain, tub mat, bath towel, and Darth Vader rug.

Star Wars Bathroom Art

This set of Star Wars wall art will give a super cute touch to your bathroom which makes it a perfect decor for your son’s bathroom. Its colorful design with the picture of the movie’s character in caricature style definitely looks so attractive.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 4-min

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Each piece is printed with the cute bathroom quotes that’ll motivate your son to keep his healthy life. The white picture is placed inside a white frame, creating a nice minimalist look for your modern bathroom.

The material of this wall art is EPSO Archival Matt Paper which is often used for the wall art. You don’t have to worry about its durability to deal with the bathroom’s environment.

TheA�Star Wars Bathroom Art is available on Etsy for about $30 price tag.

Star Wars: A New Hope Movie Poster Shower Curtain

If you are looking for a Star Wars shower curtain which looks more festive, this one can be our choice. The printing is adapted from A New Hope movie poster which looks vibrantly catchy.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 5-min

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Its print is so colorful, makes it worth to be a focal point of your bathroom. Since the movie was a huge hit back in the 70s, you can also get a vintage look by installing this curtain in your bathroom.

Besides its bold print, the fabric of this product is surely a high-quality one. At the first touch, you can feel its softness and thickness which ensure its durability and reliability.

With $19.95 price tag, thisA�Star Wars themed bathroom accessory by Robe Factory is totally affordable to buy.

Star Wars Rebel Scum Glass Soap Dispenser

Don’t miss the small details like a soap dispenser when you have a plan to decorate yourA�Star Wars themed bathroom. This Etsy’s handmade item is so adorable to be one of the must-have Star Wars fan’s collection.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 6-min

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It’s made of glass with the catchy printing, the look of this soap dispenser is quite simple yet so admirable. The material’s quality is superb, not disappointing at all.

Bring thisA�Star Wars Rebel Scum Glass Soap Dispenser home by spending only about $16 on Etsy.

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Star Wars Wooden Restroom Sign

For you who have a rustic or farmhouse bathroom yet still want to add a small Star Wars touch, this product will answer your need. A bathroom sign with Star Wars-inspired picture made of wood which looks cutely attractive.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 7-min

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The natural wood finish of this bathroom sign makes it worth to call a rustic wall art that you can hang on your bathroom’s decor. Then, its acrylic paint in light brown perfectly matches its style. To add a more rustic style, jute is used as the material for the hanger.

As you may have guessed, this Star Wars restroom sign is available on Etsy for about $22 price tag.

Star Wars Gray Shower Curtain

A gorgeous Star Wars shower curtain which will be a perfect choice for you who love something that looks minimalist for yourA�Star Wars themed bathroom. The color combination of this curtain is so calming yet still catchy enough.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 8-min

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Its grey, black, and blue color are really smart, makes it fit almost every bathroom style. The print of the fabric is made simple with the checkered style. Your kids will surely love to enjoy the curtain.

The material of this product is microfiber which is machine washable. Its size is 70 x 72 inches makes it compatible with the standard bathtubs.

Find this Star Wars Grey Bathroom Shower Curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond.

A�Star Wars Darth Vader 3-Spray Handled Showerhead

Ever wonder how it feels to bath with Darth Vader’s tears? You can feel such sensation bu using this catchy Darth Vader Shower Head that will be a perfect accessory to install in everyA�Star Wars themed bathroom.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 9-min

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Manufactured by Oxygenics, this shower head design is really catchy with Darth Vader’s head shape. Its glossy black finish with the red accent makes it elegantly attractive and will bring the style of your bathroom to a whole new level.

Not only its design that makes the product is so recommended to buy but its features also provide great comfort for you. This shower head comes with 3 spray adjustment that’ll suit your needs, then its rubber control grip is also very convenient to use.

The price of the Star Wars Darth Vader 3-Spray Handled Showerhead is $29.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Star Wars R2-D2 3-Spray Fixed Showerhead

Another Oxygenic’s shower head product with Star Wars inspired design, and this one is specially made for R2-D2 fans. It looks so cute and will just look so adorable to put in your son’s bedroom.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 10-min

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DIfferent from the Darth Vader one, the R2-D2 showerhead comes in fixed-mound design, makes it a perfect choice for a smaller bathroom. Its white and blue finish is so dazzling, brighten up the atmosphere of theA�Star Wars themed bathroom.

The similar 3 spray setting is also available in this shower, so you can always adjust the shower mode as you wish.

Also available at Bed Bath and Beyond, theA�Star Wars R2-D2 3-Spray Fixed Showerhead is now sold at clearance price which is $19.99.

Star Wars Bathroom Toilet Decals

This one will be a surprising thing in Star Wars themed bathroom, a catchy decal to stick under your toilet cover which is sold at Etsy. It will surely give a unique touch o your bathroom.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 15-min

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The decal is made of the high-quality adhesive vinyl, so it will stay durable even when it’s stuck on a damp surface like inside a toilet. Its blue color looks shining in its glossy style which is so attractive.

The basic price tag for this product is $9, a really cheap price for a unique decor.

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Star Wars Death Star Mirror

The elegant mirror which is totally worth to be one of the major focal points for your Star Wars themed bathroom plan. Its design is inspired by the Death Star character of the movie.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 111-min

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The diameter of the mirror is 12″ which is appropriate enough to decorate small to the medium bathroom. This is a Star Wars’ official product, so the material’s quality will never let you down.

Get it on Amazon by spending only $19.99.

Star Wars Light Switch Cover

A small yet attractive accessory to install in the Star Wars themed bathroom, a light switch cover with the Star Wars inspired accent. It may seem like a simple thing to buy but once you have it, you can have a distinctive-looking bathroom.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 12a-min

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The cover comes with the ‘Light Side’ and ‘Dark Side’ accent which makes it so catchy. here are two finishes available, which are Stone and Aged Patina.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 12-min

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If you really want to add a distinctive touch, go with the Aged Patina one, while the Stone finish looks more casual in a minimalist style.

Available on Amazon, you can bring this light switch cover home by spending $19.

Star Wars Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Toothbrush Holder

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 14
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Another small stuff which should be included on your shopping list for your Star Wars themed bathroom plan. This is a toothbrush holder in Darth Vader and Stormtrooper design.

The material of this product is food save PVC which is durable enough to put in a bathroom.A�The product is manufactured by Finex and available on Amazon with $10.99 price tag.

Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

One of the most iconic scenes of Stars Wars which forever stays in our mind is when the Han Solo is trapped in carbonite. This curtain will bring back that memory in your bathroom perfectly.

Star Wars Themed Bathroom 13-min

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The Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain manufactured by Robe factory which looks uniquely gloomy with its dark gray color. It is made of 100% polyester with 71 x 71 inches dimension.

Get it on Amazon by spending $19.53.

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Star Wars Themed Bathroom

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So those are someA�Star Wars themed bathroom decors which are so recommended to buy. The price tags are so affordable yet the design and material quality are very satisfying.

Choose the one that matches the overall look of your bathroom decor, and of course, your favorite Star Wars’ movie and character! Have a nice Star Wars themed bathroom remodeling project then!

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Having a Star Wars theme bathroom is surely a great idea since the movie is so everlasting. You will not be left behind to go with the Star Wars decor even when the time goes by very fast!

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