Bridge Faucets for Kitchen | Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

Is the kitchen a heart of a home? Most people who heard the question would answer ”yes”.

The kitchen is an important part that helps maintain the warmth and also communication between family members, it is not just a place where we usually cook and prepare food. In this room also we often do some activities, alone or together. Having a quality time such as dinner with family, gathered with friends and others.

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Therefore decorating the kitchen and updating it is very important to get more and more comfort. Choosing the right tool is also an important aspect, one of the most commonly used kitchen utensils by us is kitchen faucet.

Do you know the bridge kitchen faucet? Yes, this is the right type of kitchen faucet for those of you who like a classic theme in your kitchen.

Here we have one of popular bridge kitchen faucets for you which is the Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass. Let’s take a look at the review below.

Vintage Double Handle Faucet Review

Vintage Double Handle Faucet
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As we know, the kitchen needs more attractive ornaments and little supportive decor to wake it up, and this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is kind of simple solution for your new kitchen atmosphere.

The design of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is elegantly classic. You will not be disappointed with the style and the look of this eye-catching kitchen faucet. The classic aspect on this Vintage double handle kitchen faucet can be more and more when you combine it with the other classic decors around.

The design of this kitchen faucet is enough for any kitchen size. Every curve of this faucet gives a great impression to your kitchen. Here the details measures of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet below.

  • 8” for overall height x 6” width x 8.5” depth
  • The reach of spout is 8.5”
  • The overall weight of the product is 4.72 lb.

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The construction should be built with good quality materials to make a long life product, and the material that builds this product is brass and porcelain for the handler. It is quite strong and reliable to be used in heavy daily activities in your kitchen.


The durability of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is good enough. If you are a super busy cook lovers or a housewife, this kitchen faucet is the right choice to buy.

Its sturdy construction tells you that the faucet can be used for a long time and still look dazzling. A durable product is always number one reason for some buyers to get this home.


The next is about the maintenance process of this Vintage Double Handle Faucet. For sure, you do not need to do an extra energy to care and clean up this Vintage Double Handle Faucet.

If you find some spots or stains on its surface or body, you can only use the mild soap and a cloth to make it clean again. It is so easy to do and really help your busy day, makes your time more efficient.


The last aspect that also always be last number question is the price of the product that you want to buy. This Vintage Double Handle Faucet is quite pricey due to its small size. You should spend $115.99 to bring this home.

However, you will get a great design and super highly classic style from this Vintage Double Handle Faucet.

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 Measures  8 ” height x 6 ” width x 8.5 ” Depth
 Materials Porcelain and Brass
 Color Bronze and white
 Style Classic Bridge
 Hole diameter  1.5 ” hole diameter installation

This Vintage Double Handle Faucet is great for your kitchen. Though it looks super traditional, its bronze finish makes it still even pretty to be put in a modern kitchen theme. This also has some attractive feature and has two handles to make it efficient.

The things that you should consider about this Vintage Double Handle Faucet are its quite pricey price tag that you should spend to get such a small faucet. With that price range, you can still find lots of products in the bigger size.

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Perhaps, its plush finish, good quality material, and bridge style are the main factors that increase its price tag. Then, Kingston Brass is also such a reliable brand that always worth your consideration to include to your top list for your appliance hunt.

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