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25+ Best Rectangle Swimming Pools with Waterfall Design Ideas To Steal

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Swimming pool has tons of benefits which will make your life feels much healthier and, of course, exhilarating. Therefore, lots of homeowners always consider it as an addition for their outdoor living space. Moreover, a swimming pool also adds beauty to the overall look of the exterior of your house. It enhances the style of […]

25+ Mind-Blowing Beach Entry Pool Ideas To Enhance Your Home

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Beach entry pool is one of the best options to enhance the beauty of your pool area that will totally amaze everyone. It’s a good consideration to make your swimming pool look as attractive as possible. Basically, the purpose of the beach entry pool is to ease you to enter the pool. It provides better convenience to […]

25+ Awesomely Beautiful Pergola Pool Ideas For a Cozy Outdoor Space

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Having a swimming pool is absolutely a great idea to enhance the value, beauty, and comfort of your property at the same time. It offers tons of benefits for everyone, so you will never go wrong to build a swimming pool in your own house. The pool mostly becomes the major focal point of your […]

30 Most Inspiring DIY Pallet Swimming Pool Ideas | Ultimate Summer Project

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It is so safe to say that a swimming pool can be such an exhilarating spot to enjoy with all of your friends and family. It surely makes your home become way more enjoyable. Of course, the cost to build a ‘real swimming pool’ is so expensive which may or may not suit your budget. Therefore, […]

20 Most Mesmerizing Natural Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Steal

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Natural swimming pools become more popular than the traditional one recently. It’s because the pools which depend on the kindness of mother nature to manage it sound much better to try. Firstly, you will not need to deal with the harsh swimming pools chemical which we all know can be quite dangerous for our health. […]

30+ Most Unique Small Inground Pools Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Inground pools are always the best thing that you should have for a backyard improvement. The pool can definitely enhance the look and value of your home. For sure, installing theA�inground pools is undeniable a huge investment for your house. Therefore, you need to consider such as the size, type, shape, and site selection. Determining […]

Ultimate Summer DIY Projects: How To Build A Stock Tank Pool

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Summer is around and one of the most joyful thing that you can do is enjoying the warming sunlight and the refreshing air in your backyard. If enjoying those things just by sitting on your patio’s chairs with some orange juice is not enough, then you need a swimming pool for a maximum enjoyment. Sure […]

27+ Most Unique DIY Stock Tank Pool Decoration Of This Summer

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Stock tank pool for this summer? You bet you do! This kind of pool is surely the most popular backyard feature that many homeowners have owned. You will find hundreds of inspiring stock tank pool ideas that absolutely tempting. This kind of pool becomes everyone’s favorite due to these two reasons; first, it’s way more […]

This Is How A 1.2 Million Liter Backyard Pond Looks Like (Probably the Biggest One in The World)

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Imagine having a pond that as wide as a half size of professional football end zone in your own backyard, this is how the 1.2 million liter backyard pond created by Jerry and Marina Leusink from Sandre in Alberta, Canada. They made their massive pond all by themselves to revive Jerry’s memory of having some […]

Top 9 Gorgeous Shipping Container Swimming Pool Ideas of 2017

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Building a pool in the house is totally not an easy job for most people, many hardware and equipment should be prepared completely. Whereas, if you intend to hire a pool contractor/builder to do the project, you have to prepare the high cost to pay them. In fact, swimming pool still becomes the most favorite place […]

Need to Know about Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Almost people desire to have a Swimming pool at their house. Actually, they attempt as they can for getting it and no matter how much the cost to be incurred. After having a pool, automatically, there are some things to note including pool components, maintaining and cleaning costs. Indeed, people nowadays want to get the […]

How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water with Easy Step

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Maintaining the swimming pool water is very important way to do if you own the pool. Certainly, you are getting the pool water dirt even less in the change of seasons or bad weather. If you are planning to maintain the pool water, here are some things that you have to do before. There are […]

5+ Elegant Swimming Pool Enclosure with Stunning Design

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Having a swimming pool, of course, you have already in serving the others equipment or accessories to make the pool more interesting. As well as for the swimming pool enclosure that has an important role in keeping the pool from any danger cause. The pool enclosure certainly can reduce the costs of maintaining the pool […]

Swimming Pool Coping | Definition, Material and DIY

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If you own the swimming pool, certainly, there are some jobs to have to do in getting the pool with the great performance. You do not just install the pool and fill it with water but the inside and outside part is also important to note. As well as for the swimming pool coping where […]

DIY: How To Find swimming Pool Leak Detection

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Leak becomes a trouble that often happens in the swimming pool. The trouble is so annoying for the owner because it is a hard job for you to repair it. Perhaps, you can do it by yourself but it depends on the point of the trouble, it’s hard or easy. So, if the trouble is […]