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The Cheapest and Easiest DIY to Soundproof Wall Bedroom

Soundproof Wall Bedroom

You don’t want the noise to disturb your sleep at night after a long day of hard work. The clanging pot falling in the kitchen, quarreling neighbor outside, noisy muffler from the traffic outside, all can be the sources of noise that you don’t want to hear in your bedroom. Then, if you have a […]

How to Soundproof Bedroom: The Cheapest and Easiest Way

Soundproof Wall Bedroom

Noise is simply just unwanted sound. It can happen by accident, like a clanging pot falling in the kitchen, the activities of others, and the sound of a quarreling neighbor. It is very annoying especially if we want to have a good sleep after long days of hardworking. Meanwhile, you may also need a privacy in […]