Octagon Kitchen Table | Vinasville Dining Table Review

Are you satisfied with your kitchen room now? Do you think to decorate it again?. Yes, there are many ways that you can do to decorate your kitchen to be more beautiful and comfortable to use and occupy every day. You can also add big or small objects as the ornament and also accent for your kitchen.

Feel comfortable in working is very important, especially working in the kitchen. This time we will discuss a kitchen table which is the primary object for your kitchen decor. There are many types and designs of this kitchen table, from the kitchen table with leaf insert, big size, or small size, and different shapes.

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Today, a shape of the kitchen table is kind of important aspect to have. So many shapes of this kitchen table in the market that maybe perfect for your kitchen area and your own character. Do you like the Octagon kitchen table shape? Octagon kitchen table is a favorite for many people because the shape is very riveting and almost suitable for all types of the theme.

This time we will discuss one type of octagon kitchen table that being hits in the market, this is Vinasville Dining Table. Let’s see the review below!

Vinasville Dining Table Review

Vinasville dining table review
  • 3.6K

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The design is the cornerstone of an art form, and so with this Vinasville dining table, its unique and stunning octagon shape is the attraction of this kitchen table. Octagon shape is very steady to be placed in various corners of the room or in the middle of the room. Below is a review of the character design that is owned by this octagon kitchen table.

  • The measures of this Vinasville dining table is 30” High x 48” Length x 48” Wide
  • The overall weight of this octagon kitchen table is 75.62 lb.
  • It comes with the 4 seating capacity
  • It has 4 legs table base type
  • The octagonal table surface
  • It is really suitable for classic kitchen theme with the brown finish color on this Vinasville dining table

The design is definitely pleasing, you will fall in love with the appearance of this artistic octagonal kitchen table. Place it anywhere you want to add a perfection of your kitchen atmosphere.

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The construction is an important thing to make a long life product. You have to know what materials that used to build the construction of the product that you want to buy. In the following, we will review the condition of the construction owned by this octagon kitchen table.

  • The primary material of this Vinasville dining table is wood with a good quality
  • And the secondary materials that used in this construction are man-made wood, slate tile, veneers, and metal
  • For the detail materials that used are: Top material (Wood), base material (Metal), for seating capacity (4), the type of table base (4 legs), for the detail material of the top part (veneer)
  • The type of this wood construction is manufactured wood

In other words, this octagon kitchen table is really strong and sturdy enough to be your special kitchen table. That’s the character of the construction owned by this Vinasville dining table.

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Next, we will review about the durability of this Vinasville dining wood. It is true if a good durability will greatly determine the age of a product made. And the durability of this octagon kitchen table is quite good and reliable. Manufactured wood base materials, as well as other supporting materials such as veneer and metal, will make this Vinasville octagon table worth to buy.


In the maintenance process, it seems not too hard to clean and care about this Vinasville dining table. You can use a soapy water and dry cloth to wipe the top and the entire surface of this octagon kitchen table.

It will make it easier for you to do other activities in the kitchen, without having to spend the time to take care and clean this Vinasville dining table. This is very efficient and also suitable for your busy life. Especially for housewives who have to do a lot of things in the kitchen, this must be very helpful.


The price is always the last reference in determining to buy or not buy a product. And the price of this kitchen table is $289.99. This Vinasville dining table is so worth to buy. This is also supported by various features of this octagon kitchen table.

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 Measures  30” H x 48” L x 48” W
 MatersialsVeneer, Metal, Wood, Manufactured Wood
 ColorSoft Dark Brown (Natural Wood Color)
 Style Classic
 Seating Capacity 4 Seats

This Vinasville dining table is a great addition to your kitchen area that can make you enjoy a relaxing time with friends or family. It is so worth to buy, Moreover, you will get rich features and high class feeling with this octagonal kitchen table.

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