15 Antique and Ancient Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

weathered wood bathroom vanity

A bathroom without vanity seems like a useless room for some people, especially for women. The vanity becomes an essential feature that makes your bathroom more precious. The beautiful one will totally enhance the style of the room and makes it look and feel more inviting.

Moreover, the vanity provides beauty and function at the same time. The existence of vanity helps people to store any tool they need such as toiletries, cosmetics, or cloth. There is always a good idea to install this feature in your bathroom.

Sometimes, many people assume that equipping the bathroom with vanity will cost them a lot. They are looking for the vanities which have a modern and stylish model with a high price. But, there are many vanity products that offer the premium quality with the affordable price too. Read also: Cheap Bathroom Vanities Under $200

As well as for the weathered wood bathroom vanity, it delivers the natural and eco-friendly features. This kind of vanity certainly gives the safety for other components in your bathroom. If you are eager to have one, here we have some good references for you.

Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Cottage Style Wood Bathroom Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Home Thangs

The rustic cottage style of this vanity will charm your bathroom and creates such a new atmosphere. Using the natural weathered wood material certainly, adds the naturally artistic style to your property. The graying wood finish of this one totally takes us to the beauty of the old days’ memory.

Weathered Gray Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Etsy

Enhance the classic style of your bathroom with this barnwood vanity with the rustic gray finish. This antique vanity includes two batton barnwood doors and black strap hinges. The reclaimed wood of this handmade product offers the durability with termite resistant.

Gray Weathered Bathroom Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Knock Off Decor

The combination of white granite countertops and greywash cabinet creates such an elegant apppearance to this vanity. This one will totally flow with every bathroom style, due to its neutral finish.

Lime Paint Weathered Wood Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Jennasue Design

This bathroom vanity idea is totally worth to try. The color combination of all features of this vanity is brilliant, hence, giving such a gorgeous calming touch to the whole room. It provides the spacious place under the storage drawer which is so useful to put some stuff.

James Martin Grey Double Bathroom Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Prweb

Made of the natural birch, this one delivers the adorable light blonde look. The lighter wood tone lighten up your bathroom , and becomes one of the focal points around the room. As the result of the diesgn, it gives a simple vanity appearance that delivers stylish and vintage look.

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Stunning Weathered Wood Look Bathroom Vanities

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Trendir

This stunning vanity idea provides lots of spacious drawers. The random finish of the the drawers add a mesmerizing weathered colorful look. The structural white carcasses which frame those wood boards make the vanity look way more dazzling. It is such a complete feature for your bathroom. You would feel the bathroom as the one of the coziest spaces in your home.

Cabernet Vanity Weathered Oak Wood

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Native Trails

The red wine finish of this weathered oak wood vanity is totally irresisitible. By installing this one in your bathrooom, you will not only improve the funtion of the room, but also enrich its style. To ensure its durability, the oak finish of this vanity is strenghten by hand waxing.

Salvaged Wood Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Decor Pad

Looking for a more salvage weathered wood bathroom vanity? Then, this one is totally a great choice. The vanity is completed with pivot mirror, two light sconces and the two doors drawer. You can put this rustic vanity for small bathroom size.

Weathered Oak Finish Wood Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Decor Pad

If you are looking for the vanity with an elegant natural wood finish, this bathroom vanity is really good for you. The two rectangular sinks with vintage faucets make the vanity look totally attractive.

Rectangular Undermount Wood Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Signature Hardware

This rectangular wood vanity is really recommended for you who have a small bathroom. The elegant look created by the combination of the countertop and the drawer will totally amaze all the coming guyest. Featured with 2 sliding spacious drawers and spacious storage underneath, this simple yet adorable vanity allows you to put any kind of stuff you want.

Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity with Big Mirror

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Zillow

The dazzling ruxstic wood vanity which is perfect to beautify both traditional or modern bathroom decor. Come with 3 part drawers, of course, it will provide the spacious storage to place your toiletries. The two large mirrors and vintage sconces enhance the convenient and beauty of this bathroom vanity idea.

Giant Weathered Bathroom Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Kaitlyn Insell

This is the largestvanity idea around for your big bathroom. The vanity offers lots of spacious storage to put many tools that you need. The earthy atmospehere is immediately popped up once you have this one in your property. With the big mirror on the center of the vanity, it also gives you convenient to get a good looking appearance.

Antique  Gray Barnwood Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: Vienna Wood Works

This antique extremely vanity exactly gives a natural stunning atmosphere for your bathroom. It comes with a gray finish and a style that will take you to those Viking Islands in the ancient ages. In addition, the barnwood is well-known as the strong and durable material to make this one lasts longer.

Ancient Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity

weathered wood bathroom vanity
Credit: High Camphome

Fimally, the last one is the exact representation of ancient bathroom furnitire. The design of this vanity is inpired by the stone age, giving your room a fascinating antique appearance. All of the parts flow well to create a strong middle age atmosphere .

Those are some stunning weathered wood bathroom vanity ideas which are totally worth to try and install in your own home. The earthy and classic appearance of those vanities are so mesmerizing, as the result, they willl never fail to enhance the beauty and function of your bathroom.

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