Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 | Tracton 2 Piece Review

Nowadays, improving the house is a must. If you don’t keep improving your house, you will never find the most wonderful place to live in. It can be in any activities such as applying new accessories, changing the wall color, installing the new decor and much more.

The best part of the house we should improve is the living room. We can change the living room furniture for more great looks and comfortable spot.

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One of a great thing to change in the living room is the furniture. Changing furniture is a great idea because furniture can add more great looks and provide the more comfortable spot to enjoy. The lovable furniture you should have to improve in the living room is a sofa set. Living room set brings you a new experience of having the great living room.

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You can find so many living room sets on the catalog both the expensive and the cheap ones. If you feel confused to choose one set of sofa and loveseat for your lovely living room, here we have the review a recommended product that you can buy, which is the Tracton 2 Piece Sofa Set review.

Maybe in the future, you interested to have this living room set, it has a low price and it is so beautiful. Below is it the complete review!

Tracton 2 Piece Sofa Set Review

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This Tracton 2 Piece consists of a sofa and a loveseat in the elegant modern design The black color in the faux leather cover makes this set looks so luxurious. It also has the accent tufting on the back. The set is really beautiful to match your modern living room layout.


This living room set features the loose back and seat cushions, you can clean the back and cushions easily. You can also get those adorable gray toss pillows too when you buy this set.

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The material of the cover is the faux leather, it is exactly the bond leather. The bonded leather consists scraps from the real leather which are mixed with the polyurethane, one of a type of plastic. The material should comprise from 60 to 100 percent real, natural leather such as cowhide.

For the base and the legs, this set has wood as the material which looks and feels so nice.

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Of course, besides of its beautiful design, this set of sofa and loveseat provides the great comfortable spot for seating and laying. The seat and back have an appropriate thickness that feels so comfortable to relax your body. Those toss pillows are also very thick for your maximum comfort.


This living room set product is manufactured by Ebern Designs. They are one of a famous furniture manufacturer which is known for in producing a durable and reliable furniture. This Tracton 2 Piece contains the real leather and the hardwood base, it is a durable product for a long time using.


For now, the price of this Tracton 2 Piece is $460.99. It is really affordable and great for a high quality living room set which provides beautiful looks and comfortable spot. You do not have to waste your money on buying an expensive furniture as long as you can get this great living room set.

Overall, this product is a great one which is offered at quite a reasonable price. You can compare this one to other products.  You will get a beautiful complement for the living room and the comforting one too. Keep improving your living room!

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