Kitchen Faucet 4 Hole | Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

Having a cozy kitchen is like a dream for all the homeowners. The comfort feeling always comes from a fresh and inviting atmosphere of the room. There are many decorations and also kitchen tools that are very useful that you must have in your kitchen.

Some kitchen tools are made not only for its usefulness but also for its beauty for the room. Kitchen faucet 4 holes is one of the kitchen features that is great to be a perfect little accent to upgrade your kitchen’s look.

You will find so many choices of this kitchen faucet, from the different shapes, styles, and materials. You will have no trouble in finding out which one is best for your kitchen and that suits yours.

Talking about kitchen faucet 4 holes, here we have a review of one of the most popular product. This kitchen faucet doesn’t only have a great look but also it comes with a good quality construction and feature. It is so suitable for your kitchen, whether it is small or large.

This is it, Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass review for you. Let’s take a look the review of this kitchen faucet below!

Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

Vintage double handle kitchen faucet
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The design of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is incredibly classic and elegant. The design is always a number one indicator in buying something. It’s chrome finish surely makes he faucet goes well both with classic and modern kitchen layout. The spray comes in the white finish which doesn’t match with the faucet, but it’s not a big deal.

Below are the further details he faucet design:

  • Height is 10.75 ”
  • Width is 10 ”
  • Depth is 8.75 ”
  • Weight is 4.54 lb

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Construction is the basic material to create a solid unity. It greatly enhances the performance and age of a product, and this is very important for kitchen products because they are frequently used in the busy daily activities.

The basic material that used in this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is brass. The brass material makes it durable and still good in long term of use. Then, the finish is also resistant to corrosion and tarnish, quite a good faucet with great durability.

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The next is the durability of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet. You should know that the brass material of this gorgeous and classic kitchen faucet is strong enough.

The brass is a metal alloy of the zinc and copper materials, it is a great combination to make a kitchen faucet with a good durability and a great look. This zinc and copper definitely can be variated to make a bunch of brasses with the varying properties.

However, we can’t really give a general judgment regarding its performance. The faucet may or may not give you its great work for yars, but by examining its short time performance, it seems like you don’t have to worry too much.


You can do two easy steps to clean and care for this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet. You can use a mild soap and a cloth or a dry cloth to clean it up. Just give a gentle sweep to clean it.

You should also diligently clean the hole parts sidelines of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet.

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The price of this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is affordable enough. It comes with $61.72 price tag at Amazon. You can get good features and materials at such reasonable price. Besides it, you can also have a special decoration for your kitchen area.

If you are looking for a great kitchen sink with best features and price, this Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is a great choice for you. The great features, a good durability, and a beautiful design are the reason why this product is worth it to buy.

Lately, finding a suitable kitchen and matching your character will not be a very difficult affair. There are many variations of this kitchen sink will allow you to find which one is best for your lovely kitchen. This Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet is very appropriate for a variety of kitchen themes.

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