Bathroom Sink with Legs | White Spindle Console Sink Review

The sink becomes one of the most precious appliances that you must have in your bathroom. Using the sink is commonly done by everybody for any kind of the functions.

Furthermore, the existence of the sink that you have is not only giving a useful function but also delivering something majestic for your bathroom atmosphere. Nowadays you can always find thousand of sink models with a variety of designs and styles that you can buy at some marketplaces.

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Then, one of the most wanted sink product that attracts many homeowner’s attention is bathroom sink with legs. This kind of sink surely enhances the overall look of the bathroom. The sink with legs has a great interest for over the years. Many homeowners choose the sink with legs, particularly for its design, performance, and function.

The White Spindle Console Sink is one of the most popular and best-selling sinks, mainly at Amazon. It’s launched by Renovator’s Supply, the brand is well-known by presenting the premium and deluxe bathroom products.

Here, we have the review regarding the product for your reference in choosing the best vanity with legs to install in your bathroom.

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White Spindle Console Sink Review

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This sink totally comes in the gorgeous Belle Epoque style to enhance your bathroom to look way more elegant. The spindle design of the legs definitely creates a lovely vintage atmosphere to the bathroom’s layout.

This sink is equipped with a Reno-Gloss finish that offers you a sparkling appearance to get the best impression of a bathroom sink. With 33.2″ H x 36″ W with 19.8″ dimension, the size of this sink is absolutely suitable for a small bathroom.

Its all-over dazzling white finish makes it the perfect compliment for a white bathroom layout. The golden faucet is not included in the package.

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This White Spindle Console Sink by The Renovator’s Supply is fabricated of high selected vitreous China as the enamel coating that is applied to the ceramic. By that material, you will get a durable and shining sink which is totally pleased.

As for the graceful spindle legs,  they are made of the birch wood which feels and looks so sturdy at the first time you touch it. The vanity’s ergonomic height offers you a great convenience to use it daily. This sink is not only about the beauty, but also the quality.


Coming with steady construction, this vanity actually attests that this product has perfectly given your need for its durability. Its Grade A Vitreous China holds an important role to make the vanity last for years, both for its look and performance. Furthermore, its Reno-Glass finish actually supports the performance of the sink with stain resistance.

For the maintenance, this sink with vitreous China is actually well-known for easy cleaning. Indeed, the sink with enamel coating vitreous China does not need the hard way for maintaining. You just need to take a self-draining soap dish to protect the splash guard rim and the surface as well.


The sink is quite a piece of cake to install yet the construction is not clear enough to follow. Thanks to that simple assembly, so you can just do it on your own. If you find something difficult, contacting the technical support will be so helpful, they are so friendly and will tell you all the installation detail meticulously.

Another minus thing is that the necessary hardware is not included in the package, though you can still buy them easily.


The price offered at Amazon to buy this product is $499.99 which is really an affordable price for you. The White Spindle Console Sink by The Renovator’s supply is such as a pleasant product that can join easily with your other bathroom stuff. By that price tag, you can exactly get this superb and satisfying bathroom sink.

Coming from one of trusted home appliance companies, the White Spindle Console Sink by Renovator’s Supply surely offers the high-quality material with great design. Certainly, this sink is absolutely recommended for you to upgrade your bathroom with the complete stuff.

Furthermore, this bathroom sink is a major option considering its reasonable price. By purchasing this sink, you will not spend your much money for its maintenance.

The minus installation issue is not a big deal since it can be assembled easily and the necessary hardware is also easily available. Now, it is your time to determine one product after reading the review above.

Now, it is your time to determine one product after reading the review above. Then, don’t miss this White Spindle Console Sink by Renovator’s Supply to include into your shopping list.

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