How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles on a Budget | Simple Guide

You can’t really have an inviting swimming pool when you don’t decorate it with some tiles. It’s such a must-have feature that can give a more aesthetic appeal and comfortable feeling.

How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles

That being said, when you are currently decorating a swimming pool or planning on having one in your outdoor living space, tile should be on the list of your shopping cart. Tiles are definitely an essential part of the swimming pool design.

You may find it difficult to decide what kinds of tiles actually suit your swimming pool well.  Don’t get just tempted by those catchy tiles that may look so great to beautify your swimming pool. They may look good but may not provide enough comfort and safety for you.

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So, to help you to find the best tiles that work to decorate and secure your swimming pool at the same time, we share with you some steps that you can easily follow. Just keep scrolling to find out our simple guide on how to choose swimming pool tiles!

How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles

How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles 1

As mentioned before, swimming pool tiles are not only about beauty but how they can make you feel safe when you swim around or just simply chill. It’s such a waste if you purchase pricey swimming pool tiles that don’t give you maximum comfort.

Set Your Budget

The very first step that you need to consider is to set your budget before even go looking for some tiles offline or online. The established budget will then determine what kind of tiles that really suit you since they can be one of the most expensive features to complete your swimming pool. 

Mainly, the price of the tiles is based on the design and materials. You can find good tiles which are within your available budget.

Durability First

Beauty is apparently not the main consideration when it comes to swimming pool tiles, but durability is. The tiles which are made of durable materials are a must, mainly for the ones which are installed inside the water. Commonly, the tiles for the pool are made of stone, pebble, or slate.

Safety Definitely

A swimming pool is wet, of course, so choosing the slip-resistant tiles is the best option, especially, for the poolside area. Slipping is an accident that happens most of the time so preventing this to happen is necessary.

Lifetime Guarantee

Swimming pool tiles that have a lifetime guarantee will save your money a lot. It’s because the swimming pool tiles can be damaged overtimes and changing them regularly can cost a lot. Some damages include color fading, cracking, and chipping that reduce the aesthetic appeal and comfort in an instant.

Beautify the Design

As you may have known, swimming pool tiles can come in two different appearances which are plain and patterned. It actually depends on your taste and the overall look of your living space. 

The rule of thumb is that you need to make the pool a part of your home that harmonizes other elements around. However, it’s never a bad idea to also combine plain and patterned.

In addition, the design of swimming pool tiles also relates to their sizes. Tiles with bigger dimensions can give a more commercial nuance while the smaller ones will create a more detailed overall look.

Learn About the Maintenance

When you have some swimming pool tiles in mind, do some research or ask the seller how to maintain them on a regular basis. If you don’t maintain the tiles, you will find some scum and build-up around. You will need to use some chemicals to clean them up which should be done in accordance with proper instructions.

Understand the Installation

Of course, hiring some pros to install your swimming pool tiles is the best thing to do. For you to understand how tiles should be properly installed, can help you check how the process is getting done. Do some research to see if those experienced tillers are doing the right thing or not.

Check Some Samples

The last step is to ask for tile samples before you purchase them. See which tile option fits your swimming pool properly in regards to beauty and function.

So that is our guide on how to choose swimming pool tiles that you can use as a reference. Shopping for swimming tiles can be confusing since there are tons of options available, this guide will totally help you to narrow down your choice.

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