Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection | Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Review

Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection is quite enough to be said as an insignia of luxurious and glamorous product in an affordable price. One of them is the Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom that exudes the luxurious feel in contemporary style.

With its clean, sleek, stylish in a contemporary style, Sofia Vergara Ventana 5 Pc Queen Bedroom will bring a fresher look in no time. Dark brown finish on primavera veneers and poplar solids that exude the exotic wood fiber pattern on the furniture. It brings exotic feels in the simplest and stylish way you can dream of.

Before you fall deeper in love into this beautiful furniture set, you have to read this review first. Enjoy!

Sofia Vergara Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

This rich and stylish bed will give any room a sumptuous impression. With poplar solids and primavera finishes, the Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom is crafted with precision. Differentiating two tone color of white and dark brown is reflecting a sleek and contemporary look.

In addition, the stunning edge cutaways on each side of the headboard and mirror exude the feeling of the classic style. Then, you should be falling in love into its oval rose gold finish drawer pull that adds a sentimental and opulent touch.

Overall, Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom consists of a 3-pieces of Queen Bed, a Mirror, and a Dresser that will freshen your bedroom look in an instant.


The Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom includes 3-piece Ventana View Bed, Ventana View Dresser, and Ventana View Mirror. The 3-piece Bed has a huge headboard with unique curled edge cutaway in the headboard’s corner, giving a stylish focal point for your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the dresser has 9 various size drawers that will give storage flexibility for any purpose. Oval drawer pull in rose gold finish fits perfectly with the white finish in drawer fronts become an opulent touch to its overall look.

Last, the stylish mirror with the faceted design like the headboard giving a fitted complement to complete the beauty of the Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom.

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With its simple and sturdy construction, Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom offers durability but still in stylish design. Poplar solids and primavera veneers that become its main materials promise a durability that you can merely rely on.

In addition, primavera veneers add an exoticness with its decorative wood fiber pattern exuded in a rich brown finish. Somehow, you have to mind about your bedroom humidity level as its inexpensive and medium-quality poplar solids that will easily get infected by fungi in the humid area.


The 3-piece Bed Set

Contemporary elegance with a touch of beauty, the Ventana View Bedroom creates not only a comfortable but also a beautiful spot to lay your head each night. The bed is crafted of poplar solids and primavera veneers with a contrasting two-tone white and brown surface finish.

In addition, Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom features unique curved edge cutaways on the headboard’s corner. It offers a fresh take on the classic curved design. Sleek lines, pointed legs, and a low profile footboard gives this bed a modern day appeal in classic style.

The Dresser

Fashionable and modern with a clever spacious design, the Ventana View dresser offers a stylish and functional storage option to your bedroom. With poplar solids and primavera veneers in a contrasting two-tone white and dark brown finish, this contemporary dresser features nine drawers in various sizes for ultimate storage option flexibility.

Offering high-quality details consisting of sturdy English dovetail drawer structure and felt lining on drawers top. Thus, this stylish design dresser is very durable and will last longer than you expected.

In addition, contemporary rose gold finish on oval drawer pulls brings an opulent highlight to this beautiful piece of art.

The Mirror

Simple in stylish design, the Ventana View mirror utilizes delicate details to make a huge impact on your bedroom look. Framed with poplar solids and primavera veneers in a rich brown surface finish, this mirror exudes a contemporary look.

In addition, the Mirror frame features curved upper cutaways on each top corner. As a result, it creates a distinctive traditional arched design. Additionally, beveled glass adds a lovely touch to this stylish mirror. Thus, you’d love to do your daily makeup in front of this lovely vanity mirror.


Poplar wood is a medium hardwood that quite cheap and light-weight. Actually, it has porous pores that will easily absorb paint, water, and any other liquids. It will catch moisture that will make it get infected by fungi easily in a humid area.

In addition, the poplar wood naturally can get the infection from insect too. So, despite its quite soft texture and durable nature, it is susceptible from external factors. Thus, you have to mind about your bedroom humidity and cleanliness.

Further, poplar wood is not too good in shock resistant and has low bending strength. Then, you have to be cautious when you assemble this product.

Meanwhile, primavera woods is lightweight and has a moderately fine and interlocked grain as well as mahogany. Indeed, its surface that looks and feels like satin with pale yellow color, making its incredible in the brown finish. Thus, it makes primavera woods is spectacular as veneers.  

The durability of primavera itself is very good. With its medium size pore and a quite hard surface that is resistant to humidity and insect.

Overall, the View Ventana View 5 Pc Queen Bedroom is quite durable. Indeed, you have to mind about humidity levels in your bedroom to protect its timber wood materials. If that so, it will be everlasting to decorate your bedroom with its stylish and contemporary style.

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The price of $1,250 is quite worth it to redeem this beautiful bedroom set. Stylish and opulent design that fits best with your modern life taste, is the main excellence you can get from this bedroom set. Meanwhile, the medium quality materials such as poplar solids and primavera veneers is quite durable if you keep the humidity stay low.


Bed Set90″L x 63″W x 64″H
Dresser64″W x 18″D x 37″H
Mirror 45″W x 39″H
MaterialsPoplar Solids, Primavera Veneers
FinishingWhite and Rich Brown Finish
Drawer PullRose Gold Finish Oval Drawer Pulls
StyleChic, Modern, Contemporary

This is such a worth-to-buy premium bed set that you can consider to buy of you are eager to spend that much price tag to bring this home. You will not be disappointed by the design overall, but the durability is kind of a tiny issue here. Thus, it is up to you to enlist this lovely bedroom set into your shopping list.

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