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Craziest Amazing 5′ DIY Magic Faucet Fountain Tutorial for Your Patio


Fountain is surely one thing that you can’t miss when you are having a plan to execute some outdoor living space’s improvement. It provides you lots of benefits which then enhances the value and look of your property. Nowadays, you can find thousands of fountain designs that will blow your mind. Some are made in […]

Ultimate Garden DIY Project: How To Make A Water Feature from Wine Bottles

Having a water feature in your garden or next to your patio is always a great idea. It can instantly increase the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space. There’s nothing to compare than enjoying the summer air while hearing the soothing sound of splashing water for sure. For some, buying the water features are the […]

5 DIY Wine Bottle Fountain Ideas with Tutorial for Your Outdoor Space

diy bottle fountain feature

Having a patio, deck or just simply a backyard is not really complete without any water feature installed. The water feature will bring your silent or grave-like outdoor space comes to life. You will be more joyful to spend a long time out of your living room. Pond and fountain or the combination of both […]