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30+ Simplest and Smartest No Carving Pumpkin Ideas for This Halloween

Pumpkin is surely a must-pick item in setting every single Halloween decor, without it, you can’t really say that you have a nice decoration for this fall. It is such an icon of Halloween that cannot be missed. There are hundreds of ways to make the pumpkin look way more attractive to enhance the catchy-look […]

Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary Tutorial

Every decor needs at least one focal point to make it look attractive, so does for the Halloween decor. You’ll need something that can catch everyone that passes by your house. DIY BW Pumpkin Topiary with – obviously – the Jack O’ Lantern face will surely become one of the fun projects to do this […]

Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Project: DIY Pumpkin Jars Tutorial

Repurposing the stuff that isA�not used anymore is definitely a fun thing to do when you are talking about the DIY project. The scattered things in your backyard can surprisingly becomeA�some beautiful decor. One thing that you mostly find when we’re talking about DIY room decoration is repurposing some mason jars. A�This adorableA�cute thing can […]