5+ Attractive Swimming Pool Tile to Get Wonderful Design

Tile is one important thing in building the room. Furthermore, tile can give the beautiful effect for certain room. As well as for swimming pool, tile has the significant role to give more interesting design.  So, if you are planning to apply the tiles to your swimming pool, here are some swimming pool tile ideas that may be a reference.

Recommended Swimming Pool Tiles


1.Mediterranean Tiles

The first one tile, it comes from Bejewelled brand. It offers the blue colored that is suitable for your swimming pool floors and the internal wall. For the material type, it is made from the ceramic. The tile has 25mm x 25mm individually with 121 tiles/sheet and 11 sheets/ square meter. For the price, it costs $4.9 per sheet.


2. Blue Anti Slip

This tile has pale blue with a textured finish as same as the light sand- paper. It is completed by anti-slip so that the swimmer can avoid a slip. The tile has 23mm x 23 mm size with 114 tiles/sheet and 11.5 sheet/ square meter. The tile is made from anti-slip ceramic that is good for pool floor. You can purchase this tile with a $6.8 price per sheet.



3. Sky Blue Mix Tile

Completing with Sky Blue Mix Tiles in your swimming pool can add aquatic looks. The combination of the blue and white colors is also giving the cool and refreshing nuance for your swimming pool both of interior and exterior. It contains about 121 tiles/ sheet and 10.8 sheets/ square meter. The tile is also made from porcelain that is good for walls and floor of your pool. The size is about 304 x 304 x 4 mm. Furthermore, you should spend your money about $2.8 that is available in some stores.


4. Deep Sea Mix Tiles

Deep Sea Mix Tiles

credit: wallsandfloors

The fourth swimming pool tile is rich with sea blues mix like a deep of the blue sea. Coming with adorable gloss and durable porcelain can add the perfectly your swimming pool. Actually, this tile type is a part of Toto mosaic tile collection. The size is about 304 x 304 x 4mm. Moreover, you can buy this item about $3.6. For the total per sheet, it is about 121 tiles/ sheet and 10.8 sheets/ square meter.


5. Grigio Salvia Tiles

This tile comes from Envy Brand that has classic color as the type of tile. It comes with dark color and has frosted glass design. Actually, it is the best quality made from the glass material. This is so suitable for your swimming pool walls. Furthermore, it can add the perfectly of pool appearance. The size is about 327 x 327 x 4mm with 9.5 per square meter. Certainly, you can get this tile about $3/sheet.


6. Moscato Tile

The tile also comes with the best quality of frosted glass design that has a purple mosaic. Furthermore, the tile is good for swimming pool, bathroom and wetroom with the colorful appearance. The size of this tile is about 327 x 327 x 4mm with 9.5 tiles/ square meter and total/sheet about 225 tiles. Of course, you should spend your money about $3 per sheet for getting this one type.

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