How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water with Easy Step

Maintaining the swimming pool water is very important way to do if you own the pool. Certainly, you are getting the pool water dirt even less in the change of seasons or bad weather. If you are planning to maintain the pool water, here are some things that you have to do before.

There are 5 parts that are important to maintain the swimming pool water, they are:

  1. Balance
  2. Chlorine
  3. Shock
  4. Algaecide
  5. Skim, Brush, and Sweep


How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water


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The Things We Need

Some things you might need to maintain your pool include:

  1. Water test strips
  2. Chlorine tablets
  3. Water shock
  4. Algaecide
  5. A skimmer net
  6. Pool brush
  7. Vacuum
  8. Water Clarifier
  9. Scale metal
  10. Stain Control
  11. Chlorine floater


The Steps

The step to maintain the swimming pool water is really easy, you can do it just set aside a little time each week.

Step 1 – It is better to start it with the water balance to keep your pool at the proper chemistry, you want to test the water at least twice a week. Actually, the routine testing will tell you exactly what products that your pool needs.

Step 2 – The next step is to chlorinate the water. Maintaining a free chlorine level of one to four parts per million will help your pool fight off bacteria, viruses and germs. Talking of chlorinating your pool may need a shock treatment that can adds a high concentration of chlorine of 5 to 10 parts per million. Now, if your chlorine levels are really low or maybe after a heavy rain or heavy usage, you will need to shock the water. Certainly, the best time for a shock treatment is in morning or in the evening because UV rays can destabilize chlorine.

Step 3 – First test and balance the PH level of the water, then add the concentrated chlorine. Then, test the chlorine levels afterward and do not enter the pool until those levels are between one and four parts per million.

Step 4 – The chlorine will keep the pool clean but also you have to protect against algae growth too of your pools and floor feel slick and oily. So, it means that the algae is growing up in your pool.  After you detect the algae, you can use the algaecide on a regular basis to prevent algae from growing in your pool. Do not forget to follow a skin and sweep routine. Firstly, use the skimmer net on the top of the water to clear the debris and also brush the walls and sweep the floor using a vacuum. Certainly, make sure your skimmer baskets are clean too.

Those are some basis regular to do, but there are some additional things that you can to do in keeping your pool water clean and clear.

Additional Step – First, trying a maintenance dose of water clarifier is a great way. This chemical works with your filter to help trap tiny particles in the water. But on the top of that, you can add scale stain and metal control. This way actually can help prevent the damage your filter system from the scale which is a buildup of heavy deposits of the calcium.


Well, when you are maintaining the pool regularly, automatically, your pool will stay in great for the swimming season.

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