Walmart Blow Up Hot Tub: Intex All in One Hot Tub and Pool

You can find almost everything at Walmart, like hot tubs for example. This online big box store is a ‘shop’ that perhaps you should visit to browse numbers of hot tub models when you decide to purchase one. The inflatable or blow up hot tub is kind of affordable hot tub which mostly adored nowadays.

You will find some brands offering the blow up hot tubs, but the ones from Intex are the most recommended. Intex is the world’s leading above ground pool manufacturer which produces durable blow up hot tubs at affordable prices. It hast sold numbers of the best-selling inflatable hot tubs. The tubs are well-built with sturdy construction, great material and also incredible features.

One of the Walmart Blow Up Hot Tub choices is this unique Intex PureSpa All in One Hot Tub and Pool. It’s like killing two birds with one stone where you can get both hot tub and pool in one unit. It is such a great hot tub choice to place in your backyard.


Walmart Blow Up Hot Tub

walmart blow up hot tub
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credit: Inflatavle Hot Tub Centre



It comes with 152 x 70 x 28 inches dimension, and can the tub fit for up to 4 adults while the pool can occupy up to 6 people. The size of this tub and pools set is not too big, so it is such a great addition to your small backyard.

The outside color is navy blue with white on the inside, makes this model looks more sporty. It also comes with insulated cover and floor mat inside the package to lower your energy cost. (Read also: Oasis Hot Tub)


As has been told before that hot tubs from Intex are popular with their strong construction, Intex Hot Tub and Pool Set will not disappoint you. The Fiber-Tech Construction makes the side of the tubs very rigid, so you can safely sit on its sides and lay your body comfortably inside this hot tub pool set.

The Fiber-Tech Construction is combined with 3-ply Laminated Material which is puncture resistant. This durable material of the outer surface of Intex Spa makes you worry free to put it on the harsh surface.

Though the spa’s construction is so rigid, but the structure is very soft. The walls are very smooth and luxurious, makes you feel so comfortable to stay in the tub/pool. You don’t have to worry about your children hitting their heads against the pool’s floor when they are running here and there around the pool.


There are 120 bubble jets in the spa and 150 jets in the pool, though both sides have jets, but only the tub side which can be heated. You can adjust the jets to be turned on in only one side, or both sides at the same time.  Those jets will massage your stiff muscles, such a comfortable feature to give you a comfortable spa moment.

The temperature range of the tub is 68 to 104 degrees, which it can take about 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature. This model is also equipped with the built-in hard water treatment which makes the water feels gentle on your skin. You don’t have to use any additional water care.


This is a ‘plug and play’ spa where you can easily set up the spa without any special electrical installation. It uses a regular 120 Volt, and just plug in.


At Walmart, this hot tub is sold at $829, it is such a good deal in which you can get a hot tub and pool in one for your joyful family time.


Intex All in One Hot Tub and Pool


walmart blow up hot tub specs
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credit: Walmart


Hot tub capacityup to 4 people (adults)
Pool capacityup to 6 people (adults)
Dimension150 x 70 x 28 inches
Weight204.16 pounds
Hot tub water capacity210 gallons
Pool water capacity310 gallons
Material3-ply Laminated PVC
Temperature range68 degrees F  to 104 degree F (20 degrees C to 40 degrees C)
Temperature rise2 degrees F to 3 degrees F per hour (1 degree C to 1.5 degrees C)
Bubble air blower1.1 HP / 110 – 120 Volt / 60 Hz
Hot tub bubble jets120 high-powered bubble jets
Pool bubble jets150 high-powered bubble jets
Water careBuilt-in hard water treatment
Package includesInsulated cover, floor mat, filter pump, chemical dispenser, test strips


Intex All in One Hot Tub and Pool is a blow up hot tub and pool which should be included in your spas choices when you are about to own one. The price is quite reasonable for getting two water enjoyment in one unit. If the Intex inflatable hot tubs mostly sold around $350(obviously without a pool), by spending $400 more, you can get this half tub half pool unit.

The feature which is offered is also not disappointing. The powerful jets on both spa and tub are great spa feature of this model which will give you relaxing spa moment along with its built-in hard water system.

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