The Most Common Problems People Face with Their Roof

The Most Common Problems People Face with Their Roof

If you had to choose the most problematic feature of a home, what would it be? The answer is logical as it would be the highest part of the house, the roof. When there is a problem with the roof, it does not take long to trickle down throughout the construction. If the issues are not fixed in a hurry, there are significant and costly consequences.

Multiple things can happen to cause roof damage. Perhaps the two most extreme forms Mother Nature throws into the mix that can destroy a roof are rain and wind damage. Outside of Mother Nature, poor maintenance and poor construction would be the critical factors that cause problems with a roof.

Identifying the problems in its early stages can save the roof and the construction of the home. Spotting the issues is the most challenging. Contractors in Arlington Texas follow the repeated patterns of the most common damages.

Identifying the Problems

Stormy weather can cause extensive damage to roofs. After a storm with high winds and heavy rains, such as a tornado or hurricane, the structure can become weakened over time. If the problem goes unnoticed after an extended period, deterioration can take place.

This damage would lead to the next step in identifying the issues. Either the homeowner or the professionals should check the roof after each significant weather event. Most of the time, the damages are visible, but sometimes only the professionals can spot them because they know what to find.

Sloped roofs can be a hazard and costly repair if not fixed in a hurry. Some issues can be due to poor construction. Other factors dealing with maintenance could be heavy snow, which is known to cave in roofs. Sometimes if the home is under a wooded area filled with trees, the leaves can pile up. Once the leaves become wet from the rain or snow, it can cause deterioration. This can also weaken the structure of the roof, causing it to cave in. Over time, it can wear out the seals on the roof, causing significant water damage to the structure.

Areas to Look For Damage

There are ways the homeowner can see the damages through maintenance and check-ups. The professionals dig a little deeper and know what to look for because they deal with the daily problems. Over time, the issues become the same factors, especially in the same environment or cities.

Fascia, in simple terms, is the roof trim. The primary purpose of fascia to protect from water damage. Since rain hits the fascia first, it is essential to always check for rotting or any damages because it acts as a shield.

Vented soffit allows air circulation to the vents keeping moisture and heat away from the home as it acts as ventilation to the attic. Sometimes the soffit can become damaged with holes, cracks, or rotting over time. Once it becomes damaged, small animals, insects, and water can seep in, causing extensive damage to the roof.

Flashings are sealants to prevent damage to the roof along the edges, drains, valleys, or any area where openings are. If flashings are not checked regularly, water damage will occur.

Gutters are the next places that need to be checked regularly. Most of the time, dirt, leaves, and bird nests are the culprits that clog up gutters. If the gutters are backed up with water, rotting will occur around the roof’s edges.

Shingles are the last thing to be checked to make sure they are placed securely. These are the first things to get damaged in a tornado or hurricane. Once they are ripped off, water can seep into the roof.

Final Notes to Roof Damage 

Poorly constructed roofs are not common unless the inspection fails. The inspectors are the ones who fail in these situations because they are the ones who sign off on the home stating it is in check with all the standards and codes. As far as Mother Nature, there is nothing anyone can do to stop her fury when it is unleashed. You should always check with your insurance company before any repairs are done on your home in many situations.

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