6 Recommended Swimming Pool Paint Under $80 For Painting Your Pool

Painting is one of interesting activities that can get the nice result for everything in our life. Certainly, without paint, the color of place is getting bored, right? You just see the black or white color. As well as for the swimming pool that have to be paint as wonderful as possible to give the comfortable place for swimmer. Meanwhile, some people can not choose the right paint to apply for their pool so that the color is boring. Now, we are going to share you about the swimming pool paint that is recommended for painting your pool.


Recommendations of Swimming Pool Paint

  1. Clear Pool Deck Sealer Semi-Gloss Finish $49.99

swimming pool paint

credit: intheswim

The paint is actually to protect the concrete surface appearance. This paint also can be used especially to paint concrete pool, stone, rock, and water features. Furthermore, it is not recommended in painting the wood and stamped concrete. For getting it, you have to spend your money about  $49.99.

The features


  1. Apply to damp surfaces
  2. Water Clean-up
  3. Low VOC
  4. Use milky-white in appearance
  5. Two coats for most applications
  6. Protect the salt corrosion
  7. Dry to semi-gloss


Dry Time

Touching: 30-60 minutes

Foot Traffic: 24 hours

Re-coating: min. about 4 hours

Heavy Traffic: 72 hours


  2. CRC Pro-Series Rubber-Base Pool Paint $64.99

swimming pool paint

credit: intheswim

The second paint is especially for painting the rubber, not paint the concrete. But the paint is good for upgrading the painted concrete, gunite pools or plaster and the rubber with the third coat if necessary. Furthermore, you can use it for the second coat to begin unpainted surfaces before. This paint actually used for indoor and outdoor pool. Actually, for painting the PARALON (rubber pipe), the two coat is required to get the best result. Moreover, you can purchase this paint with $64.99 price.


  3. Sahara Swimming Pool Paint Alkyd $42.47

swimming pool paint

credit: amazon

The paint from Sahara is a low-luster for using unpainted or painted concrete pools. Actually, the result of this paint can get smooth concrete surface and also avoid the scratches to the swimmer. You can apply the paint by using the sprayer, roller and brush. It is provided in 3 colors: Lane Marking Black, white and surf blue. The paint also can beautify the pool with the water tight surface from exposure the water and weather. You certainly can buy it about $42.47 in available store.


  4. INSL-X Products WR 1023092-01 Gallon Blue $48.97

swimming pool paint

credit: amazon

The paint comes from Unites States for Painting Stains and Supplies Paint. With the blue color actually can add the beautifulness of swimming pool. The INSL-X paint can you buy with a $48.97 price. It is provided the premium quality that can be abrasion and chemical resistant.


  5. Type EP Eproxy Swimming Pool Paint $ 80.00

swimming pool paint

credit: walmart

The type EP Eproxy is available in 33 gallon (1.25 liters)/ tube. It is certainly used for painting the swimming pool with painted or unpainted surface. This type of paint is included the best quality paint that gives the best result as you want. Furthermore, you can purchase with a $80.00 price, with a little bit expensive price, of course, the result will be great too.


  6. Swimming Pool Paint. 4 Liter Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint $74.8

swimming pool paint

credit: ebay

This is so ultimate pool coating system where you can use it for painting the rubber pool. If you buy this product, actually, you can get the paint and the varnish included. It is provided in some colors such as white, black, pacific blue, aqua mist and others. Buy it with a $74.8 price.

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