11 Affordable Value City Furniture Dining Room Sets Under $1,500

The dining room is a beautiful place where our family member gathers and share unforgetful memory in our heart. It is where we share our love and cry to someone precious to us all. Then the best place to create memorable romantic dinner with your loved one. You can invite your friends or colleges to tighten your friendship and take your relationship to next level. So the dining room is an important place in your lovely home, obviously. To improve it, you can find great Value City Furniture Dining Room Sets that suits your need.

It is not an easy task for us to find the right Value City furniture dining room sets. There are so many products with a similar appearance that can easily confuse you. If you don’t carefully purchase suitable dining room, you will waste your precious time and money. Make sure you ask your family opinion, so they’ll be happy with your choice. Then, use some imagination to mix and match suitable dining; imagine how good it will be before deciding to purchase it. For your inspiration, our team has created a huge list of high-quality Value City Furniture dining room sets. Check it out!!

Value City Furniture Dining Room Sets

Vienna Dining Room Sets Merlot (Price: $1.295.92)

Adorable dining room sets to improve your dining room greatly. We can sense charming sensation when the first time we check this Value City Furniture dining room sets. It has a calm design that can easily relax your body after doing your routine. It is suitable for semi-modern interior design scheme which can easily change the atmosphere of your home. What we love the most about this dining room set is the solid material of rubber wood, guarantee you a solid high-quality dining room set. The price you need to pay for this set of 10 dining room set is only $1.295.92. A fantastic offer considering its design and quality.

Graystone Dining Room Set (Price: $719.94)

value city furniture dining room sets

Credit: ValueCityFurniture

Firstly, what an adorable dining set that has sweetness element to improve your lovely dining room. It is a perfect match for a modern dining room interior design. Made of Pine and Oakwood makes it look so solid and attractive. Then, you don’t have to worry about its comforts, you can easily feel relaxing and amusing feeling throughout this lovely dining set. Furthermore, with a simple decoration you can make it look even more attractive; just add your favorite flower in it and viola! A perfect dining room set for you and your family.

Charleston Gray and White Dining Set (Price: $1.619.94)

Outstanding detailed dining room set design for you who want a cozy feeling in your home. The chair back design makes it look so elegant and classy. This lovely dining set will fit nicely in a modern interior design. Additionally, the seat feels so comfortable that can makes you enjoy yourself easily. The best part of it is the small cabinet below the table; it is a nice place to store your plates. You can have this lovely dining set for only $1.619.94, a great price for a high-quality furniture. If you want a comfortable and fashionable dining set, this is will be your best choice.

Vienna Dining Room Set Merlot (Price: $1.187.94)


Credit: ValueCityFurniture

For you who want a calm and charming dining room set to make your family happy; this dining room set will be your favorite one. Made of solid Polyester ensure you the quality and solid dining set. Then, it’s rectangle table make it look so spacious while you spending your meal. This dining set will be nice for a traditional and semi-modern interior design, that can easily change your mood. If you want this lovely dining room in your home, you can buy it for only $1.187.94. What an amazing offer for a sweet and lovely dining set.

Pedestal Dining Room Sets (Price: $899.94)

Sophisticated dining room set for who want classy impression in your modern home. The outlook of this dining set has a strong character of calmness that makes you feel ease. The polyester material can easily comfort you when you spend your quality time with your family. Then its simple design looks so attractive for your guests and friends. And the seat will release your stress and makes you fell relax. It’s only cost you $899.94 to have this elegant dining set. In short, it is a great choice that can satisfy your needs.

Vienna Dining Table and 6 Side Chairs – Merlot ($1.079.94)


Credit: ValueCityFurniture

If you search for high-quality and reasonable price dining room set, this one will be a great choice for you. Made of Rubber and Oakwood materials guarantee you quality furniture to satisfy your needs. It has a simple and unique design which is a great factor to surprise your friend and guest. Furthermore, the table is so big and make it and you can even add additional chairs for your big family. Ultimately, the $1.079.94 seems a cheap price you need to pay for this adorable simple dining set.

Brownstone Gavin Dining Room Set (Price: $719.94)

Simple and amusing dining room set for you want a fashionable dining room. It has a calm design that can make you feel comforts and easily enjoy yourself. Its spacious dining table surely makes you easily enjoy yourself and relaxing you. What we love the most about it is the comfy chairs, it can release your tiredness easily. Then, with a simple finishing touch you can make this dining set by adding simple Sunflower should be enough to make it look pretty. Finally, the price you need to pay for this Value City Furniture dining room sets is only $719.94. Overall, this is a simple and amusing dining set for your sophisticated home.

Brownstone Gavin Dining Room Set (Price: $899.94)

For you who want to have relaxing quality time with your family, this dining table can easily satisfy you. The best part of this charming dining set is its chair which is so enjoyable and relaxing. Then, it’s the best place for you to release your daily tension after work and other daily routines. The dining table has a unique design that makes it look elegant in your dining room. At the first glance, you can feel strong calmness which is perfect for changing your mood instantly. In brief, considering the$899.94 prices for a high-quality dining set, it is surely a nice offer that you can’t miss.


Angelina Round Metallic Dining Set (Price: $1.169.96)

For you who are looking for a way to tighten your relationship with the loved one, this dining set is a nice choice to satisfy your need. Made of solid metal, its dining table can offer you a quality that most furniture doesn’t. Its round design is the key feature in this dining table, it will make you feel the togetherness while chatting around with your family. It is easy to make it look even better, just add your favorite fruits in it, and you can have an elegant dining room for everyone. Lastly, If you want it you just need to pay for $1.169,96. A cheap and high-quality Value City Furniture dining room sets.

Vienna Dining Room Set Merlot (Price: $719.96)

Firstly, an outstanding dining room set for you who a classy and distinctive furniture in your home. It has a unique design that easily attracts your attention. Furthermore, the best part about it is table design, so detailed and elegant. It is a nice match for a traditional home interior that creates a stronger easy feeling in your home. The material for this dining set will make you feel comforts while you spend your precious time with your family. It’s only cost you $719.96 to have this fantastic dining set for your home. Overall, this is an amazing Value City Furniture dining room sets for you and family.

Tribeca Dining Room Set Tobacco (Price: 746.94)

What an amazing dining room set with an elegant design! It’s how we describe this lovely dining set. It has a unique and attractive design that can be a “WOW!” factor to surprise your guest. The best part about it is the comfy chairs, its design makes a huge difference that makes it unique. Then, with Linnen and Cotton material assure you with a high-quality product for you and your family. You can have this Value City Furniture dining room sets for $746.94, a nice offer isn’t it?


Choosing the right furniture for your dining room is not an easy task to do. You need basic knowledge of material and good taste of interior design to satisfy everyone in your home. Then, you have to ask for another opinion from your family to create a nice and amusing dining room. In short by considering their opinion you just one step closer to make your family happier and make your job easier. Obviously, everybody has their own style and taste, by asking their opinion you can decide which furniture is necessary to improve your dining room and which is doesn’t.

Overall, our list contains high-quality Value City Furniture dining room sets that can improve your home significantly. Then, you just choose which one fits your need and budget. Furthermore, We have carefully chosen for the best price with reasonable price, so you won’t disappointed in the future. Hope you like it and can be your inspiration and ideas for future improvement.

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