Need to Know about Swimming Pool Heat Pump

swimming pool heat pump

Almost people desire to have a Swimming pool at their house. Actually, they attempt as they can for getting it and no matter how much the cost to be incurred. After having a pool, automatically, there are some things to note including pool components, maintaining and cleaning costs. Indeed, people nowadays want to get the premium pool components to support their pool.


For example the heat pump, but some people do not know yet what the heat pump function yet. Well, for you who are curious about the heat pump including the definition, the benefit, the models and how to install. Please don’t go before you read the explanation below.


What is swimming pool heat pump?

swimming pool heat pump
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Generally, heat pump is a component that functions to transfer heat energy to a destination from a source. Actually, it uses external power to reach the work in transferring energy from the heat source to the heat sink. For getting more effective performance of heat pump, certainly, you have to use the pump for three or four times in heating mode. As well as for swimming pool, the heat pump function to transfer the hot water from the sources such as from well or water spring to the pool through the heater element.


How does the heat pump work?

As you know that the heat pump functions to deliver the hot water but the work do not just like that, it also works depending on the season. If you are getting the winter, the heat pump automatically transfer the hot water into your pool. While, the season is summer, it transfers the cold water into your pool. Heat pump for pool is the best tool for you who get moderate climate. So, the swimming pool heat pump is a right choice for you to get the comfort to enjoy the swim.


The Benefit of Using a Heat Pump

One benefit when you’re using a heat pump is giving you more energy in swimming pool works. The heat pump also uses the electricity so that you can save the fuel consumption substantially as you need. Furthermore, you can get the hot water or cold water as you want while you are swimming in a pool.


How to Install the Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The tools you need

  1. Pipe
  2. Ring
  3. Unions
  4. Glue
  5. Pump Lid
  6. PVC

 The Steps

 Step 1 – Firstly, before you install the heat pump, you have to disconnect the electricity power to ensure everything safe. Now, we are going to remove the old pump and close valves if needed.


Step 2 – Put the new pump in its existing position. Then, fit the unions and the ring to the new pump and hand tighten the all is required.


Step 3 – Then, remove all PVC and unions after you’ve established the fittings as you need for this installing. With 40 millimeters fittings, 25 millimeters is needed inside the fitting to make a successful joint. Prime all fittings prior to gluing both sides of the PVC and fittings before assembly.


Step 4 – Line up the pump outlet pipe to make sure that the inlet pipe is glued properly. Then, glue at wet unions and cut the pipe to the correct length.


Step 5 – Prime and glue your 90-degree elbow both end and fit the 90-degree elbow. Press hard now and then the pump is installed.


Step 6 – Notice the mess on the cardboard, not the concrete, then leave to dry for 8 hours. After 8 hours, tighten the unions and remove the pump lid. Then, fill the heroine pot with water. Refit the pump lid, so this is called priming the pump.


Step 7 – Finally, connect the power and open the valves if required. Turn on the pump and your job is really completed.



The Sample of Swimming Pool Heat Pump


       1. Hayward HP21404T HeatPro titanium

swimming pool heat pump
credit: amazon


The first example comes from Hayward that is completed by the great features. This heat pump integrates titanium counter-flow heat change for uncompromising works under the harshest conditions. The premium features includes heavy duty scroll compressors, ultra-gold corrosion for extremely durability, stainless steel hardware, UV-resistance, durable body panel and polyethylene screen to maintain the peak efficiency. Furthermore, you can purchase this heat pump for about $2,950.00 at available store.


        2. Aquacal HeatWave Superquiet Pump

swimming pool heat pump
credit: Walmart


The second one comes from Aqua Cal brand with SQ110 model. The heat pump is designed for in ground pool that is up to 15,000 gallons. The great features also include Thermolink titanium heat exchanger, microprocessor controls, super quiet operation and dual thermostats. It is easy to use the digital LED display. The heat pump also withstand for UV that can cause the corrosion for proof cabinet so that it can be easy access for cleaning and servicing. The price offered for getting this one is about $3,752.00.


       3. Nautyl 50,0000 Heat Pump

swimming pool heat pump
credit: eBay


The heat pump is from Nautyl brand made from Canada. The Nautyl is absolutely economically and quietly to maintain your pool water temperatures ideally at all times. The heat pump also consumes the less energy than natural gas heaters. Furthermore, the features include 50,000 BTU output heat pumps, titanium coaxial heat exchanger, 1.5″ inlet/outlet connections, standard hot gas defrost, acoustic cover, profiled fan blade, Nautyl heat pump and exactly consuming the less energy. The heat pump offers 5 years on titanium exchanger, 2 years on compressor and 2 years warranty on parts. Actually, you can buy this with a $1,459.99, it is really cheap for kind of heat pump, right?


         4. Gulfstream Heat Pump

swimming pool heat pump
credit: amazon


The pump is made in Florida that leads the new innovation of heat pump technology. It is completed with the premium features that allow it to get a good performance. The features include 100% titanium turbo heat exchanger, optimized thermal expansion valve, supersized evaporator coil 4 sided, impervious to corrosion, ultra quiet 825 fan motor, sensible automation compatible, advanced diagnostic LCD display backlit, triple thermostat, for controlling the spa, pool and solar thermostats, the durable ABS cabinet, UV protected and also rust proof. These are so premium and complete features that support the heat pump performance. Just spend your money about $3,000, you can absolutely get it.


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