What Is Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification and How Can You Earn It?

What Is Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification and How Can You Earn It?


Perhaps, your interest is in networking but you are still wondering how to get into this field. The truth is that you will not be doing so anymore after reading this article. In the era of technology, your skills can only stay relevant if they have a technical basis. That is why you should think about stepping into networking. In this case, the Network+ credential issued by Certbolt CompTIA is the best starter of a wonderful career in such a field. And this post is to disclose all facts about this valuable certification that is given to you after passing N10-007 test.

What Is Network+ Credential?

The Network+ happens to be the most looked for among all Certbolt CompTIA badges. It is developed for specialists who are beginning their walk in IT. The ownership of such a credential is proof of one’s ability to administer and troubleshoot basic networking systems. Similar to the A+ 220-1002 Dumps certification, the Network+ is based on the entry level. But to manage well in your IT walk and career as a whole, it is best to begin your journey with the A+ badge before you get here.

What Experience Is Required for Network+ Accreditation?

Aspiring applicants should have experience in networking spanning between nine months and one year. And as we already mentioned, it is also recommended that they should be in the possession of the A+ credential. Overall, to gain the experience indicated for the Network+ badge, there are certain domains that you have to cover appropriately. They include:

  • Networking concepts;
  • Network security;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Operations with networks;
  • Network troubleshooting as well as tools.

After that, you have to prove your exploits by passing the Certbolt A+ 220-1001 Dumps Network+ N10-007 assessment. This test includes not more than 90 questions and the time frame for completing it is 90 minutes. Appearing formats in the final exam include performance-based, multiple selections, and drag-and-drops. A mark of 720/900 is required to merit your badge. The whole process will cost $329.

Is Network+ Certification Hard to Earn?

Just like a race, there are hurdles that every applicant for the Network+ must jump. Indeed, it can be a bit challenging especially when your background is not IT-based and you are revising on your own. Still, it is possible to get right what you are doing if you put in a lot of effort and energy into the whole exam prep process. Find proper guidance and enroll for tutorials, study available guides, read relevant blogs, and practice with sample exams. And keep in mind that your focal point while studying should not be more on the breadth but rather on the depth of the Network+ subject matter.


The Certbolt CompTIA Certification Dumps Network+ certification is a viable qualification for beginners in networking. Therefore, applicants must equip themselves with its details to the fullest. This will help them in getting a solid comprehension of what is at the core of this field. Preparing and earning such a credential offers you a stable foundation for a great career. If you wish a solid job in networking, then this is where you should start!




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