The Appeal of Home Solar Energy

The Appeal of Home Solar Energy

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According to the SEIA, the cost of installing home solar energy has dropped by 70% in the last decade.

So, you’re running out of excuses if the price is your main reason for avoiding a solar installation at home.

Are you still asking yourself, “Why go solar?” Here’s what you should know about the benefits of solar power.

Solar Is a Feel-Good Home Improvement

When you install solar panels, you can rest assured that you’ve done your bit to curb global warming.

Solar energy is clean energy that doesn’t pollute the environment and uses the infinite energy of the sun as its raw material. There are no environmentally damaging power plants involved in producing solar power.

Home Solar Energy Is Reliable

The sun doesn’t take time out from producing energy and it’s unlikely to fail within the next 7 billion years.

On cloudy days, your solar panels will continue to harvest energy from the sun. Even in colder states like Alaska, you can build up your energy reserves enough to fulfill your needs.

When you have solar power in your home, you never have to worry about power outages again.

Solar Saves You Money

If you choose an off-grid system, you’ll never pay for electricity again once you’ve paid for your solar panels.

With a grid-tied system, you can still use some electricity from the national grid. By means of this arrangement, you’ll send your excess solar power back into the grid in return for a credit on your electricity bill.

You’ll also enjoy a tax credit when you install solar panels. The Federal government is currently offering a 22% credit on your federal income taxes if you install PV solar panels by 2022.

Solar Panels Are Almost Maintenance-Free

Solar panels require little maintenance to continue doing their job. You only need to clean them twice a year using a leaf blower or garden hose.

If you live in a high rainfall area and your panels are slanted on your roof, the rainwater will do the job for you. After a heavy snowfall, you should clean your solar panels using a squeegee soaked in lukewarm water.

Going Solar Increases Your Home’s Appeal

The relationship between installing solar and home value is a tenuous one. At the very least, solar won’t decrease the value of your home.

One of the best tips for going solar is to pay for your installation as soon as you can. That way, you’ll reap the most financial benefit when you sell your home.

Most prospective homeowners will jump at the opportunity to buy a home that can provide free electricity for years to come. If you’re not planning to sell your home soon, there’s no doubt that solar power adds value to your home in the form of savings and convenience.

Going Solar: Take Steps Toward a Better Future

Thanks to the decline in solar prices, there aren’t any real drawbacks to installing home solar energy as soon as you can.

Are you looking for more ways to make your home a better place? Explore our blog for more bright ideas on how to improve your home’s comfort and value.

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