20+ Gorgeous Wood Pallet Lounge Chair Ideas For Your Patio

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The next immediate job after you have finished building your patio in your backyard is thinking about what kind of furniture that you have to purchase. There are lots of outdoor furniture that you can choose in the market which is designed in various styles. But then, you should obviously spend quite much money to bring them home.

wood pallet lounger ideas
Credit: Gery Tiemens-Hartgers

When money becomes a problem, then your creativity should take over. You can always make your own furniture without spending a lot of money. It is also such a fun thing that you can do with your family or friends.

Using some old used stuff to make a DIY furniture is a great idea, and one of the trends today is by recycling the wood pallet. You will find hundreds of tempting wood pallet ideas online for your inspiration. Here, we share you some adorable wood pallet lounge chair ideas that you can copy one to place on your outdoor space!

Wood Pallet Lounge Chair Ideas

Elegant Pallet Lounge

wood pallet lounger ideas 1
Credit: Woodwork Boss

This lounge looks so stunning with its combination of light natural finish and black cushions. The design makes it look earthy and modern at the same time.

Chocolate Pallet Lounge

wood pallet lounger ideas 2
Credit: RecycledPallet Ideas

The simple lounge chair with shining chocolate finish that looks so adorable. The look of the chair will beautifully flow with your backyard’s surrounding.

Classic Pallet Lounge

wood pallet lounger ideas 3
Credit: Jim Boyer

Go with this one if you want to have something beautifully classic to decorate your patio. You can see this style and original finish will look so attractive. The round wood board also enhances the comfort when you sit on.

Pallet Lounge Bed

wood pallet lounger ideas 4
Credit: Inspiratie

If you ant something way cozier, building a lounge bed is never a bad idea. You’ll just need two wood pallets and a used mattress to create this simple pallet lounge bed.

Unique Pallet Lounge Chair

wood pallet lounger ideas 5
Credit: Recyclart

This unique garden lounge chair is totally easy to make. Just use assembled two wood pallets and you can have it on your own patio. The design is beautifully unique.

Double Pallet Lounge Couch

wood pallet lounger ideas 6
Credit: Seed ARTery

A super comfortable wood pallet lounge chair ideas for your outdoor space. The double seating space allows you to have a joyful chat time with your friend in your backyard. This one should be included in your top list for sure.

Rustic Dark Pallet Lounge

wood pallet lounger ideas 7
Credit: Романy

The elegant pallet lounge chair which looks simple to add comfort to your patio. The design makes it easy to flow with any of your patio styles.

Pallet Lounge with Fluffy Cushion

wood pallet lounger ideas 8
Credit: Housekaboodle

Who doesn’t love this creative pallet lounge chair? The colorful extra thick cushion completes the coziness of the simple pallet structure. The color combination is very smart, creating an attractive vibrant appearance.

Mini Pallet Bunk Beds

wood pallet lounger ideas 9
Credit: Lili I

The cute bunk bed made of wood pallets and some cushion is enough to make your patio look more inviting. The floral pattern is very lovely and flows well with the backyard’s surroundings.

Thrifty Pallet Lounger

wood pallet lounger ideas 10
Credit: Eastern Valley Design

The attractive rustic lounge chair which is so nice to place around your pool area. The design is so sleek and attractive with its accent.

Glam Pallet Lounger

wood pallet lounger ideas 11
Credit: fachowydom

The super stylish pallet design which will totally add the glamorous touch to your outdoor space. The combination of white pallet, the white cushion, then the gray fur looks so mesmerizing.

Pallet Daybed

wood pallet lounger ideas 12
Credit: Ideas with Pallets

This pallet daybed will add another comfort alongside the sofas and chairs. It is such an easy and simple patio’s decoration to build.

Pallet Lounger with Shade

wood pallet lounger ideas 13
Credit: Rikkie Nielsen

This is the picture of a pallet lounger with the built in shade on its top. You can place the cushions on the chair and some fabrics to cover the top. By this pallet lounger ideas, you can enjoy reading some books under the soothing sunlight.

Sleek Chaise Lounge

wood pallet lounger ideas 14
Credit: Nickole JacksoN

The gorgeous pallet chaise lounge which looks so elegant to place on your patio or deck. The finish is really attractive with its dazzling appearance. Sure, you’ll need lots of sanding to build this one, but it’s totally worth a try.

Pallet Sofa Bed

wood pallet lounger ideas 15
Credit: Pallet Ideas

It is such a good idea to decorate your large patio with this one. You don’t need to do a lot of jobs to build this sofa bed, yet you will get an ultimate extra comfort to enjoy your outdoor time.

Double Pallet Lounge

wood pallet lounger ideas 16
Credit: 1001 Pallets

The lovely double lounge for your intimate outdoor time with your beloved one. Its natural bright finish is so attractive and creates such a warming atmosphere.

Modern Style Lounger

wood pallet lounger ideas 17
Credit: Pallet Furniture

Go with this one of you have a sophisticated patio style. Its curvy design looks totally futuristic and obviously attractive. Imagine you paint this lounger with the gray and white finish, it will be totally irresistible!

Curvy Wooden Lounger

wood pallet lounger ideas 18
Credit: Daniel Wagner

The fascinating lounge chair which is made from the wood pallet. The curvy shape of the chair is super cozy and stunning. Placing this chair will totally enhance the style of your patio.

Rustic Pallet Lounger

wood pallet lounger ideas 19
Credit: 1001 Pallets

This pallet lounger is created of repurposed wooden pallet and a used table. It is such a simple DIY outdoor furniture that you can copy easily.

wood pallet lounger ideas 20
Credit: Pallet Furniture Project

If you are looking for something more cheerful, perhaps this pallet chair meets your requirement. The surface is painted in a glossy blue finish which makes it look beautifully shining.

Unique Lounge Chair

wood pallet lounge CHAIR ideas 21
Credit: Dishfunctional Designs

The design of this lounge chair is very unique.  It is such a piece of art addition for your outdoor space.

Those are some adorable wood pallet lounge chair ideas that you can try to build! Adding a lounge chair is always a good idea to compliment other existing outdoor furniture in your outdoor space. Some of the pallet designs are very easy to make with few materials, and other require much more steps. It’s all up to you to pick the design that you are eager to build.

Choose one which matches your patio style and get ready to have your dream patio!

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