2018 Best Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes For Your Inspiration

It’s always a fun activity to decorate your little boy’s bedroom when he is growing to become a toddler. It’s the time to give him a cozy room with adorable decoration to make him get a maximum comfort.

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Choosing what kind of decoration for your toddler boy’s bedroom can be so tricky sometimes because it’s not only about what you love, but what he does too. It’s important to select the theme which can make the room look and feel inviting for everyone.

Luckily, there are thousands of toddler boy bedroom themes ideas which you can find on the internet. They are created by some creative parents to give their boys the cozies place for them to enjoy.

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Here, we have picked some best toddler boy bedroom themes ideas of 2018 (so far) which can be used as an ultimate inspiration when you are about to build one. They look so tempting to copy with their catchy and comforting decoration.

So let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes

Festively Industrial

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Yeap, industrial-themed decoration is one of the most popular looks which are applied in various rooms from the living room to the kitchen. Applying such decor to your toddler boy bedroom themes is surely a great idea to try.

Here, the wooden decor items which include the beams, table, and hanging shelves are combined with industrial wall art, creating a masculine yet cute decoration. The room feels really warm with its earthy nuance.

Black and White Chic

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 2-min

For you who love a minimalist chic decoration, the black and white nuance is surely a go. Such combination will create a simply comfortable atmosphere which always looks stylishly admirable.

Starting with the cute BW wallpaper can be a good start to create a minimalist fun decoration for your toddler boy bedroom themes. Then, you can go with other furniture and accessories to complete the look.

Adventurous BedroomA�

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 3-min

Safari is an everlasting theme which will always be a great choice to create a catchy toddler boy bedroom themes. It can give the whole room a unique style and also give a fun atmosphere that your boys will love.

In this idea, the wall art and decals in safari theme simply emphasize the style of the room. For a catchy focal point, a bed with safari-inspired canopy is chosen which smartly enhance the room’s attractiveness.

Show His Stuff

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 4-min

There are hundreds of cutely attractive bedroom storages are available in many marketplaces. You can choose ones to decorate your toddler boy bedroom and create a catchy look.

You can see the colorful storages are shown beautifully which also become one of the focal points of this toddler boy bedroom themes. The storages wonderfully add another style to the room’s decor.

Bold with Stripes

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 5-min

Striped decor items will never fail to create a fun nuance to every room. For sure, placing some bedroom furniture or accessories is always a good thought to try.

Here, a blue and white striped rug is chosen to decorate the wooden flooring which makes the overall look of the room become so attractive. This one can also become a great inspiration for you who want to go with nautical toddler boy bedroom themes.

Rule the World

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 6-min

Decorating a toddler boy’s bedroom with map wall decal or even wallpaper is one of the most adored decors of 2018. It’ll definitely give a playful look which is quite distinctive.

In this toddler boy bedroom themes, a world map wallpaper stunningly decorates the room’s major wall. The furniture and accessories are kept simple in the minimalist design to let the map pops up.

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Rustic Warm

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 7-min

A rustic decoration always creates a warm and cozy nuance which everyone loves. Such look can also work well for a toddler boy bedroom themes which will make it look so comforting.

Of course, some wooden stuff in natural finish should be chosen to decorate the room since it’s the key for every rustic touch. This idea shows a unique rustic toddler bedroom with the wooden ceiling and pillar as the focal points.

Fun with Vibrant

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 8-min

Choosing a vibrant finish to colorize your toddler boy bedroom is never a bad idea. Such color will always create a fun and playful atmosphere easily, but you still have to pick wisely about the combination.

Here, yellow and white are combined nicely, creating the bright beautiful look. Then, the wooden flooring gorgeously neutralizes the room’s color perfectly and give another style.

Shabby-Chic Theme

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 9-min

Shabby chic is always a great choice for you who love something vintage. Bringing the style to your toddler bedroom sounds really good if you want to make it look unique.

The shabby chic drawer gives a vintage touch to this all-white bedroom beautifully. With the cute wall decal, the room still keeps it ‘childish’ atmosphere adorably.

Playful Novelty Bed

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 10-min

Placing a novelty bed can be the easiest way to make your boy fall in love with his bedroom. A racing car bed is one of the timeless bed designs which you can always choose to decorate his room playfully.

Pair the bed with a decorative curtain to create a more fun atmosphere. Then, neutralize the room’s overall look by choosing the calming wall paints or rug.

Contemporary Nautical Bedroom

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 11-min

Nautical decoration still holds its popularity for one of the most favorite theme for toddler boy’s bedroom. But, a minimalist one looks much better than those white and light blue combinations.

Here, black, white, and navy is combined beautifully, creating a nice nautical nuance. The wall art emphasizes the theme perfectly which also make the room look so fun.

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Colors in WhiteA�

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 12-min

An all-white bedroom always works well for a bedroom’s decor choice since it creates a very inviting nuance. Applying such look to a toddler bedroom is always a great idea.

