Top Techniques To Prepare Your House To Resist Flooding

There is nothing pleasant about watching or finding your home flooded. Water gets into everything, ruining your furniture and soft furnishings. It can take weeks for the water to disappear completely and the dampness to go. Alongside this, water damage can affect the structural integrity of the building.

Experts estimate that there will be an increased number of floods as climate change becomes worse. That means that more homes than ever will be flooded. It doesn’t matter where you live, it is time to take steps and protect your house from being flooded

Top Techniques To Prepare Your House To Resist Flooding

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Fit A Pump

The first thing you should do is purchase a high-quality submersible pump and install it at the lowest point of your home. Ideally, this needs to be in your basement where you have dug a pit for your pump. If water enters your home it will make its way to the lowest point, where the pump is. A sensor detects the water and activates the pump, pushing the water out of your home through pre-laid pipes.

Elevate Things

You can’t live with everything on stilts. But, you can take precautions, such as moving your electrical sockets and switches higher than they currently are. This doesn’t apply to upstairs levels.

Moving them can keep them above the level of any flood and prevent the electrics from shorting out./ Don’t forget, if the water level reaches the electrics it will shut off the power. It can also electrocute the water, which is a serious concern.

Alongside electrics, think about irreplaceable sentimental items. These should also be elevated o stored upstairs.

Create An Emergency Bag

It is a good idea to create an emergency bag. It should have blankets to help you all keep warm, food that can be prepared without cooking, torches, water, and anything else you think you will need in an emergency.

This bag can be used during floods or other disasters. It is good to have it always packed and ready to go.


If you are in a flood risk area then insurance can be quite expensive. But, it is still substantially cheaper than clearing up the mess of a flood and repairing the damage. Get the best quote possible and ensure it covers all versions of flood damage.


Landscaping is a more expensive solution to the issue and takes a little longer to get right. But, it can really help. You need to look at your current yard and either slope the land away from your home or create drainage lines that will encourage the water to move away, instead of toward your home.

Of course, the effectiveness of drains will depend on the amount of water you are dealing with. Don’t forget that it is always useful to have sandbags nearby. These can help you to block excess water from entering your home.

Pay Attention

Of course, it is also important that you listen to the news and be aware of when a flood is likely, this will help you to be prepared and react if necessary.

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