Enjoy Diving and the Beauty of Bonaire With Sand Dollar Condominium

Bonaire, a beautiful tropical island which is globally known for its incredible diving spot. This sister island of Aruba and Curacao is such a special place for all divers and snorkelers from all around the world. The marine environment of Bonaire has been enforced with its long-term natural preservation, making the island become so special to visit.

Choosing Bonaire as one of your must-visit islands for vacation is a brilliant idea, you will be pleased by the amazing natural sites, from its beaches to its mountain. A�The people of Bonaire are also famous for their warm welcome, so you will feel so homey to stay on this lovely island.

The island is located less than 50 miles off the coast ofA�western part of Venezuela. The coral reef in Bonaire is absolutely jaw dropping, you will find more than 100 incredible dive sites which are easy to access. More than 350 fish species and 57 coral species are ready to please you in the Bonaire’s seas. It is truly a paradise for you who love to enjoy the marine life.

Bonaire is claimed to be the best snorkeling and scuba diving destination in the entire Caribean. It is because the marine resources in this island have been legally protected since 1970, and the amazing result can be seen by all of you.

sand dollar condominium
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But the joy is not only about exploring the island’s deep water, Bonaire also offers various joyful activities on its land. Here, we have 5A�funA�things to do in Bonaire which should be included in your list when visiting the island.

  • Kayaking

    It is a very fun way to explore the beauty of the island. The mangrove forest in the northern end of Lac Bay (located in the southeastern part of Bonaire) is the best place to enjoy the kayaking.

  • Biking

    Bonaire has more than 300 km of trails for biking which become aA�popular activityA�to enjoy the island. You will easily find many bikes for rent which is specially designed for off-road adventure. The trips will guide you to the beaches, villages, and other tourism sites.

  • Hiking

    Don’t leave the island without enjoying the extraordinary scenery of its peak. The Washington National Park is the best spot where every hiker will surely fall in love about.

  • Caving

    The island has about 400 hundred caves and you can visit some of them to explore the stunning ancient formations of stalactites and stalagmites. You will also find some snorkeling spots inside the caverns.

  • Water Sport

    Enjoy some exhilarating water sports like boating, fishing, sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and snorkeling which will be your unforgettable experience in this Carribean island.


Place to Stay in Bonaire Island

Gorgeous hotels and resorts are scattered around the island, they have many interesting offers that you can choose based on your needs. One of the most recommended settlements in Bonaire is Sand Dollar Condominiums, looking from its perfect location, amenities, and affordable price. It has some of the most spacius and cozy ocean views studios, and one to three rooms to rent on the island.

sand dollar comdominium
credit: Bay Adventures

To give you an ultimate joy, each condominium has its own private porch and balcony, directly face the ocean and islands of Klein Bonaire. A�The super cozy living spaces with dining area, breakfast bar, and great furniture are provided for your comfort makes you want to spend a long time in Bonaire island.

Don’t worry about the internet connection, Sand Dollar condominium is the first settlement which has a separate password protected modem for each unit. It is an innovative offering which is very beneficial for you.


The Room Choices

There are some types of room that you can rent in Sand Dollar Bonaire Condominium which you can choose based on your necessities.

The Studios

The Studios
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The spacious 450 square foot unit which is a great choice for family use. You can choose the one with 1 queen bed or queen murphy bed. The living room, dining area, kitchen, and a full bathroom is provided in every studio. The rooms are located on the ground level with only one is located on the second floor.

One Bedroom Units

One Bedroom Units
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The 950 square condominium with one queen bed and one full bathroom which can accommodate a couple sharing the same bed and children. The rooms are located on the ground and second floor.

Two Bedroom One Level Units

Two Bedroom One Level Units
credit: sanddollarbonaire

The 1250 square foot unit which has one king bed in the master bathroom and two twin beds in the second bedroom. There is an en suite bathroom in the master room and full bathroom in the other one. The units are available in ground and second floor.

Two Bedroom Townhouse Units

Two Bedroom Townhouse Units
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The two floors units which are located in the F building of the condominium. A�The master bedroom with one king bed with an en suite bathroom and the second room with two twin beds with full bathroom are located in the upstairs.

Three Bed Condominium

Three Bed Condominium
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The unit has 1650 square foot size, with one king bed in the master bedroom with an en suite bathroom, one queen bed in the second room, and two twin beds in the third room with full bathroom. All the rooms are available on both floors.

The nightly rates in Sand Dollar Condominium start from $140, and you can also check various package rates which include some interesting offerings to spend the joyful time in Bonaire.

You can also enjoy the San Dollar’s house reef called Bari Reef which is ranked to be the best reef in the Carribean island for its fish diversity. You will be surely satisfied enjoying the beauty of the reef with diving and snorkeling. It makes Sand Dollar Condominium really worth to choose!

Bonaire diving
credit: Bonaire

Other water attraction that you can choose is the boat diving around the Klein Bonaire, which is a group of small islands. You can enjoy dozens of mesmerizing memorable sites on the islands.

Sand Dollar Condominium has satisfied many customers, proven by its 2016 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. The condo is a popular choice for families, groups, and couples which look for valuable settlement in Bonaire.