KitchenAid Dishwasher | White Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher Review

The kitchen dishwasher is like a must-installed appliance for every modern kitchen today. This helpful stuff is an inseparable part of creating an ideal kitchen.

Dozens of manufacturers produced many reliable products that you can choose based on your requirement, and KitchenAid is always the trusted one. For years they have manufactured hundreds of kitchen appliances that pleased many customers.

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As well as for the dishwasher, you can easily find the one that is reliable and durable. Also, don’t forget about its look, the dishwasher also holds quite an important role in influencing the overall look of the kitchen. Therefore, choosing the one which looks eye0catchy is also a must.

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Then here, we have a brief review of a recommended dishwasher from KitchenAid, the White Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher. This is such a nice dishwasher which combines the look and performance very well at the same time.

KitchenAid White Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher Review

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The dishwasher comes in a dazzling white finish that looks so bright and attractive. The overall exterior of the product is so sleek, matches very well with your white kitchen both classic or modern one.

In front, you will find the handle in stainless steel finish with very convenient size to support your washing job. Below, the KitchenAid logo decorates the look while also telling you its quality.

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You will not find any control on its front part because it’s concealed on the top of its door. The panel is quite easy to access and use, while also simplifying the look of the dishwasher beautifully.

The third rack is not equipped here which can be very helpful to load extra stuff to wash.


What’s the most helpful thing from a dishwasher than its richness of features? And this one is equipped with some features which are made to offer you extra convenient.

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There are some similar features which are adapted from its stainless steel finish sibling like ProWash Cycle, Express Wash, and Heat Dry Option.

  • ProWash Cycle will give you an ideal performance of cycling to ensure the best cleaning result. The cycle will adjust itself real time based on the load and solid level. Really helpful to totally clean your lots of dishes in no time.
  • SaniRinse is the supporting feature to ensure the hygiene of your dishes. It enables the dishwasher to give the 155 degrees F water to rinse the dishes in the final cleaning process.
  • ExpressWash Cycle effectively eliminate the stubborn stains, so you don’t have to feel worried to load those dishes with baked-on messes.
  • Kosher and Sabbath Mode eases you to operate dishwasher continually.
  • Heat Dry Option efficiently dries up the dishes for maximum result.
  • Quite washing allows you to wash the dishes super quietly, you almost don’t hear anything while the machine is working.

With those features, you will get lots of washing adjustment to suit your needs.

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Since the dishwasher is engineered with lots of beneficial features, the performance of the KitchenAid’s White Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher is quite reliable. You will not be disappointed by its washing performance, the result is dazzlingly clean.

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The washing duration is relatively fast, but it would be even faster if you don’t apply all of the additional configurations. The loading and unloading step is also very effective and efficient.

Almost similar to its sibling, the KitchenAid’s Stainless Steel 46 dB Built-in Dishwasher the control of this dishwasher is too sensitive. The service tech stated that the control is indeed heat-sensitive. It’s on one side gives you convenient to operate the dishwasher, while on the other side is quite tricky. It’s so possible that if someone bumps into the dishwasher, he will disturb the cleaning process.

One thing that becomes our favorite is that its super quiet performance. Its 46 DBa tagline on its name surely ensures you a very comforting performance. You will not be annoyed to turn the dishwasher on even in the middle of the night.

In addition, talking about the night time, it perhaps the best time for you to run the dishwasher since no one will cause the unwanted happenings while the machine is working due to its sensitive panel.

As the EnergyStar certified appliance, the KitchenAid’s White Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher doesn’t bother you with the high energy cost.

Maintenance & Durability

The dishwasher is very well-constructed, we can tell it at the first time we examine its stainless steel body. Nothing to worry about the construction, you will get a beautiful and also durable dishwasher from the exterior perspective.

However, for the performance, there is a bit of quite disturbing issue. The performance is definitely reliable, especially by those supporting features, yet we don’t really know how long the motor will give you its best performance.

It’s true that many homeowners have been satisfied by the performance of some KitchenAid’s dishwashers even more than a decade, but for this one, we cannot be really sure. But don’t worry, the service care is very helpful to give you the very best solutions.

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At Lowes, the KitchenAid’s White Stainless Steel 46 DBa Dishwasher is offered at $719, sounds pricey? Yes, a little bit. But it’s absolutely reasonable since you will get an efficient and effective performance with those very helpful features.

As the bonus, the look of the dishwasher is very adorable to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.


Dimension24″ W x 34.5″ H x 27.5″ D
ConstructionStainless Steel
Rack MaterialNylon
Washing Levels5
Cycle Numbers6
Sound Rating46 DBa
Control PanelHidden
FeaturesProWash Cycle, SatinGlide Max Rails, Kosher and Sabbath Mode, Heat Dry Option

The price tag is not really expensive if you look for a dishwasher which can offer you the very clean result. The features help a lot to clean the dirty dishes which is so pleasing for daily use.

The durability issue may be able to handle if you use the dishwasher in the very proper way and not really push it hard. This thing cannot be a general judgment to the quality of the dishwasher since we cannot really examine it precisely.

Moreover, this product is included into the Consumer Report Recommended List, so considering this one to purchase anytime soon is not a bad idea.

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