10 Fun and Beautiful Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Remodel a toddler girl bedroom is not always become an expensive thing. You can create a cute, funny, and beautiful for your precious and beautiful one with a limited budget. Rather than spending your budget on expensive wall decorations, you can be more creative to create a sweet and cute decoration for your baby girl.

Furnish and decorate her bedroom to become not only a cozy place to rest but also a fun place to play with this toddler girl bedroom ideas on a budget. Here, you will find 10+ tips that you can refer in remodeling your toddler girl bedroom on a reasonable budget.

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget


Little Gallery on the Wall

For a nice and cute wall decorations, you can do it by your own by adding a little gallery on the wall. Use colorful cardboard or used pieces of vinyl and make some cute cuts from them. Stick them on the wall with double tip adhesive. In addition, you can repaint your old photo frames into a fresh and colorful one. You can add your family or your baby girl photograph to complement the wall decor.

Have Fun with Patterned Accessories

Patterned and colorful accessories in the bedroom will bring a fun and colorful atmosphere into her world. Don’t even worry about the price, because it is cheaper than complete themed accessories one. Colorful patterned throw pillows and the feminine floral rug can be a nice complement to your child’s play space.

My Memorabilia Wall

You can use vacant space on the wall for her memorabilia pieces accumulated over time. You can add her newborn picture, her first doll, her first ultrasound picture, etc to decorate the wall. Besides it can beautify her bedroom with her cute and gorgeous face, it will remind her of the cuteness of her childhood.

Pink is Always Right

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Credit: ProjectNursery.com

If you said that the pink is always a feminine color, the answer is always “yes”. Even for a toddler, pink always be the right and safest option for toddler girl bedroom decoration. The pink is not only will make your kid’s bedroom fun, it will also stimulate your baby girl’s vision.
You can add the pink into your kid’s bedroom by applying it in the decals, accessories, nightlamps, etc. But, don’t add too much pink on her bedroom as applying it on the wall paint. Because of it is a flashy color, it can make your kid’s vision easily getting tired. To prevent that, paint the wall with soft and light color and add a more colorful choice for the wall decoration.

Refurbish Your Old Glider

You can repaint and refurbish your old glider with new paint and trendy cushions. It will steal the show in the nursery area with the trendy graphic patterned cushions. In addition, add some colorful pillow for added back support and flashy ornament.

Paint the Wall Creatively

Get creative with your wall paint. You can paint the wall with three or four colors and apply it with the striped or polka-dot pattern. It will work as well as expensive bedroom decals and decorations to give a nice impression to the overall look of your kid’s bedroom. Always remember to use the toxic-free paint for the wall to keep your child stay safe from chemical contamination.

Add Unique Wall Decals

As another idea to enrich the wall decoration, you can add enormous wall decals or wall stickers. Choose an enormous wall decal that represents a fable or fairy tale. In addition to giving a unique touch to your kid’s bedroom, it will let your child’s imagination runs wildly to the world of fairytale.

Handmade Cute Mobile for Mommy’s Little Cutties 

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Credit: ProjectNursery.com

Add a little fantasy to your child’s bedroom with a handmade mobile. You can do it all by yourself, and the most important thing is it’s free. You can make it with simple cardstocks (add glitter and colors if you like), a simple quilt hoop, and fishing wire.
Cut the cardstock into the shape you desire and repeat it until you have a bunch to make a mobile. Birds, butterflies, and another geometric shape can be your choice for the mobile. In addition, Japanese bird origami can also be a good choice to create a whimsical touch in your kid’s bedroom. Hang it on the visible place and make sure it will not fall on your beloved baby girl.

Reuse Carpet Remnant

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Credit: PopSugar

You can cover the hardwood flooring in your baby girl bedroom with carpet remnant available free in some carpet stores. Cut it with round or another unique pattern you desire and tape the bottom. It will make a nice rug with the unique and distinctive pattern for your kid’s bedroom.

Unique Chalkboard Wall

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Credit: PopSugar

Kids always like to scribble onto something to develop her talent and creativity. Facilitate it with a unique chalkboard on the wall to train her minor motoric nerves. Paint a wall section with black dust-free and washable paint. Provide a box of colored chalk and let her play with her imagination. You will be surprised with the result as your young Picasso defile the wall with childish graffiti.
In addition, you can introduce your kids to letters and numbers on that chalkboard too. For a cleaner option, you can change the chalkboard into a whiteboard and marker. Attention: This is only for  5+ kids. Always use the child-safe materials for the chalkboard and chalk itself. Always watch over your kids carefully when using the chalk or marker.

Enormous Photo on the Wall

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Credit: PopSugar

The innocent face of your kids is always cute and beautiful. Capture it into her bedroom wall to give a dramatics impression. You will always be amazed at the cute face of your baby girl on the wall making it the focal point you can’t miss. Besides, you never worry about the price because it is way cheaper to print the photograph than a decent and luxurious decal for her bedroom.

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