Water Leaking From Ceiling Under Bathroom | Cause, Effect & How to Fix it

The most annoying thing that you can get the big trouble in your house is water leaking from the ceiling. It can cause the homeowners getting stressful in finding and fixing it. Hence, the water leaking will be a very hard job that you have to do, especially it happens in the bathroom.

Water leaking from ceiling under bathroom is a little bit difficult in checking and fixing. Because of many fittings, it may be the causes of the leaks. If you are getting the trouble like that, of course, you have to do the hard job for repairing it. But, before you decide to fix it, it is better for you to know and find the causes and the signs arising because of the leaks.


The Causes of Ceiling Leak in the Bathroom

water leaking from ceiling under bathroom
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For finding the causes of ceiling leak in the bathroom is not a hard job. You just have to be painstaking and patient in checking it. After you check the ceiling, automatically, you will get the causes why it happens. We show you some causes of ceiling leak in the bathroom below.

1.Upstairs Leak

If your house has two floors, it perhaps can be caused by the leak in the upstairs bathroom.  Commonly, houses with more than one floor always make the downstair bathroom parallel to the upstair bathroom. Well, if you have the kind of that house, you have to check it carefully. In the upstair bathroom, you can try turning on the faucet or shower to flow the water and let check the downstair bathroom. Is there a leak? If so, exactly, the upstair bathroom is a cause of the water leaking from ceiling under the bathroom.

 2. Water Supply Lines

The second one, the water leak is also caused by the water supply lines that connect the water container and water lines. It is also joined together to flow the water. For detecting this leak, you can try to look for where the leak by touching them which parts in the supply lines. After you find the leak along the supply lines, you can mark it and have to replace the lines if it doesn’t work. Actually, make sure that you use the right installation for fixing it.

3. Drainpipes Leaking

For getting the leaking causes, you do not detect only one part, but you must do it for whole fittings. Try to check the drainpipes, because it is applied to your ceiling. By checking the drainpipes, you can know in which part the leaking causes. If it is a culprit, you have to replace the drainpipe by looking for in the hardware store. For better performance, you must choose the modern drainpipes because most of them are made of the white PVC and black ABS.


The Effects of Water Leaking Under Bathroom

Actually, the water leaking can cost you in repairing it if it causes the serious effect for your bathroom. If this happens to your bathroom, exactly, you must be careful who knows it is very dangerous. You need to know what the effects caused by water leaking.

1.Damage the Walls

The first effect, the water leaking can damage the bathroom wall. Actually, the water is dripping through the wall that can cause it getting the soft, bubble and moist. Gradually, the wall is starting to break the components and ultimately cracking.

2. Damage Paint

In fact, when water is getting moist between the paint and wall, automatically, they will eliminate the paint slowly. If you find the faded paint, maybe it is a sign that there is water leaking in the bathroom.

3. Damage Flooring

If you find the floor suddenly cracking or buckling, it can be a sign of water leaking in your bathroom. This effect may be caused by a pipe underneath the floor that travels from one to another area.

4. Stains on the Ceiling

Getting the stain on the ceiling, it becomes a serious effect. This is usually caused by a upstair bathroom that effects on the ceiling under the bathroom. The effects arising include dark stain, brown, and copper on the ceiling.

5. Bad Smell

The water leaking causes the wall and the others components getting broken and moist. Automatically, it delivers the bad smell to the homeowners inside.


How to Fix the Water Leaking Under the Bathroom

water leaking from ceiling under bathroom
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Credit: Family Handyman

As we have explained about the causes of the water leaking above, actually, the repairing can be done by knowing the causes before. After you find the causes and the signs that there is a water leaking in your bathroom. Now, it is your turn to get the ways for fixing it. Here, we share you some ways that you can do in repairing it.

1.Fixing the Drainpipe Leaks

Today, the drainpipes offer the white PVC and black ABS to give the better performance. Actually, it is important to buy the replacement parts of the same type as you have. You can remove the old drainpipe and replace it with the new one based on the types of your pipes. Do not forget to prepare the special primer and glue to attach the new installations.

2. Fixing the Water Supply

If the leaks are caused by the water supply lines, you can remove the old washer and put the new one in the stop leak. But if the way does not work, you have to replace te entire fitting. Firstly, you can turn the water off and remove the fittings and get the new matching replacement. Make sure that you get the suitable supplies before fixing the new one.

3. Eliminating the Holes

If it is caused by the holes, you can cut a small access hole in the ceiling. Then, cut off the parts of ceiling drywall in which section that you see the leaks evidence. Certainly, you have to install the drain pipe through the hole correctly to prevent the water leaks coming back.

4. Fixing Plumbing Connection

Commonly, the leak will be caused at the plumbing connection that used to attach the water supply lines and connector joints in the drainpipes. For fixing it, you can run your fingers over the lines to find the damp parts. Then, turn on the water when you are checking the line for the drips.

For more detail, we also give you a video that shows the steps in fixing the water leaking under the bathroom. Hopefully, our article can give you a clear guide to fix the problem.



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