Tips for Achieving the Perfect Rustic Farmhouse Look in Your Dining Room

Whether you’re starting out in a new space or updating your existing dining room, it helps to settle on a style before choosing your essential interior design elements. An effortless blend of modern staples and classic country style, the rustic farmhouse trend is a relaxed and rustic mix of materials. This comfy-chic aesthetic conveys a sense of history but still provides for our modern-day taste and needs.

Bring this lived-in aesthetic home by discovering important rustic farmhouse design elements such as paint tones, architectural features, furniture, window treatments, lights, and decor. The potential of the farmhouse dining room look is only limited to your own imagination, tastes, and budget. Broaden your understanding of these on-trend design concepts with our gallery of rustic farmhouse dining room essentials.

Farmhouse Dining Room: Paint

Farmhouse Dining Room Paint

This warmer gray paint color provides a subtle and welcome contrast to the wainscoting and rustic furniture. The rustic farmhouse style is dominated by stormy grays, greiges, blues, and other colors with subtle, and not so subtle, gray undertones.

When it comes to creating that farmhouse vibe in your home, paint is a great place to start. Rustic farmhouse style paint colors often have a soft, worn look—nothing too bright or dark. If you’re painting a large room with tons of natural light, you can choose a darker paint color if you wish. If it’s a smaller or darker room, choose a lighter shade.

Farmhouse Dining Room: Architectural Features

Farmhouse Dining Room Architectural Features

 This eye catching beam highlights the rustic dining room as it flows off the home’s kitchen. Typically, separate dining rooms will feature a specific element that makes the space feel distinct, like a large built-in, farmhouse hutch, ceiling beam, molding, or even standout flooring.

As exemplified by using reclaimed hardwood, natural textures you use throughout your home will go far in rustic farmhouse design. Be willing to mix wood and metal when selecting your shelving, doors, hardware and accents. Instead of choosing features with embellishment and added detail, instead pay attention to the inherent texture and aged materials.

 Farmhouse Dining Room: Table & Chairs

Farmhouse Dining Room Table & Chairs

Seek inviting family-style dining furniture sets to create a laid-back vibe. This Amish made furniture collection utilizes the formula for your rustic farmhouse dining room: big distressed wood table, upholstered head chairs, sleek modern seating (achieved with both side chairs and bench seating), and a charming hutch with sliding barn doors.

Mix and match furniture, especially vintage and new. Antique furniture has authenticity, and new furniture has added comfort and design possibilities. Also, mix and match traditional natural elements such as reclaimed wood with newer ones like stainless steel or cast iron.

Farmhouse Dining Room: Window & Wall Treatments

Farmhouse Dining Room Window & Wall Treatments

If you’re not used to using a neutral color palette, you may be worried that your dining room will look bare and dull. However, rustic farmhouse design wants you to emphasize your empty space and accent from the walls to the floors. Aside from paint and wallpaper, consider adding wall treatments such as shiplap, wainscoting, or board and batten.

Consider how textiles, including window treatments, can help to soften the space. Linen window treatments offer unlimited creative potential. They can add a unique blend of luxury, elegance and down-to-earth practicality. White, grays, oysters, and natural shades work well with different mixed furniture colors, and easily support the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Dining Room: Lighting

Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting

Complement the warmth of weathered wood with the industrial effect of metal by adding a lighting statement piece above your farmhouse dining table. This wood beam chandelier combines modern and rustic touches for a farmhouse chic appeal.

Weathered wood tones, wrought iron hardware and organic shapes come together to create updated lighting fixtures with a cozy feel. Combine these essentials with other farmhouse-inspired décor, and you’ll create a room that’s not only laid-back, but fresh and inviting.  Elect metals that have an antiqued, burnished, or galvanized finish for a softness of their own.

 Farmhouse Dining Room: Decorative Elements

Farmhouse Dining Room Decorative Elements

When choosing decorative elements for your rustic farmhouse dining space, nothing should be too delicate or precious. Instead, items should be hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and style. Farmhouse style always radiates simplicity, warmth, relaxation, and character. Clean lines with minimal decor are hallmarks of this design.

Focus on practicality, and combine decor items both vintage and new. Vintage or vintage-inspired signs add character and a touch of charm to any rustic farmhouse style space. They can reflect your interests, the season or the space itself. Consider adding barn doors and metal decorative items for a more industrial appeal.

When it comes to home trends with serious staying power, rustic farmhouse is topping the list. Ready to transform your dining room with the latest in rustic farmhouse? Regardless of your home and space, it’s easy to find farmhouse inspired furniture, lighting, accents and decor for any budget. Make a statement with your home and bring the memories of the rustic, old-school farmhouse to mind.

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