High Grade & Gorgeous Wood Fencing from Texas Fence Company

For centuries, wood has been used for fencing material. Many homeowners have chosen wood fence over other materials like iron and aluminum. This natural material has been trusted to protect thousands of properties.

The wood fence can handle almost all fence’s specialty. With various designs, the wood fence can provide excellent security, safety, privacy, and beautiful style to your outdoor living space. You can always choose the right fence style which suits your needs.

Some common woods which are used for fencing material are cedar, redwood, pine, and fir. Each of them has a different appearance, durability, and quality. The price that you should spend also various, depends on the types of woods and fence design. Redwood is considered as the most expensive one, while cedar is the mid-range choice, and pine could be the most affordable option.

As a natural material, the wood fence needs some regular maintenance like staining or painting. Some wood fences can experience rot, decay, or fade over the years,  so you need to take care of the fence to keep the color of the woods look vibrant and the construction stays sturdy.

One of the trusted companies that you can go when you shop for the wood fence is the Texas Fence Company. They have been involved in the business for more than a decade in the Greater Houston area. They have some good quality and beautiful wood fencing which truly worth to buy.

Texas Fence Company

In Texas Fence Company, you will find premium treated western red cedar and pine wood in various designs and style.

6′ Cedar 3 Rail with 2 x 6 Rot Board

texas fence company cedar fence

credit: Texas Fence Company

This wood fence is perfect to protect your backyard. It provides excellent privacy between neighbors and security for your children and pets. The fence has an everlasting Dog Ear style which makes your outdoor space looks naturally classic.

6′ Cedar Shadow Box Fence, 3 Rail with 2 x 6 Rot Board

If you prefer a fence which will decorate your front yard or backyard, the shadow box fence is your beautiful choice. It is great to protect your garden =, and make your property looks way more attractive.

6′ Cap Top Fence with 2 x 6 Rot Board, 2 x 6 Cedar Cap with 1 x 4 Cedar Trim

Another wood fence style from Texas Fence Company which is a great option for you who want to install a privacy and security fence. This one looks more exclusive and attractive with the cap top.

Lattice Top Cedar Fence

texas fence company lattice fence (FILEminimizer)

credit: Texas Fence Company

Wood fence with lattice top has become one of the popular fence styles chosen by many homeowners. This privacy fence looks more beautiful with the decorative top, and also provides better airflow to your outdoor living space.

Horizontal Wood Fence

This fence design makes wood fence looks more modern. It has been used in many properties, and installing this one in your house is absolutely a good idea.

5′ Ranch Style Fence. 4 Rail with Cap Top

If you want to install a fence in more country style, the wood rail fence is always a great option. It is good to decorate your front yard and backyard naturally.

Many costumers have been satisfied by the service from Texas Fence Company. The fence looks absolutely gorgeous and they also install the fence professionally.

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