Grand Resort Patio Furniture Review | Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set

You may look out for several references online when you shop for a good-quality outdoor furniture. Then perhaps you will end up feeling confused because you will find hundred of products which come with various interesting design and features. Many manufacturers offer great furniture at such competitive prices.

Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set

Credit: Sears

Design mostly become the first factor that you will think in mind during your outdoor furniture dessert. It is understandable since the outdoor space should look as inviting as possible to entertain your family and friends. However, another consideration like durability is also important, or you will be bothered by some tricky maintenance.

Talking about a good trademark which offers reliable furniture to place in your patio, Grand Resort is one of the must looked-up labels that you have to consider. Under the Sears brand, they have satisfied many customers with their beautiful and sturdy products. Then if you are looking for a good quality complete outdoor furniture, the Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set is a great recommendation for you to buy.

Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set

Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set 3

Credit: Sears

To bring those 6 chairs and 1 table home, you should spend $841.49.  You will not be disappointed both by its inside and outside. It is such the perfect combination of beauty and durability.

Wicker is one of the most popular outdoor furniture styles. The Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set comes with an irresistible chocolate outdoor resin wicker design which perfectly flows with any of your large patio layouts. The combination of high-quality handwoven wicker with the navy cushion create such a modern and traditional touch to the chair’s overall look.

Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set 2

Credit: Sears

The durable steel frames ensure the sturdiness of the chair’s construction which is totally satisfying. The contrasting blue cushion doesn’t only feel so comforting when you sit on but also covered with UV-resistant fabric, so it’s quite safe to put the chairs under the direct sun exposure. The chairs come in 25 W x 27 D x 35 H inches dimension.

Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set 1

Credit: Sears

The simple wicker table in the same rich brown finish completes the set beautifully. The rectangular table comes with scratch-resistant clear tempered glass top, making the adorable glossy look and providing safety. With 66 x 40 inches dimension, the table is large enough to handle the joyful dining time with your big family. In addition, you can also attach a patio umbrella to the table.

For around $800, you can include this one into an expensive resin wicker outdoor furniture. Yet somehow it’s actually reasonable due to its durability, construction, and design. There is nothing wrong to go with the more affordable one like the 7 Piece Smart Living Dining Set from the same brand, which is offered almost a half price of Summerfield 7 Piece Dining Set.


  • Great design, a perfect combination of traditional and modern style
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Durable wicker and cushion’s fabric


  • Quite pricey

Lastly, with such quality and beauty, it is almost very easy to say that this product is totally flawless. This is great outdoor dining set which can be a good option for your next furniture purchase.

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