20+ Genius Wood Pallet Bathroom Decoration Ideas That You Must Have

When you want to have an eco-friendly property, one thing that you can’t miss is the wood pallet decoration. You will always find some chairs, tables, shelf, or wall decor scattered around those ‘greenhouses’. Whether it’s living room, kitchen, bathroom, or even patio, wood pallet never fails to give a distinctive atmosphere to the space’s overall look.

Moreover, the wood pallet decoration and furniture is such a trend today. Thousands of DIY projects in repurposing shipping pallets are very easy to find. The creators keep trying their best to make something from the pallet as creative, and obviously, as useful as possible.

Here, we share you some creative wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas that you definitely must have to enhance the room’s style.

Wood Pallet Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Simple Towel Holder

This is an adorable simple pallet decoration that you can try to give a little pallet accent to your bathroom. You can place some frame or small planters on the top of the rack to make it look eye-catchy.

Pallet Shower Platform

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 2

credit: HomestheticS

Feel the ultimate pallet sensation with installing this L-Shaped shower bathroom in your bathroom. It will totally become the main focal point to the room’s layout.

Floating Cupboard

The must-have item for your smart bathroom layout. This huge floating cupboard is spacious enough to save lots of bathroom stuff inside. The wide mirror also eases you to dress up all the time. Read also:Cheap Bathroom Vanities With Tops Under $200

Pallet Toilet Backdrop

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 4

credit: Matt Pearson

A clever way to make your toilet space looks more attractive. The gorgeous backdrop made of the wood pallet which is painted in random finishes which looks absolutely stunning.

Pallet Toilet Paper Holder

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 5

credit: Etsy

Another small pallet ornament to decorate your bathroom. This is a simple and easy wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas that totally worth a try.

Pallet Toilet Box

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 6

credit: Kristy Day

The next creative bathroom storage idea made of the wood pallet. You can put several rolled towels inside and definitely save the space around the room.

In-Frame Pallet Towel Rack

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 7

credit: Glam Shelf

This is a gorgeous wood pallet towel rack ideas to decorate your bathroom. The disassembled pallets are framed by the white wood which naturally adorable.

Pallet Floating Rack with Mirror

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 8

credit: Glam Shelf

The stunning floating pallet rack which is equipped with the round mirror. It’s such a fascinating DIY vanity mirror with light that you have to own.

Red Vanity Mirror Hanger

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 9

credit: Upcycleart

Need something much easier to make? Well, this perhaps is the best one. The recycled pallet painted in vibrant red that works to give a more beautiful appearance to the vanity look.

 Pallet Bathtub Cover

Covering your bathtub or hot tub is a must in order to protect it from debris or keep the temperature inside. This rustic wood pallet hot tub cover is a nice bathtub cover that looks naturally unique.

Vanity Floating Shelf

The smart bathroom accessory to put your little toiletries like toothbrushes, paste, or shampoo. It’s strategically placed on top of the sink to give you convenient and enhance the look around the vanity area.

Wood Pallet Vanity Set

The fascinating wood pallet vanity that will change the whole nuance of your bathroom. It’s for you who want to get a maximum pallet decoration for your bathroom. This vanity design is quite big which also provides a spacious storage for your toiletries.

Pallet Bathtub Table

The lovely portable table that is perfect to accompany your bath time. The design is very simple which obviously so easy to make. It will totally create a warming atmosphere around the room.

Mini Pallet Sink

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 14

credit: Rustic Decor

The good option for a small bathroom, the mini sink made of the pallet. The combination of the white basin, chrome faucet, and the pallet create such a modern and antique appearance at the same time.

Pallet Bathtub Panel

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 15

credit: Watchesser

Make your tub look way more attractive by attaching some disassembled pallet. Another way to make your bathroom as pallet as possible.

Pallet Towel Rack with Steel Frame

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 16

credit: Wow Decor

If you are looking for something that looks more classy, this can be your good option. The simple towel rack is placed on the decorative steel frame to create a gorgeous look.

Pallet Sliding Door

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 17

credit: Myrvlife

Installing a sliding door in your bathroom is always a good idea, and this one is surely worth to complement your shower room. Now you don’t have to spend lots of bucks to have a stunning sliding door.

Pallet Vanity Top

Another simple yet adorable idea to give a bit of pallet touch in your bathroom. The pallet board which is placed under the sink adds another beauty to the bathroom’s overall look.

Pallet Bathroom Island with Open Storage

As you obviously know that one advantage of using wood pallet as a DIY furniture material is that you will have some useful storages. This fascinating wood pallet bathroom island, for instance, It has plenty of open storages to put some towels and toiletries. It’s a smart choice for you have lots of bathroom stuff.

Rustic Pallet Mirror and Shelf

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 20

credit: Home BNC

Wood pallet decoration obviously suits your rustic taste perfectly, and this adorable mirror with built in shelf is surely a go. You don’t have to do much sanding job to keep the rustic appearance of the pallet.

White Floating Rack

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 21

credit: Hometalk

You can adopt the mesmerizing look of this beachy bathroom (the Hometalk said) to your own room. It’s a nice wall decoration to add difference nuance in your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Storage

A lovely toilet paper storage made of the pallet that you can try at home. It is a simple DIY pallet project to save your stuff.

Hanging Bathroom Storage

wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas 23

credit: Homadein

The adorable hanging shelf for the bathroom which comes with nice rope as a hanger. White is always a perfect color to match with every color scheme of the room.

Those are some brilliant wood pallet bathroom decoration ideas which you should totally have. Sure, you can make one on your own without any need to spend lots of money. Some of them are very easy to make, and others perhaps will need much harder jobs.

Happy DIYing and beautifying your bathroom!

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