10 Mesmerizing Sunflower Kitchen Decor Theme Under $75

A kitchen is like a heart of your home, this room is important to keep the warmth in your family life. Sometimes, when we have a quality time in the kitchen with family, it can make us closer and understand each other. That is why the atmosphere around the room should be kept comfortable all the time with all of those decorations

Decorating kitchen is not always expensive if you really know how to find several best cheap decor to wake your kitchen up. Play with the colors or some nice small accessories to enhance the atmosphere and theme of your lovely kitchen. You can also buy a big object to strengthen the nuance that you made.

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Credit: Sunflowerjoy

Put and set up some kitchen attributes from the corner to corner can be a good way to live the room. But most people prefer to make or combine some catchy ornaments with brilliant themed color. You can put some particular objects in the corner details. One way, to create it neater and better can be by adding several objects with a mixture theme but on the different items.

Here, we have ‘a sunflower kitchen decor theme’ for you, a good news for people who love and addicted by flowers and nature, especially the sunflower.


10 Sunflower Kitchen Decor Theme Under $75

Silk Sunflower By ZiaBella (Price: $11.99) 

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Credit: Wayfair

If you really like flowers, this one is perfect to give a nice and beautiful decor for your home. Not only for the kitchen, it is can be used in any room, such as living room, dining room, and bathroom. It is gorgeous, those silky flowers are ready for display for weddings, table pieces, parties and much more. It would be great also to beauty your bath tub and porch. Not so much expensive to have this beautiful silk flowers as a decor, bring this home by spending $11.99.

Sunshine Tier and Swag Set By Achim Home Furnishings (Price: $12.61)

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Credit: Amazon

This sunshine tier and swag set is kind of gorgeous item that can wake up and refresh your kitchen area. You can’t miss this one to decorate your empty kitchen window. Each set comes with a pair of one swag and tailored tiers.

It has a complete window set and made of 100 percent polyester. The measure of this sunflower curtain is 36-inch and 58-inch. It is a good choice at the first time to start your sunflower theme experience in your lovely kitchen. The pure white color that combined with a little yellow sunflower objects on the curtain is a great mix to showing it off. Bring this home at $12.61 and complete your decor.

Master Cuisine 2pk Kitchen Towels-Sunflowers (Price: $12.95)

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Credit: Amazon

The next little item to complete the theme in sunflower experience for your kitchen is this master cuisine kitchen towel. We have to make a detail decor can be seen, so do not hide this item besides the big kitchen tool, so you can put it near the sink or dishwasher, Made of 100 percent cotton machine, the towel’s dimensions are 13.5 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches and this item weight is 6.4 ounces.

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 Hand Painted Tapered Salt and Pepper Shaker Set By Grant Howard (Price: $14.37)

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Credit: Amazon

This cute set of hand-painted glass pepper and salt shakers by Grant Howard are the beautiful and nice addition to any dinner table. The clear glass of this shaker will never leave you wondering about which shaker is pepper and which is salt. Absolutely, we will also never have to guess when it is empty or time to refill. The little fun sunflower patterns will bring a warmth of sunshine into our dining room or kitchen every day.

French 3-D Sunflower Serving Bowl By Certified International (Price: $25.62)

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Credit: Wayfair

Try this amazing sunflower bowl to make a sensation of natural taste theme. Look so amazing with the floral pattern and the bright yellow color that makes your day more colorful. This sunflower bowl is safe for foods, made of good and durable stoneware to complete the perfection. The overall measure is 3.75” H x 15” W x 15” D, and the weight is 5.5 lb. This sunflower serving bowl also safe for microwave use, and can be washed in a dishwasher. It is so attractive with its hand-decorated flowers.

Hanging Sunflower Pumpkin Wall Décor By Attraction Design Home (Price: $27.99)

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Credit: Wayfair

The next item to decorate your kitchen with sunflower theme is using this hanging sunflower pumpkin wall decor. The style is natural and traditional. The combination between two alive objects, animal (bird) and plants (pumpkin and sunflower) is pretty awesome in a simple decor.

The word ‘welcome’ on it really like pleasing you and boosting up your mood when you come into the kitchen. It is handcrafted and handmade with 11.25” H x 16” W x 1” D. This wooden sweet pumpkin hangs using a rope.

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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Sunflowers in Bloom (Price: $32.96)

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Credit: Worldtv3

This anti- fatigue floor rug comes with the big and vibrant sunflower pattern. The design of this lovely item can relieve our muscle stress during times of prolonged standing in the kitchen, such as in front of the food prep counter or the sink. They have a durable vinyl cover and memory foam core. This rug is made to last and it is easy to maintain. The dimension is about 30″ x 20″. This is worth it to buy with its $32.69 price tag.

Spice Rack And Jars Country Sunflower (Price: $37.93)

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Credit: Worldtv3

The next thing that you really should get to make a sunflower kitchen decor theme is this spice rack and jars. This is so adorable with the wood picket fence and cheerful bright sunflowers. The measures are 14″ wide by 9″ high, and you can built-in this thing with wall hangers but also it can sit on the shelf. This sunflower rack set has five ceramic jars. You can wrap this as a special gift to your mother on mother’s day or the other family members.

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Dragonfly Sunflowers Wall Décor By Eeangee home Design (Price: $43.99)

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Credit: Wayfair

This is a sunflower kitchen decor theme for you who love animal and plants decoration for your kitchen. This dragonfly sunflowers wall decor has beautiful and flawless wings that will beautify your kitchen layout. The wings are painted with beautiful sunflower in cream and yellow color. You can make it look so good by hanging it on your kitchen wall in the neutral background to lift up the atmosphere. Awesome!

French Sunflowers 3-Piece Kitchen Canister Set By Certified International (Price: $74.99)

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Credit: Wayfair

This French sunflower kitchen canister set will make your kitchen’s decoration look way more stylish.  The material is made of fine and durable stoneware. Moreover, it has an air tight seal and adequate space to keep the food well for months. Easy to clean, so, you do not have to take so much time to clean this up.  The sunflower objects are hand decorated, it is artistic and give a touch of the real art. This is perfect if you add and complete your sunflower kitchen theme with this item.

Choose one!

If you want to lift up a new nuance of your room, especially kitchen, you need some additions to make it better. Maybe, those items are not in a set or in one package but don’t worry because we can still get them all at once. For example, we can buy an item that good and match to the other stuff in our kitchen. If your kitchen theme is ‘go green’, so, you need natural tools and some fresh colors to live it.

There’s a lot of reasons that makes the sunflower kitchen decor theme is pretty cool. About the shape (it is unique, big, high, and they follows the sun ray movement), the seed (we can meal the seeds of this sunflowers or known as salted watermelon seeds), the color (the beautiful yellow color from its petals and the sweet dark brown color from the center of this flower).

The sunflower kitchen decor theme is not a bad idea to enhance the look of your kitchen. Its vibrant color and natural look will totally change the atmosphere of the room into an inviting one. The color also makes it easy to match with other decorations’ scheme of your kitchen.

Always choose the sunflower kitchen decor theme which matches with your existing kitchen style to make the decoration flows well. If you want to make those decorations to be a focal point around the room, you can place it in a space like the dining table or countertop. With those affordable prices, you don’t have to spend much money to improve the style of your kitchen.

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