35 Most Attractive and Cozy Sunshades for Patio Ideas

There is nothing better than enjoying the warmth of summer air to relax your body, and patio can be the best place to make it come true. This outdoor space works best for relaxing, dining, or holding outdoor parties, so building a patio in your backyard is a brilliant idea.

But sometimes the hot and streaming sun in the summer can make you feel uncomfortable, so you end up neglecting your patio. The harsh sunlight will burn your skin up, or make you sweating to stay for some hours on your patio. The best solution for this circumstance is by adding the sunshade for your patio to make your relaxing time as cozy as possible. Sunshades also make your patio look more attractive and will amaze all the invited party guests.

There are so many choices of sunshades for a patio that you can choose, from simple shade sails, awnings, umbrellas, pergola or even some tropical trees if you want to go more natural. You can choose them based on what you desired, and match them with your patio’s design. Here we have some attractive sunshades for patio ideas for your inspirations.


Shade Sails for Patio Ideas

Shade sails are made from fabric or PVC, this is considered as the most popular sunshades for patio today. There are several colors which available in the market, you can choose one color to install for your patio, or combine some colors.  It is durable, easy to install, can cover large areas, and so affordable.


shade sails patio ideas
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Natural Sunshades for Patio Ideas

This one is for you who love nature very much. Planting trees to protect your patio from harsh sunlight is a good idea. Smelling the natural scent of woods and leaves are very relaxing. You can plant evergreen to get its comfy smell and it can grow tall enough to protect your patio from sunlight. Maple trees also work best as a sunshade for a patio because it can grow so fast. The natural sunshade is such a DIY patio project in which you can design your own patio cover freely.


natural patio sunshades
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Umbrella for Patio Ideas

Umbrella is portable, makes it easy to move, adjusting the sun’s position anytime. It available in various materials, designs, and colors. If you have a small patio, choosing umbrella for sun shading it is the good option.


umbrella for patio ideas
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Pergola for Patio Ideas

Pergola looks so attractive and adds value to your house’s patio. It looks natural and blends perfectly with a patio or deck. Plant some climbing vines to make look much greener, or cover it with awning fabric. You can choose to purchase the pergola kit which is easy to install by yourself or even a DIY one!


pergola for patio ideas
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patio pergola kits
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Canopy Awnings for Patios Ideas

The frames of canopy awnings are permanently attached to your patio, while the fabric is removable. It is such a durable patio cover which could last for years even in severe weather conditions.There are two roof styles that you can choose which are hip roof and pyramid roof in various colors.


canopy awning ideas
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Patio Awning Ideas 2
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Retractable Awnings for Patio Ideas

It consists of a metal frame and covered with shade fabric. It can be rolled up when you want to enjoy a direct sunlight to your patio, giving you more convenient control over the shade. Most of the retractable canopies are not attached permanently to your house’s structure. Consider installing the screening to give you better protection from the sun when it goes low in the sky.


Retractable awnings patio ideas 4
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Retractable awnings patio ideas
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Portable Canopy for Patio Ideas

Looking for more affordable and practical canopy to cover your patio? Consider choosing a portable shade canopy. It is lightweight, so you can move everywhere you want, and take a few minutes to install. Portable canopy works best to cover small patio with four dining chairs and a small table.


Portable Canopy for Patio 4
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Portable Canopy for Patio
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The cost of patio cover is typically not really expensive, there are plenty of options that you can choose to suit your budget. Consider the materials, designs, and sizes of patio cover which you really need, and good for your budget. The natural sunshades, portable canopy, and umbrella are much cheaper option to protect your patio.

Adding the sunshades to your patio creates a stunning design to your backyard. You can always decorate it with trees or flowers to beautify the sunshades. Moreover, covering your patio will protect the furniture from harsh sunlight and rain which can decrease the condition of patio furniture. So, it’s the right time for you think about buying the sunshades for patio and get your dream patio in your backyard.

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