Why Asbestos Testing Is Important Before Doing A Home Renovation

Why Asbestos Testing Is Important Before Doing A Home Renovation

A home renovation project is an exciting and rewarding aspect for any homeowner. However, numerous obstacles and challenges await you before you can renovate your property. Asbestos is one of them. But what exactly is it? Does it pose a serious threat at all? And why is it crucial that you test your home first before you can start renovating? Let’s find out.

Asbestos Fundamentals

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring silicate mineral that contains fiber-like material. Highly heat-resistant and an efficient electrical insulator, it is a perfect compound that many industries use for various products. Some of these products include the following.

  • Soundproofing materials
  • Construction mixtures
  • Cement
  • Plastic
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Automobile parts
  • Housing components

It found peak utilization from the Fifties to the Sixties, before being banned totally in the Eighties.

Why Test Your Home For It?

The usage of asbestos is now illegal in most parts of the globe. It possesses many health hazards if individuals find themselves having exposure to it. You might want to have experts test your house for the hazardous compound. It is imperative, especially if your property is more than thirty years old. Old structures tend to have the material. However, newer ones are safer and require less testing. And it is dangerous to proceed without testing. You might end up sawing or damaging any asbestos-containing surfaces and materials. Doing so will release the fibers attached into the atmosphere. These tiny, fibrous compounds can enter your system and do damage primarily to your lungs and other organs.

Finding Asbestos In And Out Of Your Home

Asbestos can occur in many places inside and outside your house. Here are some of the locations where it can be present.

  • Roof shingles
  • Steam pipes
  • Insulation
  • Furnace ducts
  • Floor tiles
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Cement sheets
  • Door gaskets
  • Decorative and soundproofing materials
  • Wall joints and patching

You can also find the compound in numerous vehicle components. These items include automobile braking pads, gaskets, and clutches.

Testing Without Professional Assistance?

Don’t get us wrong here. Asbestos testing is not a cheap undertaking. You will end up spending more than a thousand dollars to inspect and analyze your property. And the reduction and elimination of the material cost even more so. However, there is the option of testing without the assistance of an experienced worker. Many asbestos testing products and items are available in the market. Do your research first before committing to the task. DIY testing is illegal in many states and countries. So, make sure you have the proper authorization to get the job done. You don’t want criminal activity fines to your growing list of expenses to make your home a safer place.

Have The Pros Lend A Hand

Stay on the safe side of things, and allow a local asbestos abatement and testing company to do the work on your behalf. Such a firm will secure your perimeter, inspect and analyze your house, and deliver updated reports to you. If it is present, you may have the business continue their task and get rid of the material at last. Testing and elimination will take a toll on your wallet. But it is an investment that results in your home being asbestos-free for good. You can save some precious cash by canvassing around and see if a company offers analysis and abatement discounts. Ensure that the company you hire has a bond, insured, and accredited by the local authorities or the state.



Asbestos is highly toxic. And regardless if your house is old or new, it is better to hire a contracting company and have your setting tested for the material. Conducting the test alone is risky – you might end up damaging other things or contract exposure altogether. It is a better alternative to let the big guys handle this one. Better safe than sorry.

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