Giving some calming colorful touches to a white bedroom can be a nice way to make it look more fun. You can’t let your toddler boy bedroom themes look too boring without any colors around.

Choosing a colorful yet calming bedroom furniture and accessories is a nice combination to create such a chic look for his joyful bedroom.

Build His Own Kingdom

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 13-min

By just applying a distinctive wallpaper, a bedroom’s decor can be enhanced to a whole new look. Here, a stunning wallpaper with castle-like print decorates two sides of the wall which is so inspiring to copy.

The atmosphere of the room is so warm by the dark shades decor which also makes the room look elegant. It’s such a great idea for you who love something glamorous for your toddler boy bedroom themes.

Wood and Steel

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 14-min

The simple trend of 2018 toddler boy bedroom themes is by using the furniture with the combination of wood and steel in a clean line design. Such bedroom stuff creates a sleek masculine look which is great for you who love simple decor for his room.

In this layout, a white bed with chrome headboard is nicely paired with the rustic drawer with long handles in a brass finish. Then, the mint green wall gives a nice touch to make the room look more colorful.

Calming Beige

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 15-min

Beige bedroom can be a good alternative for you who want a bright decoration but don’t go well with white. The color still creates an inviting look and nuance which is very beautiful to enjoy.

To colorize the room, deep red can be a good choice to combine with beige. Such combination will also bring a British-like atmosphere to your little boy’s bedroom.

Animal Print

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 16-min

Simply placing a bedroom accessory in animal print can be another nice option to create a safari bedroom. There’s no need to stick some animal decals on the walls since something with animal print can always be a catchy focal point of the room.

Going with calming color choices will make your toddler boy bedroom themes look more modern. Also, such shades can give a more earthy touch to a safari-themed bedroom.

Display Everything

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 17-min

Playing with storage is always a fun thing to do to decorate your beloved boy’s private room. Here, a huge white open shelf is used to display lots of stuff beautifully which creates a fun playful look gorgeously.

The key to creating this kind of layout is the color choice and the arrangement of the stuff. For sure, such storage will be a superb focal point and your boy will fall in love with the way his toys are displayed.

Shades of Blue

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 18-min

Looking for the most adored bold color of the year for your toddler boy bedroom themes? Well, the bright mate blue is the perfect answer to try!

This idea shows how blue dominates the room decor and combined with white and grey which create an attractive catchy look. It also can be a good option for you who want something modern for his bedroom.

Pirate’s Bedroom

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 19-min

An adventurous bedroom is always a good choice to create a fun atmosphere. This gorgeous bedroom with pirate-themed decoration looks so catchy and inspiring to try.

The furniture and accessories around the room are so unique which will also amaze everyone. For you who are the hardcore DIYers, this toddler boy bedroom themes is totally worth to include to your project list.

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Scandinavian Land

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 20-min

It’s safe to say that placing a tent inside a boy’s bedroom is one of the most popular decors of 2018. Undoubtedly, with the existence of a tent, the room will look and feel so playful.

Here, a black and white striped tent in a Scandinavian style becomes a mesmerizing focal point around. The wooden flooring and furniture pairs the tent nicely to create warm inviting atmosphere.

Geometric Wallpaper

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 21-min

Something geometric is always a good choice to give a room such a modern touch. A wallpaper with such pattern will create a playful atmosphere around the room in an instance.

In this toddler boy bedroom themes, a bold blue and white geometric wallpaper decorates the room stunningly. It gives a nice festive look to a white bedroom perfectly.

Neutral-Striped Decor

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 22-min

If a striped room’s accent in bold color doesn’t work for you, going with the neutral one is a very great idea to try. Here, white and grey wallpaper decorates one of the walls and combined with plain white.

This kind of toddler boy bedroom themes becomes everyone’s favorite since it looks and feels so inviting.

Castle Bed

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 23-min

Yeap, the kingdom-like decoration is one of the most popular toddler boy bedroom themes of 2018 that you can try easily. In this idea, a castle-themed bed gives another style to the room attractively.

You can try to create the similar bed by using some easily available materials with a low budget.

Wood Pallet Wall

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 24-min

The stunning rustic toddler boy bedroom themes with a wood-covered wall. You can use the shipping wood pallets to create such wall which will not cost you a lot.

The finish of the wall is so admirable, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere around the room. It’s such a good inspiration for an earthy rustic bedroom decoration.

House Bed

Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes 25-min

A house bed is loved by many homeowners to give a stylish look for their toddler boy bedroom themed. It’s also an easier and cheaper alternative for you who want to apply Scandinavian decor.

You can create such house bed by using some woods and design it as adorable as possible!

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Toddler Boy Bedroom Themes

So those are some inspiring toddler boy bedroom themes of 1028 that you can try. They are totally worth to include in your lil boy’s bedroom inspiration with their adorable look.

Choose the one which suits your taste and the overall look of the existing bedroom. It’s important to also consider the safety that you should provide for your young boy.

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