Cheap Table Lamps For Living Room | Tiffany Mission Table Lamp Review

Doing the activity in the living room at night sometimes seems good. Actually, there are some activities we can do in the living room in the night such as catching up some documents, reading a book and even sleep.

To do some activity at night we need something to illuminate the spot we do the activities. We need something that dims in the night to give such relaxing moment after those tiring job hours. Then, the table lamp may become the best alternative to fulfill such needs.

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Table lamps can give us enough light to do some activities at night, it is such a very helping lamp which has so many variations of design and concept. Besides of giving the sufficient light, it can be the living room completion as the beautiful aspect too.

Adding the table lamp to the living room is a must if you did some activities in the night frequently. You may be one of those who does the night activity in the living room.

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If you need a table lamp which can give the sufficient illumination and can make your living room more elegant we will offer you a product, it is Tiffany Mission Table Lamp by Amora Lightning. Here we will explain you a bit of the product detail as a review.

Tiffany Mission Table Lamp Review

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The Tiffany Mission Table Lamp features the elegant body with metal as material in a dark brown finish. The Tiffany Mission Table Lamp has a beautiful classic shape which a bit reminds you to the beauty of Mediterranean. The combination of decorative glass shade with the matte frame is smart enough to create an elegant appearance.

However, though the metal is sturdy enough, the glass feels more like plastic which feels not really that plush.

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This table lamp is an easy-to-care type. To clean this Tiffany Mission Table Lamp, just remove the bulb/glass then wipe the dust using the damp cloth.


Metal as the body of this Tiffany Mission Table Lamp makes this product a durable one. there is no fabric here, just those hard materials of glass and metal. The construction tells us that this durability is not disappointing.  You can use the lamp for a long time as long as you can treat this table lamp well.

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The price for this elegant table lamp is about $75, it is very cheap indeed for such a beautiful lamp. You can display the Tiffany Mission Table Lamp in your lovely living room without spending a lot of money. This table lamp is a nice product with affordable price.


MaterialMetal & Glass
Wattage60 W
TypeTable Lamp
Lights2 Light
Dimensions14 x 14 x 22 inches

At the end of the review, we can conclude that this Tiffany Mission Table Lamp is a recommended table lamp to buy overall. Another minus thing beside that cheap gshade is the assembly. It is quite tricky and not really that convenience. It’s so reasonable though, considering its super cheap price tag.

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